Know The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

What is Colon Cancer ?

Colon Cancer Is A Condition That Results In The Growth Of Cancer Cells In The Large Intestine Area. Although It Affects Older Adults, It Can Happen At Any Age That Can Lead To Several Complications.


Colon Cancer Is Primarily Caused By A Genetic Mutation That Is Either Acquired Or Inherited. Some Mutations Can Result In Abnormal Growth Of Cells That Accumulate In The Lining Of The Colon.


The Signs And Symptoms Of Colon Cancer May Vary From One Person To Another Person Depending On The Stage And Other Factors

1.  Change in Bowel Movement

Patients Who Suffer From Colon Cancer Will Experience Changes In Their Bowel Movements That Can Result In Various Complications.

2.  Abdominal Pain

 Bloating Is Another Symptom Of The Condition That Can Cause Discomfort To Others. Several Factors Will Influence Abdominal Pains And Bloating Problems To A Great Extent.

3.  Anemia

Anemia Is One Of The Colon Cancer Symptoms That Lead To The Deficiency Of Red Blood Cells Or Hemoglobin. Intestinal Bleeding May Cause Anemia Which Is The First Sign Of The Disorder.

4. Weight Loss

Colon Cancer Can Lead To Weight Loss And Loss Of Appetite Significantly. Not Only That, It Will Result In Weakness That Can Affect A Person In Many Ways.

5.  Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain Is One Of The Major Colon Cancer Symptoms. Therefore, It Is Necessary To Check The Condition With A Doctor That Will Help Fix The Problem As Soon As Possible.

6.  Blood in Stool

Blood In Stool Is The Sign Of Colon Cancer In Women As Well As In Men That Can Result In Several Problems. Those Who Are Having The Sign Should Undergo Treatment To Restore The Condition Effectively.