5 Simple Yoga Poses For Diabetes And Their Health Benefits

1.  Bhujangasana

This Yoga Asana Helps Triceps Brachii, Quadriceps Muscles, As Well As Spinal Extensors, Work Together which Ultimately Lowers Blood Sugar Levels.

2.  Tadasana 

This Yoga Asana Helps To Create More Space In The Body And Allows Efficient Functioning Of The Internal Organs Which Helps To Improve The Circulation Of Blood

3.  Dhanurasana 

This yoga asana strengthens as well controls the pancreas. Thus, this pose is appropriate for individuals with diabetes as it reduces the levels of blood sugar.

4.  Viparita  Karani

Practicing This Asana On A Regular Basis Controls Blood Pressure And Reduces Blood Sugar Levels.

5.  Halasana

This Yoga Asana Helps Diabetic People To Maintain A Sedentary Lifestyle. It Also Controls The Adverse Impact Of Diabetes On The Body.