11 Disadvantage Of Drinking Red Wine

By IIFL Insurance

1. Heart Problems

Excessive Consumption Of Red Wine May Lead To Some Serious Diseases For Your Heart, Including Atrial Fibrillation (A Type Of Rapid Or Irregular Heartbeat)

2. Liver Disease (Cirrhosis)

European Association Liver Study Revealed That People Who Consume More Than One Drink Can Cause The Prevalence Of Alcohol-induced Cirrhosis To Increase By Up To 11%

3. Spectrum Disorder

Some Experts Believe That An Unborn Baby May Suffer From Some Negative Side Effects If The Mother Is Being Exposed To Alcohol Continuously.

4. Breast Cancer

If You Have A Family History Of Breast Cancer, We Recommend That You Avoid Consuming Alcohol Or Wine. Even Moderate Consumption May Enhance The Risk Of Breast Cancer.

5. Esophageal cancer

A Study Was Published In PLos One In 2017 And It Is Mentioned That One Glass Of Alcoholic Beverage Can Enhance The Risk Of Esophageal Cancer.

6. Sulfite Reactions

No Wine, Including Organic Wines, Can Be Found Without Sulfite Content. People Who Are Allergic To Sulfites May Suffer From Hives, Nausea, And Anaphylactic Shock

7. Migraine Headache

Tannins And Phenolic Flavonoids Are The Common Ingredients Of Red Wine And These Two Are Responsible For Headaches.

8. Rosacea

Several Studies Have Shown That There Is An Increase In The Number Of Blood Vessels In The Cheeks Of Wine Lovers. This Indicates That Red Wine Is Associated With Rosacea.

9. Worsens  your PMS

Drinking Wine May Aggravate The Symptoms Of Premenstrual Syndrome. During This Time, Hormonal Changes Occur From Gut Inflammation Due To Direct Exposure To Alcohol Or Red Wine.

10. Weight Gain

Drinking Wine Or Alcoholic Beverages May Increase Your Body Weight. Alcohol Contains Calories And Triglycerides That Will Uplift The Levels Of Bad Cholesterol Or “LDL”

11. Drug Reaction

If You Are Taking Certain Prescribed Drugs, Then Consult Your Doctor Before Consuming Red Wine Or Alcoholic Beverages.