Reliance Car Insurance

Reliance General Insurance is India’s renowned private general insurance company. It is a part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and caters to a significant segment of the market which includes individuals, corporates, and SMEs. The company offers a wide range of insurance products starting from car insurance, bike insurance, health insurance, home insurance, property insurance amongst others.

Car insurance by Reliance General Insurance Company comes with several benefits like No Claim Bonus, more than 5,000 cashless garages, easy claim settlement process through videos via an app, hassle-free and secured payment options, and so on. Reliance car insurance protects your car against damages and losses incurred due to various unfortunate situations like theft, accident, or others. The company provides quick and smooth solutions for all car insurance requirements of customers. Reliance car insurance offers different types of policies which includes:

  • Third-party car insurance 
  • Comprehensive car insurance 
  • Standalone own-damage car insurance 


Reliance Third-Party Car Insurance: This policy provides coverage for bodily injury or death or property damages of any third party which might arise due to an accident with your car. The Motor Vehicle Act has made it mandatory to have third-party insurance for every car owner, in absence of which you will have to pay a hefty penalty. ​

Reliance Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy: This policy covers you and your car against third-party liabilities as well as a number of risks. It covers any damage caused to your car due to an accident, theft, fire, natural calamity, or man-made disaster. Although it is not a mandatory policy, it is recommended to have a comprehensive car insurance policy for your car.

Reliance Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance: This type of policy is not compulsory; however, it can be useful for those who prefer to be cautious. The standalone own-damage insurance provides coverage against a wide range of scenarios such as road accidents, theft, fire, acts of vandalism, and damage caused due to a natural or man-made incidents. 

Reliance car insurance also provides add-on covers that you can buy along with a comprehensive car insurance plan or standalone own-damage car insurance plan. The add-on covers offered by the insurance company include:

  • NCB Retention Add on Cover 
  • Nil Depreciation
  • Total Cover
  • Return to Invoice Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Engine Protection Cover and so on. 

Benefits of Reliance Car Insuranc

Features Reliance Benefit
Cashless Repairs​ 50​00+ Cashless Garages
​ No Claim Bonus Upto 5​​0% Discount*
Claim Process Easy Video Claims**
Claim Settlement Ratio 98% Claims Settled
Add-Ons 7 Add-ons available
Own Damage Cover Available
Third-Party Damage Cover ​Cover for third party property/vehicle, Cover for injury caused in an accident

What is covered under Reliance Car Insurance?

  • A​ccidents: Damages caused to your car due to an accident are covered under car insurance. You can get the damages repaired at any cashless network garages and in case of total damage, you will get the IDV of your car as reimbursement.
  • Loss or damage due to natural disasters: Damages that occurred to your car due to any natural calamity like floods, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, landslides, etc., are covered.
  • Loss or damage due to man-made disasters: Damages caused due to any riot, vandalism, or any malicious acts are covered. Any damage that occurred in transit by road, rail, air or elevator, is also covered.
  • Theft: It covers losses if your car gets stolen.
  • Personal accident cover: It covers the expenses; in case the owner/ driver gets injured or dies while driving the insured car. There is a similar cover for the co-passenger, who can be added to the policy by paying an extra premium. 
  • Third-party legal liability: In case a person, vehicle, or property gets hurt or damaged due to an accident, this policy protects against the liabilities due to accidental damages.

What is not covered under Reliance Car Insurance?

A car insurance policy does not cover claims for the following situations:

    • Drunk Driving: In case you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating drug, then you will not be covered. It comes under a punishable offense.​
    • Depreciation or any consequential loss: Any subsequent damage, which might have occurred due to the original damage, is not covered. Similarly, any loss due to depreciation of the car’s value is not covered under the policy.
    • Damage due to negligence: In case your car gets damaged due to negligent behavior, such as driving through a waterlogged lane, the policy will not cover you.
  • Add-on cover: Some damages are covered only under certain add-on covers. In absence of this, the standard car insurance will not cover such damages.
  • Breach of any term or conditions: Not going according to the policy wording like using your personal vehicle for commercial purposes can risk your policy coverage.
  • Normal wear-and-tear of the car parts.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown.

How to file a Reliance Car Insurance Claim?

Filing a Reliance car insurance claim online is an easy process.

  • To register a claim, you can either call our toll-free number +91 22 4890 3009 or send an email. You can also do it through the Reliance Self-i App. The app offers the facility to have a live video call with the claim experts where you can detail the status of your claim.
  • Once you have filed the claim and submitted the required documents, an expert is assigned for the verification process and estimates the expenses that might arise from the repair.
  • Further, you need to take the car to one of the network garages of Reliance, if you opt for the cashless facility. The bills will be settled directly by the insurer and the payment made to the service centre will be based on the car insurance policy wording. In case of a reimbursement claim, you will have to pay for repairs from your pocket, and later submit the bills/receipts to the insurer along with a request for reimbursement.​

Documents required during Reliance Car Insurance Claim Settlement

Below is the list of documents that are required for Reliance Insurance Claim Settlement:

  • Policy number and period of insurance
  • Original Certificate/Vehicle Policy Document
  • Previous Insurance Details
  • Any other document as required by the insurer
  • All the sets of keys/service booklets/Warranty card
  • Acknowledged copy of letter address to RTO in case of theft and making vehicle “NON-USE”
  • Original Registration Book, with theft endorsement from concerned RTO, and tax payment receipt.