6 Yoga Poses For Kids And Their Health Benefits

1.  Child Pose

One Of The Easiest Yoga Poses For Kids, All You Need To Do Is Sit On Your Knees, With Your Hands Resting On Your Knees And Hips Touching The Heels Of Your Feet.

2. Sitting Pose

Another One Of The Simple Yoga Poses For Kids Is Sitting With Your Legs Crossed, With Both Palms Gently Placed On Your Knees, Facing Upward, And The Thumb And Index Fingers Touching.

3.  Cobra Pose

Lie Down On Your Stomach, With Your Palm On The Side Of Your Chest And Toes Pointed Out. Lift Up Your Torso Supported By Your Hands, So The Hands Are Straight Up With Your Head Facing Forward.

4. Forward Seated  Fold

Sit on the ground with your feet forward, bending down to touch your toes and stay in that position while breathing deeply.

5. Butterfly Pose

For This Pose, You Need To Sit Down, Back Straight, And Make Your Feet Touch Each Other And Your Knees Facing Out. Hold Your Feet With Your Hands And Flap Them Like A Butterfly’s Wings.

6. Bridge Pose

This Is Yet Another Simple Pose For Kids. To Do This, Lie Down On Your Back. Then Fold Your Legs To Make Your Knee Face The Ceiling. Keep Your Hands On Your Side.