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Go Digit General Insurance

Go Digital General Insurance Limited is one of the most popular non-life general insurance companies in India. This organization started out as Oben General Insurance Limited, which basically means ‘above’ in German. But this name was changed to Go Digit because ‘oben’ didn’t align with the focus of the company, which is on simplicity.

Customers can purchase Go Digit General Insurance products through their digital platform. This organization was founded in 2016 and is currently based in Bengaluru, India. Go Digit is also backed by Fairfax, which is a financial holding company that is based out of Toronto, Canada.

TThe unique selling point of Go Digit General Insurance Limited is that they provide simplified general insurance services to their customers. The main aim of the organization is also to make the whole process of insurance simpler and easier, from purchasing the policy to making claims and renewing the policy.

You can find several different types of health insurance, bike insurance, mobile insurance, car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, jewelry insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance. You can buy any of these policies by visiting their official website of the organization.

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    About Go Digit General Insurance

    Go Digit Insurance provides several exciting benefits to their customers for purchasing their insurances online. The insurance policies that are provided by Go Digit also stand apart from the insurance policies provided by other organizations.

    Go Digit General Insurance always puts its customers first. This means that policyholders find it easier than ever to fill clams and renew their policies. There are also other benefits. We will look at what those benefits are below.

    Receive Instant Quotes

    Go Digit provides insurance quotes to their customers instantly through their online portal. To receive those instant quotes, one simply needs to log into the official website of the organization and fill the form using the necessary details.

    Less Premium

    Go Digit General Insurance provides its customers with insurance products at very low premiums. Further, the insurance policies at Go Digit further provide extensive coverage options to their policyholders.

    Cashless Facilities throughout India

    Policyholders can easily get their claims settled for their health and motor insurance policies by visiting cashless garages and hospitals. These garages and hospitals are registered under the network of the organization. Customers can find cashless claims all over India.

    Transparent and Quick Claim Settlements

    Go Digit General Insurance provides transparent and easy claim settlement for all of their policies whenever a claim is registered with them. The organization makes sure that all of its customers receive the highest quality benefits by getting their claims settled quickly and in a transparent manner.

    Conveyance Allowance

    Go Digit is the first company in India that provides its customers with daily conveyance charges. These charges are provided through vouchers that are worth INR 200. The policyholder receives these charges for three days after registering the claim.

    Car Breakdown Assistance

    Cars can break down due to a number of reasons, including a flat tire, flat battery, or mechanical breakdown. This can cause a lot of inconveniences. However, with the help of Go Digit insurance policyholders can get instant and cashless help by opting for towing facilities, minor repairs, medical coordination, relaying important messages to family members, accommodation benefits, and fuel assistance.

    Around-the-Clock Support

    Go Digit General Insurance provides constant around-the-clock support to their customers throughout the year. Customers can also receive services like renewal, policy purchase, premium payment, policy cancelation, or claim registration.

    Purchasing and Renewing Online

    Go Digit has made use of the best that technology has to offer to provide its customers with several benefits online in just a few clicks. These services come without any hassle and can be accessed by just accessing the Go Digit website.

    If you are looking to purchase insurance policies, then Digit is one of the best organizations to choose from. This organization was established in 2019 and has become the first Indian unicorn of 2021 with a valuation of US $ 1.9 billion. For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, a unicorn is a private startup organization that has a market value of more than US $ 1 billion.

    From April 2020 to December 2020, the premium income of Digit grew to a total of $ 186 million. This is an increase of 31.9%. It has served over 15 million customers since 2019 and has been extremely profitable in the three quarters of the fiscal year 2020 - 2021. Further, the organization had a claim settlement ratio of 83.08% in 2018 - 2019 and 63.56% in 2019 - 2020.

    Several policyholders have also rated and reviewed the services and products of Digit online. Let’s look at what they have to say.

    Excellent Features 5/5 Sunetra Bhadra

    Digit offers unique features like premium calculators and quote generators. They stick out from the crowd by providing very similar services to all policyholders. It was very easy for me to purchase policies from Go Digit.

    Easy Claim Settlement 5/5 Debadrita Ghosal

    I recently made a claim against my car insurance policy by Go Digit. I’m very impressed by how easy it was to apply for the claim through the website and complete all the formalities. I never knew making a claim could be so easy!

    Go Digit provides holistic coverage of policies to their customers in their time of need. In this section, we will look at what those policies are.

    Go Digit Car Insurance

    There are mainly two types of car insurance policies provided to customers. These plans fall under the category of third party plans and comprehensive plans. The benefits and coverage provided under these car insurance plans are mentioned below.

    Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan

    Third Party Liability Car Insurance

    • Damages caused to one’s vehicle because of fire, accidents, or natural disasters
    • The harm caused to third-party properties or vehicles along with personal damage to the third-party, including disability, hospitalization, and death
    • Personal damages or injury caused to the driver or owner of the vehicle
    • Coverage against total loss of vehicle or theft
    • Damages caused to the property or vehicle of the third party
    • Personal damage to the third party or someone else
    • Damages caused because collisions or accidents
    • Damages due to fire
    • Damages because of natural or man-made calamities
    • Damages caused due to personal accidents and third party losses

    There are some exclusions under this policy too. The exclusions of Digit car insurance policies are:

    • Damages that are not caused as a direct result of the accident
    • The harm caused due to contributory negligence
    • Driving without a proper license
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol and without a proper license

    Customers can also enhance the coverage of their policies by opting for add-on covers. The add-on cover options available for digit car insurance are mentioned below.

    • Return to invoice add-on cover
    • Zero depreciation add-on cover
    • Breakdown assistance cover
    • Tire protection cover
    • Gearbox protection cover
    • Engine protection cover

    Digit Bike Insurance

    Digit bike insurance policies provided to customers are mainly of two types. These policies are explained in the section below.

    Third Party Digit Bike Insurance

    Standard Package Digit Bike Insurance

    • It covers third-party losses and losses incurred by the owner or the driver in case of personal accidents
    • Damage caused to the vehicle or property of someone else
    • Coverage provided in case of injury or death of the third party
    • This insurance plan is ideal for individuals who do not use their bikes regularly
    • It provides a minimum level of protection
    • It is mandatory for every bike owner to have third party bike insurance according to the India Motor Vehicle Act, 1988
    • This option provides better coverage to both the third party and the owner of the vehicle
    • Coverage is provided against third-party losses and damages caused by an accident to the owner
    • Coverage is also provided in case of theft or damage caused to the bike in case of fire and personal accidents caused by the owner-driver

    One can also opt for add-on coverage options in their Digit bike insurance. These add-on options are:

    • Consumable cover
    • Parts depreciation cover, which is also known as zero depreciation or bumper to bumper cover
    • Return to invoice cover
    • Breakdown Assistance (RSA)
    • Engine protection cover
    • Gearbox protection cover

    Customers can also calculate the specific premium cost in case of this policy by visiting the Digit website. To calculate the premium, the customer will have to add details related to his or her vehicle, including make, model, and registration year.

    The Digit bike insurance does not provide coverage in case of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving without a valid license. Damages that are not a direct result of the accident and damages caused because of contributory negligence are also not covered under the policy.

    Digital Travel Insurance

    The two plans provided under the heading of travel insurance by Digit Insurance are basic and comfort plans. One can also opt for international travel insurance if he or she is planning to go on a trip abroad. The specific details of all these plans are discussed below.

    Feature or Coverage Provided

    Basic Insurance Plan

    Comfort Insurance Plan

    Medical treatment, emergency accidental treatment, and evacuation



    Personal Accidental Cover



    Accidental Death and Disability Cover



    Emergency Dental Treatment Cover



    Common Carrier Delay



    Daily Cash Allowance



    Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage



    Delay of Checked-in Baggage



    Does Digit cover all pre-booked and non-refundable charges of the trip in case of cancellation?



    Loss of Passport Cover



    Coverage for expenses like bail bond, personal liability, emergency trip extension, trip abandonment, and any other emergency



    Will Digit cover for charges due to extra accommodation or travel required for reaching the next destination if the policyholder has missed his or her pre-booked flight?



    Digit Bicycle Insurance

    As the title indicates, the Digit Bicycle insurance is designed specifically to suit the needs of bicycle riders. The policy has a free-look period of 15 days and the cover is provided only in India. The other benefits offered to policyholders under this insurance plan are discussed in the table below.


    Expenses that are Covered Under the Policy

    Amount to be Claimed

    Personal Accident Benefit

    Any damages that arise out of a fatal accident, disability, or death

    Up to the total sum assured

    Emergency Accidental Treatment and Evacuation Benefit

    Refund for all the hospital bills

    Up to the total sum assured for unexpected hospitalization, outdoor patient treatment, repatriation of mortal remains back to the place of birth, and medical evacuation

    Theft Benefit

    In case of theft of the bicycle, Digit will either pay the sum assured or replace the bicycle with another one that has a similar make, model, type, and age to the original bicycle. The second option depends on the availability of the product in the market

    The sum assured is provided after deducting appropriate and applicable depreciation

    Partial Loss Benefit

    Digit will pay for the cost of repair

    The total sum paid is after applying a 5% deductible on the claim

    Accidental Damage Benefit

    The crash replacement policy benefit is valid for only frame and fork in rigid bikes and frame only in suspension bikes

    In this case, depreciation is 20% for bicycles that are 1 year old and 35% for bicycles that are 2 years old.

    The Digit bicycle insurance policies do not cover dental treatment, any treatment that is not an emergency, pre-existing injury treatment, pre-existing sickness treatment, disability occurring after 365 days from the accident, death occurring after 365 days from the accident, accidental loss, mechanical breakdown, electrical breakdown, and liquid damage.

    Digit Health Insurance

    Digit provides comprehensive and holistic coverage to their policyholders in case of health insurance plans. These plans protect and cover customers from a range of hospitalization requirements and injuries related to accidents. The benefits provided under health insurance plans offered by Digit are mentioned in the table below.

    Benefit Provided


    Accidental Hospitalization Benefit

    Pre-hospitalization charges, post-hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, daycare procedures, physician fees, OT, medication, diagnostics, and ICU

    Illness and Accidental Hospitalization Benefit

    Treatment charges and hospitalization charges

    Maternity Benefit

    Hospitalization expenses incurred by the mother-to-be

    Out-Patient (OPD) Benefit

    Consultation fees of the doctors, health check-up charges, dental treatments, diagnostic tests, and pharmacy bills

    Home Hospitalization Benefit

    Charges for domiciliary hospitalization

    Critical Illness Cover

    This is an add-on benefit that provides cover against cancer treatments

    Daily Hospital Cash Cover

    Provided up to a limit specified within the documents of the policy

    AYUSH benefits are also provided to policyholders under this insurance plan. However, it should be noted that postnatal and prenatal medical expenses are not covered under this policy. A waiting period is also established before coverage for pre-existing diseases can be provided to customers.

    Illnesses that don’t match the prescription of the doctor are also not covered in this policy. To get rid of these restrictions, policyholders can opt for add-on benefits. This would enhance the coverage of the policy.

    Digit Home Insurance

    The Digital Home Insurance plan protects coverage against fire, natural disasters, and burglary. This plan is ideal for individuals who constantly travel and stay away from their homes on a regular basis.

    Customers can choose short-term or long-term burglary cover. The short-term option comes with a lesser premium payment of INR 199 that provides a sum assured value of INR 2 lakhs. This policy covers the burglary of stolen and expensive things like furniture, gadgets, and television.

    Loss or damage of jewelry is also covered under this policy with 20% of the total sum insured. This cover can be availed even if any damage is caused to the jewelry due to natural disasters or fire. Coverage is also provided in case of fire that has been a result of a gas cylinder explosion.

    The policy does not include coverage for damages caused due to terrorism, consequential loss of liabilities, and damage caused to motor vehicles, livestock, or other valuable items like cheques, cash, debit cards, and credit cards. The claim amount is paid after applying the required depreciation charges.

    Digit Mobile Insurance

    In the last few years, mobile insurance has become quite popular amongst customers in India. This is why Digit has rolled out a mobile insurance plan that is suitable for the needs of all customers.

    Customers can purchase a Digit mobile insurance plan depending on the amount of time that they plan to use the mobile. The most popular time variants provided under this insurance are 6 months and 12 months. One can purchase mobile insurance plans for both an old and new device.

    All major brands are also covered under this policy, including Apple iPhones, Xiaomi, Google, Motorola, Redmi, LG, Mi, and Micromax. The coverage is provided against any damages caused to the screen of the phone. The coverage is IMEI linked and is provided across the globe. No deductibles or depreciation values are applicable under this policy.

    The mobile insurance does not provide coverage against damage to any accessories, burglary, theft, liquid damage, accident damage, electrical breakdown, and mechanical breakdown. The policy can be purchased online.

    Best Policies of Digit

    The best-selling policies of Digit are:

    • Digital Healthcare Plus Policy

    The Digital Healthcare Plus Policy covers the policyholder and his or her entire family against many medical expenses in case of hospitalization. This policy is available for a term of 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years.

    The entry age of the policy is 1 year and the maximum entry age for this policy is 65 years. The policy covers in-hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, daycare procedures, road ambulance expenses, dental treatment, AYUSH treatments, second e-opinion expenses, and bariatric surgery expenses. Policyholders also provide complementary health check-ups.

    • Digit Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

    The Digit Arogya Sanjeevani Policy provides affordable health insurance policies to their customers. This policy covers the policyholder and his or her entire family against basic healthcare expenses in case of hospitalization.

    The minimum entry age for this policy is 3 months and maximum entry age is 65 years. The sum insured can range from between INR 1 lakh to 5 lakh. The policy term can be renewed annually after a period of 1 year. Under this policy, in-patient hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization, daycare treatment charges, and AYUSH treatment charges are covered.

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    Go Digit FAQs

    1. Can I receive doorstep policy insurance services from Go Digit?

    Yes, customers can opt for doorstep policy insurance services from Go Digit. All you need to opt for those services is to call Digit customer care service at 1800-258-5956.

    2. What is the meaning of an advanced cash facility?

    An advance cash facility is an extra feature that provides the policyholder with a stipulated amount of money in cash. This cash is provided before the repairs of the vehicle have even begun.

    3. Can I get free medical health check-ups from Go Digit General Insurance Company?

    Yes, Go Digit General Insurance company provides free medical health check-ups to their policyholders whenever the policies are renewed without a break. Under these policies, the cost of a health check-up comes with a specific sum insured which was mentioned in the policy documents in advance.

    4. Are there any outpatient (OPD) benefits provided under the insurance policies of Go Digit General Insurance Company?

    Yes, outpatient (OPD) benefits are provided by Go Digit General Insurance company through their insurance policies. Other benefits that are provided include doctor consultation fees, health check-ups, diagnostic tests, pharmacy bills, dental treatments, and other coverages in case of hospitalization.