5 Easy Yoga For Back Pain And Their Health Benefits

By IIFL Insurance

1.  Sphinx Pose

The Sphinx Stance Relaxes Your Lower Back Muscles And Is Occasionally Recommended For Persons Suffering From Sciatica Caused By A Bulging Disc. Use A Yoga Mat To Lie Down On The Ground.

2.  Modified Dog Pose

A Downward-facing Dog Is A Popular Yoga Pose, But It Can Be Challenging To Master, Especially For Those With Aching Hands Or Wrists.

3. Yoga For Sciatica

Forward Bends In A Seated Or Standing Position (Except Downward-facing Dog) Should Be Avoided Since They Put Additional Strain On The Pelvic And Lower Back.

4.  Child’s Pose

A Child’s Pose Is A Wonderful Method To Connect With Your Body And Calm It. It Promotes Flexibility And Openness In Your Hips, Thighs, And Lower Back By Lengthening And Stretching Your Spine.

5. Half-Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose Is A Body Strengthening, Stabilizing, And Balancing Pose. It Stretches Your Spine, Glutes, And Thighs While Increasing Flexibility And Relieving Tension.