11 Home Remedies For Early Periods

By IIFL Insurance

1. ginger tea

Ginger Is Known To Promote Contractions By Increasing The Temperature Around The Uterus, Which Makes The Period Come Quicker.

2. Nuts 

Almonds And Walnuts Are High In Fibre And Protein, And Their Ability To Induce Internal Heat Can Be Used To Regulate And Induce Early Periods.

3. Turmeric 

Turmeric Has An Antispasmodic Impact On The Body, Causing The Uterus To Expand And Menstruation To Begin Early. Consumption Of Turmeric Alongside Milk Can Be Really Beneficial For You

4. Dates 

Taking It Every Night Before Bed Throughout The Winter Months Will Undoubtedly Benefit Your Menstrual Health

5. Jaggery 

If You Consume Jaggery Alongside Milk Or After Your Regular Meals, It Can Work Towards Fixing Your Irregular Period Cycles As Well.

6. Beetroot 

Beetroot Is High In Iron, Calcium, And Folic Acid, Among Other Nutrients. Beetroot Can Help With Water Retention And Bloating, Which Are Frequent Problems For Women During Their Periods.

7.  vitamin C

Vitamin C Help To Lower Progesterone Levels, Which Can Contribute To Uterine Wall Disintegration And Early Induction Of Periods, Also Fixing The Irregular Cycles.

8. Parsley 

Parsley Is Abundant In Vitamin C And Apiol, Which May Aid In The Stimulation Of Uterine Contractions And Help Towards Inducing Periods Early Naturally.

9. Coffee 

Caffeine In Coffee Has Been Shown To Boost Levels Of Estrogen, Causing Your Periods To Arrive Earlier Also Breaking Irregular Cycles

10. Fennel Seed

Fennel Seeds Can Be Cooked In Water To Form A Fragrant Tea That Should Be Drunk On An Empty Stomach Every Morning To Help Regulate Your Period And Keep Your Flow Healthy.

11. Salmon 

Salmon Has The Ability To Improve And Stabilize Your Hormones, Resulting In The Elimination Of Menstrual Problems And Irregular Cycles.