Exercise To Cure Your Constipation

By IIFL Insurance

1. Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercises Are Walking, Running, Jogging, Cycling, And Swimming. Anyone Can Easily Do Cardio Exercises, Which Tremendously Help Get Relief From Constipation.

2. Pelvic Floor Exercise

This exercise will cover the pelvic region, and it helps the pelvic organs like bowel and bladder, and uterus in women to function well.

3. Bird Dog

This Exercise Begins With The Dog Posture Of Placing Your Hands And Legs On The Floor. By Doing This Exercise, It Will Significantly Improve Your Bowel Moments.

4.  Bridge

This Exercise Is Widely Known For Its Ability To Improve Digestion And Fight Stress. It Also Helps Your Gut Work More Efficiently By Increasing Blood Flow To Your Intestines.

5.  Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercises Can Help Relax Your Mind And Relieve From Stress Or Depression. Stress And Anxiety Can Be The Major Problem For Constipation, Which Most Of Us Fail To Notice.