5 Beneficial Yoga Poses For Athletes

1. Downward-Facing Dog

This Traditional And Classic Yoga Pose Improves Your Strengthening And Lengthening. This Posture Is Ideal For Your Feet, Ankles, Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes, And Lats.

2.  Mountain Pose

This Is The Best Pre-run Yoga Pose. Mountain Pose Is Ideal For Improving Your Confidence And Focus. This Is A Warm-up Before A Run.

3. Forward Fold

If Your Hamstring Muscles Are Tightened, Then You Must Consider This Forward Fold Posture To Improve Your Flexibility.

4.  Lizard Lunge

This Is Perfect Yoga After Running. This Posture Stretches Your Quads, Hip Flexors, And Hamstrings To Improve Mobility And Prevent Injuries.

5.  Tree Pose

Try To Practice Tree Pose To Improve Running Form And Running Mechanics.