Star Health Insurance vs HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

An online search for health insurance plans will provide you with ample options. But this can also be quite confusing and intimidating. Moreover, given the paucity of time, you might not be able to review the entire policy. So, here is a quick guide that lists the key differences between Star Health and HDFC ERGO health insurance plans. Read carefully and take your pick.

Star Health Insurance VS HDFC ERGO – Overview

ParameterStar Health InsuranceHDFC ERGO
Number of health insurance plans116
E-servicesPolicy purchase, renewal, claim settlement and online consultationPolicy purchase, renewal, claim settlement and online consultation
Incurred claims ratio53%62%
Claim settlement time90% cashless claims settled within 2 hours20 mins for cashless claim settlement
Hospital networkMore than 9,900More than 10,000

Source: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) Annual Report 2018-19


Health Insurance Policy: Star Health Insurance VS HDFC ERGO 

Star Health Insurance has 11 healthcare plans, including individual, family, senior citizens, diabetes, COVID-19 plans, etc.

HDFC offers six plans including individual, family, senior citizens, critical illness, COVID-19 plan, etc.

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Below is the difference between Star Health and HDFC ERGO health insurance plans:

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance offers health policy on an individual or a floater basis. Key features include:

  • Available for people between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Covers self, spouse and three dependent children between 3 months to 25 years of age
  • Includes pre-and post-hospitalisation costs, child delivery and newborn expenses, organ donor expenses, health check-ups, bariatric surgery, AYUSH treatment, etc. 
  • Offers a personal accident cover including accidental and permanent total disablement
  • Covers air ambulance and second medical opinion costs
  • Offers 100% automatic restoration of the sum insured, subject to conditions

HDFC ERGO has an affordable health insurance policy for individuals and family members. Important features include:

  • Available for people above 18 years of age, with no upper limit
  • Includes pre-and post-hospitalisation costs, in-hospital expenses, day-care procedures, AYUSH treatment, cashless home healthcare, free health check-ups, organ donor expenses, etc. 
  • Covers mental healthcare and treatment expenses
  • Allows healthy individuals up to 45 years of age to buy a cover without a medical test
  • Provides financial support in case of hospitalisation for 10 or more days at a stretch
  • Offers lifetime renewability

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance offers a specialised senior citizens red carpet health insurance plan. Highlights include:

  • Available for people aged between 60-75 years
  • Offered on an individual or floater basis
  • Includes day-care procedures, pre-and post-hospitalisation, in-hospital expenses, health check-ups, medical consultations, ambulance, etc. 
  • Covers pre-existing diseases, outpatient consultation for network hospitals and cataract operation
  • No pre-acceptance medical check-up required

HDFC ERGO provides a class of affordable healthcare plans for senior citizens. Main features are:

  • Offers different category of plans including silver and gold, with varied benefits
  • Common benefits include cashless home treatment, healthcare check-ups, pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses, in-hospital costs, day-care procedures, organ donor expenses, AYUSH Benefits, mental wellness etc.
  • Offers road ambulance, air ambulance, alternative treatment, etc. under the gold plan
  • No upper limit on the hospital room rent in both plans
  • Both plans allow a sum insured rebound facility
  • Pays Rs. 15,000 as lump sum benefit for gold plan holders, in case, hospitalisation exceeds 10 days at a stretch
Senior Citizen Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance provides exhaustive critical illness cover. Some features include:

  • Covers nine specified critical illnesses like cancer, brain tumour, major organ transplant, irreversible coma, paraplegia, among others
  • Offers lump sum payment on diagnosis of critical illness
  • Covers regular hospitalisation expenses
  • Covers non-allopathic treatments
  • Offers a lifelong renewal option

HDFC ERGO offers hassle-free coverage for critical illnesses. Important features are:

  • Offers two different plans, silver and platinum; with varied coverage
  • The platinum plan covers 15 critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, heart valve replacement, kidney failure, etc.
  • Offers lump sum payment
  • Covers regular hospital bills
  • Offers lifetime renewability option.

With access to comparative features of two companies, your purchasing decision becomes easier. You can consult with your advisor and plump for the policy that best suits your unique health insurance needs. For further assistance, you can connect with professional insurance experts and select the ideal healthcare policy for yourself.

FAQs: Star Health Insurance vs HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

Why do I need a health cover?

Health insurance acts as a financial guard for you and your family against health risks and medical emergencies. Good health insurance becomes a reliable asset during times of need. It also has tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

What is a family floater plan?

A family floater plan takes care of the healthcare expenses of your family under one single plan. Through insurance, you can cover medical expenses incurred for the treatment of diseases, illnesses, accidents, and surgeries.

Are pre-existing diseases covered in insurance?

Generally, health plans cover pre-existing diseases/conditions. However, exact terms and conditions may differ for each policy and provider