Digit Bike Insurance

Digit General Insurance is known for its array of products and services that it offers its customers, including Two-Wheeler Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Private Property Insurance, and others. The company aims at building simple and comprehensive products to match the different requirements of all the individuals.

Digit General Insurance is a well-known two-wheeler insurance provider at an affordable price. A Two-wheeler insurance policy or bike insurance is considered a safety net, providing financial and legal assistance in case of third-party liabilities that might arise due to a mishap or own vehicle damages. It offers three different kinds of two-wheeler insurance policies-

  • Third-party insurance
  • Standalone own-damage insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance


Digit Third Party Two-Wheeler Insurance: It provides coverage towards third-party obligations in case of any mishap. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, third-party two-wheeler insurance is compulsory for the bike owners/ drivers or two-wheeler owners/ drivers. If caught driving without valid bike insurance, the person can be fined. A third-party insurance policy is beneficial in legal terms in case of any property damage/ disability/ bodily injuries/ loss of life of the third party caused due to an accident involving the two-wheeler of the insured.

Digit Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance: This policy offers all-around coverage as it covers both third-party liabilities as well as own-damage expenses. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy protects the two-wheeler or the bike owner from the uncertainties involved in driving a two-wheeler. It is not compulsory like Third-party insurance; however, it is recommended. If you purchase a comprehensive policy, you need not buy a third-party insurance policy separately.

Digit Standalone Own-Damage Two-Wheeler Insurance:  This policy compensates for the cost of damages arising due to an accident, theft, fire/explosion, natural/man-made calamities, etc., or repairing cost in case of theft, accident, natural/man-made calamities, or fire/explosion. The standalone own-damage insurance policy does not cover third-party liabilities, but you can purchase it if you already have a third-party insurance policy.

Digit General Insurance also offers a host of add-on covers that you can purchase along with your comprehensive or standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance policy to enhance your existing policy coverage. Some add-on coverages offered by Digit General Insurance includes

  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Return to Invoice
  • Consumable Cover
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Engine & Gear-box Protection Cover


Benefits of Digit Bike Insurance

Features Digit Benefit
No Claim Bonus Up to 50% Discount
Customizable Add-Ons 5 Add-ons available
Cashless Repairs Available at 2900+ Garages
Claim Process Smartphone-enabled Claim process. Can be done online within 7 minutes!
Claim Settlement Ratio 97% Claim settlement ratio – time period: Oct’19 to Mar’20
Own Damage Cover Available
Damages to Third-Party Unlimited Liability for Personal Damages, Up to 7.5 Lakhs for Property/Vehicle Damages


What is covered under Digit Bike Insurance?

  • Accidents: Damages and losses that might occur due to an accident or collision.
  • Natural Disasters: Damages caused due to nature’s furies such as cyclones, floods, etc.
  • Personal Accident: In case you get very badly hurt, your expenses get covered.
  • Theft: Covers the losses incurred in case your two-wheeler is stolen.
  • Fire: Damages and losses to your two-wheeler due to an accidental fire.
  • Third-Party losses: In case a vehicle, property, or person gets hurt or damaged due to your two-wheeler’s action.

What is not covered under Digit Bike Insurance?

  • Own Damages for Third-Party Policyholder: In the case of a Third-Party or Liability only Bike Policy, damages to own vehicle are not covered. 
    • Riding being drunk or without a license: Situations where you are found riding drunk or without a valid license.
    • Consequential Damages: Any damage not directly due to an accident such as after an accident, if your damaged two-wheeler is being used incorrectly and the engine gets damaged, then it is considered as consequential damage which is not covered.
  • Contributory Negligence: This refers to any damage due to driving in a flood or any other situation which is not recommended in the manufacturer’s driving manual will not be covered.
  • Add-ons not bought: Certain situations are covered under the add-ons. If you don’t purchase add-ons then the corresponding situation will not get covered.


How to file a Digit Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim?

Digit two-wheeler insurance claim process, fast and hassle-free. Below are the steps:

Step1: Call on 1800-258-5956, no need to fill forms.

Step 2: You will get a link for self-inspection on your registered mobile number. Click pictures of your vehicle’s damage from your smartphone by following the guided step-by-step process.

Step 3: Opt for the mode of repair that you wish to choose which is Reimbursement or Cashless through Digi Insurance network of garages.

Documents required during Digit Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim Settlement

Below is the list of documents that are required for Digit Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim Settlement:

  1. In case of an Accident
  • Original policy documents 
  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Copy of Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Copy of FIR (First Information Report)
  • Original tax receipts
  • Estimate of cost of repairs
  • Receipts/ bills once the repair has been done
  1. In case of Third-Party Claims
  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Original/Copy of two-wheeler insurance policy
  • Copy of Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Copy of FIR (First Information Report)
  1. In case of Theft

Same documents that are required in case of an accident along with the below-mentioned documents

  • ‘No Trace Report’ of the insured two-wheeler from the police
  • Original Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Duly filled and signed 26, 28, 29, 30, and 35 Forms
  • Theft declaration from Regional Transport Office
  • All sets of keys/Warranty Card/Service Booklets