Natural Remedies For Alzheimer’s Disease

Causes & Risk Factor

The accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque and tau tangles in the brain’s neurons has long been thought to be the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease.

Natural Remedies For Alzheimer’s Disease

1.  Diet

Healthy Dietary Modifications, Such As Adhering To The Mediterranean Diet, Can Help Address Excessive Cholesterol, High Blood Glucose, And Other Food-related Risk Factors.

2. Improving Heart Health

High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, And High Cholesterol Levels In Middle Age Raise The Risk Of Dementia Later In Life. Dietary Adjustments And A Healthy BMI Can Help You Enhance Your Heart Health.

3.  Lowering Stress

Depression, Stress, And The Start Of Alzheimer’s Disease Have All Been Linked In Clinical Research. Lowering Your Stress Levels Daily Will Help You Feel Better

4.  Exercise

Increasing Physical Activity By Just 25% Could Avert 1 Million Cases Of Alzheimer’s Disease Worldwide. Exercise Helps To Avoid Plaque Formation, Obesity, Preserve Muscle Mass, And Reduce Inflammation.

5. Social Interaction

Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease Can Benefit From Social Connections Since They Can Lead To Enjoyment. Learning A New Skill, Such As Dancing, Opens Up New Communication Pathways In The Brain.