New India Floater Mediclaim Health Insurance

About the New India Floater Mediclaim Health Insurance

Looking for separate insurance policies for all the members of your family might be a tough process. You would have to research, compare diverse policies for different family members, and read all the terms and conditions for each policy. This can be a lengthy process considering you would need to repeat these steps for all of the members of your family. 

Rather, why not go for a Mediclaim policy that covers all of your loved ones under a single sum insured? A floater Mediclaim health insurance will help you to do this. Such a policy will allow you to be free from dealing with the hassles associated with having multiple policies such as renewing each of them at the end of the year. You would only have to read and remember the terms, network hospitals, and other important information related to one policy. If you are planning to buy your policy through agents, you would also be saved from the hassle of talking and deliberating with multiple agents. All of this and more is now possible with the New India Floater Mediclaim Health Insurance.

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    At first glance, you may notice that the policy is very comprehensive and inclusive. This policy is made to protect you and your loved ones against unexpected hospitalization expenses. It will also cover you against pre- and post-hospitalization charges for 30 and 60 days, respectively. The policy also allows you to choose from up to 7 sum insured options to ensure that there is no lack of options for your convenience. Other features include coverage of hospitalization charges in the event of organ transplant, newborn baby coverage, hospital cash, critical care benefit, etc., all under certain limits and terms. 

    Apart from these, a noteworthy feature of the policy is its coverage of critical illnesses. We all know diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, and cancer are becoming increasingly common these days. Having a policy that not only covers you but also your entire family against such illnesses can prove to be very helpful.

    Another convenient feature of this policy is that it does not force you to make a choice between covering either your life partner, dependent children, or elderly parents. It is to be noted that the policy has a minimum limit of 2 members and a maximum limit of 6 members allowed to be covered under a single policy. This means that you can easily insure all of your loved ones under a single policy. This is not just limited to your parents, spouse, or children. The policy also allows the proposer to cover their siblings or ward if they are dependent on the proposer. Similarly, employers can use the policy to cover their employees.

    • One of the special benefits of this Mediclaim policy is that it can cover your children from 3 months up to 25 years of age, till they are dependent on you. An especially attractive feature is that the policy does not have any age limitations when covering your unmarried daughter(s) or mentally challenged children.
    • The policy also covers the treatment of mental illness, stress or psychological disorders, artificial life maintenance, including life support machines, etc., if you meet certain terms and conditions. All these features of the plan will help you to take care of yourself and your loved ones without worrying about the treatment costs of some procedures. 
    • The next benefit of the plan will especially sound good to all those who have life partners or parents that might need or feel more comfortable with other sorts of treatment systems. You don't have to worry if say, your parents only trust an ayurvedic cure. This plan makes sure that this is not a problem by allowing you to get up to 25% of the Sum Insured in such cases. To avail of this, make sure you only get admitted to an AYUSH hospital. Then, the plan will help you with your bill, covering for your ayurvedic, homoeopathic or Unani treatments. 
    • When we said this plan covers your family, we truly meant it. This is because the plan can not only cover your elder children up to an age limit but can also cover your newborn baby! That's right. If you are a mother who has 24 months of continuous coverage under this plan and gives birth to a baby during the period of the plan, you might be qualified to get your baby safe under the plan! Truly, having a baby is a beautiful experience that stays with you for your entire lifetime. But this time can also be a little difficult for some parents because of some sudden situations. To protect yourself and your baby, this plan can cover your baby against all the illnesses or injuries covered under the plan. But it is very important to remember that the newborn baby will not be automatically covered when you renew your policy unless you add them to the plan.
    • Room rent, ICU, ICCU, DMO/RMO, etc. charge up to certain limits of the sum insured
    • A good feature of the policy is the option for Mid-term inclusion of newly married spouse by charging a pro-rata premium. 
    • Option to choose for Ayurvedic / homoeopathic / Unani treatments
    • Covers critical illnesses such as heart attack, cancer, kidney failure, etc. 
    • Payment of ambulance charges up to 1% of sum insured
    • A free lookup period of up to 15 days to review the terms and cancel the policy if you wish
    • Critical care benefit
    • Treatment of congenital diseases (external and internal) with some conditions

    With over 16.83 lakh policies sold till date and boasting a claims settlement ratio of 92.68%, the New India Floater Mediclaim Health insurance has managed to gain some attractive customer ratings. Going through multiple reviews of the plan assures us that the plan offers a very high level of customer satisfaction. Here are the top features of the policy that customers especially loved about the plan, according to their reviews:

    • Good guidance and support from the company in case of a claim
    • Good coverage with multiple features
    • Affordable plan to cover the entire family
    • Good sum insured options to choose from
    • Convenient to buy only a single policy and not having to manage multiple policies. 
    • Reduces the cost of documentation
    • A good range of network hospitals spread all over India
    • Life-time renewability option
    • A free-look period of 15 days when you could cancel the policy if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions.

    New India Floater Mediclaim Health Insurance FAQs

    Will this plan cover COVID-19 related hospitalization costs?

    Yes. This plan has an added cover for bearing COVID-19 related hospitalization costs.

    Can I cover my brother and sister under this policy if I am already using it to cover my spouse?

    An attractive feature of this policy is that you can use it to cover your brother/sister, but only if they are financially dependent on you. Since the policy allows you to cover up to 6 members of your family, you can easily use it to ensure both your sibling and your spouse, provided that the maximum number of members covered under the plan does not exceed 6 members.

    I like the features and sum insured options of the policy. Can I buy this plan only for myself?

    Being a family floater policy, it is not possible to buy this policy for only 1 person. The minimum number of persons that must be covered by the policy is 2. This means that to avail of the benefits of this policy you have to buy the policy on a shared basis with another member of your family. That is when this policy actually becomes economical.