Try 5 Yoga Poses For Digestion And Better Health 

1.  Seated Side Bend

This yoga posture is for novice players who want to stretch their obliques, belly muscles, lower and upper back. It is called yoga for stomach problems and will help you to get rid of bloating and gas

2. Seated Twist

This Twisting Yoga Pose Improves Your Bowel Irregularity By Supporting The Small And Large Intestines In Peristalsis. This Posture Drives Food Items And Wastes Through The GI Tract.

3.  Knees to Chest

This Delicate Movement Gives You Ultimate Relaxation And Alleviates Lower Back Strain. The Experts Believe That This Posture Massages Your Large Intestine To Promote Bowel Movements.

4.  Cat-Cow Pose

This Position Enhances Circulation And Gently Massages Your Organs To Promote Gut Peristalsis.

5.  Cobra Pose

By Improving Your Posture, This Yoga Pose Stretches Your Belly Muscles. This Position Also Aids Your General Digestion.