8 Home Remedies For Burning Feet

By IIFL Insurance

1. Soak Feet In Cold Water

This Is Best Foot-burning Home Remedies That Will Give You Relief From Burning Feet. Take A Tub Of Cold Water And Soak Your Feet In The Water For A Few Minutes.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This Is One Of The Indian Home Remedies For Burning Feet. Take A Tub With Warm Water And Put A Few Drops Of Apple Cider Vinegar In It Then Soak Your Feet In The Warm Water

3. Epsom Salt

This Exercise Begins With The Dog Posture Of Placing Your Hands And Legs On The Floor. By Doing This Exercise, It Will Significantly Improve Your Bowel Moments.

4.  Turmeric Supplement

Curcumin Compound An Element Present In Turmeric Have Anti-inflammatory And Antimicrobial Effects And Is Very Effective In Treating Different Skin Conditions

5.  Ginger

The Ginger Oil Has Anti-inflammatory Properties Which Helps In The Treatment Of Burning Feet.  You Can Also Have A Cup Of Ginger Tea, But Massage Is Always The Best Option.

6.  Foot Massage

 It Is One Of The Most Excellent Ways To Reduce Pain As It Improves The Blood Flow In Your Body. Foot Massage Is Also One Of The Best Home Treatments For Burning Feet.

7.  Diet and Hydration

Make Sure That You Keep Yourself Hydrated Throughout The Day And Include Foods That Are Rich In Proteins Which Include Green Leafy Vegetables, Fish, Dairy Products, Nuts, Etc.

8. Apply Topical Cream

You Can Apply A Cream That Includes The Substance Lidocaine Or Capsaicin. This Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Relieve Your Pain From Burning Feet.