PNB MetLife Insurance Company Limited

Counted among the top life insurance companies in India, PNB MetLife Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between MetLife International Holdings LLC (MIHL), Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB), Punjab National Bank Limited (PNB), M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited and other private financial backers, MIHL and PNB being the majority shareholders.

PNB Metlife Insurance has been present in India since 2001 and continues to be profitable. The organization combines and brings together the reliability of PNB which is one of the most seasoned and top Indian nationalized banks and the monetary strength of global insurance provider Metlife, Inc. This blend of PNB’s wide reach and expertise of MetLife makes PNB MetLife a trusted and strong insurance provider.

Why opt for PNB MetLife Insurance?

  • Brand Esteem: PNB MetLife protection has constantly shown consistent development and potential. With an aim to make the insurance buying process simpler for the customers, PNB MetLife does not have any hidden clauses, terms, and conditions in policy guidelines. 
  • Variety of Products: PNB MetLife Insurance offers a wide scope of insurance products taking into account the prerequisites of an everyday person to an organization. Additionally, the products offered by the insurer have flexible features such as policy term and sum assured. 
  • End-to-End Customer Service: The organization has a cordial client support team that gives consistent pre-and post-sales services. The team assesses the needs of the customers and then offers solutions as per their requirements.
  • Robust Network: PNB MetLife has a robust network to distributes its products through several banking partners, broker networks, and financial advisors.


Important facts about PNB Metlife Insurance Company

  • PNB Metlife has its presence in 107 locations across India.
  • It has access to more than 100 million customers.
  • PNB Metlife has a high claim settlement ratio of 97.18% (2019-20), making it a reliable partner.

Types of Life Insurance plans offered by PNB MetLife Insurance Company

  • Term Plans: PNB MetLife Term Plans act as a financial cushion throughout different life stages. It offers financial security to your loved ones in achieving life goals and meeting their daily needs in your absence
  • ULIPs: PNB MetLife ULIP plans are wealth plans with dual benefits of life cover and investment options to build funds.
  • Retirement Plans: As the name suggests, PNB Metlife retirement plans financially secure your old age. It gives a tension-free retirement life without being dependent on anyone else.
  • Child Plans: These plans help in securing your child’s future such that they don’t face any problem while achieving their dreams in your absence.


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