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Top 10 things to follow when buying a term insurance plan in India
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Why is term insurance more important than just low premiums?

Insurance is becoming the need of everyone in today’s world because it provides more protection during the sudden demise of a person. Although different types of insurance plans are available in the markets, customers should choose the right one among them after doing complete research.

Term insurance offers a death benefit, critical illnesses coverage, accident claims, and additional income to protect policyholders’ loved ones from the financial burden during uncertain situations. It is a comprehensive plan that gives methods to secure the future of the family.

Most insurance buyers focus more on selecting a plan at low premiums to save money. On the other hand, they shouldn’t consider low premiums while purchasing a policy from the markets. Instead, customers should evaluate their needs and other factors when they want to purchase a plan. Most term insurance companies offer a wide range of products for policy buyers to address their requirements in the coverage process. At the same time, it is important to opt for a plan that allows policyholders to meet their financial obligations. Not only that, one should keep certain factors in mind before purchasing a policy.

Top 10 Things to follow when buying a term plan in India 


1. Purpose

A policy buyer should determine the purpose while choosing a term plan from an insurance company. He/she should analyze everything in detail that will help make the right decision when investing money. Buying a term insurance plan from a company should serve the purpose of a policyholder’s family during difficult situations in life. Furthermore, it allows nominees to receive amounts without any difficulties.

2. Determining the Coverage

Policy buyers should determine an adequate cover amount to avoid underinsured problems to a large extent. An insurance plan must take care of all expenses of a family that will help get peace of mind. It enables a policyholder to manage expenses such as marriage, loans, and education. A person should buy a term insurance policy at least 20 times his/her salary to ensure high security to family members. With adequate coverage, a policyholder can claim coverage for critical illnesses and injuries caused by accidents.

3. Inflation 

Inflation is another important aspect to consider while choosing a policy from the markets that will help a family to manage high expenses in the future. Apart from that, it allows a policyholder to prevent financial obstacles when he/she is not around.

4. Features 

The features of term insurance plans may vary from one insurer to another insurer in the markets. Therefore, customers should evaluate them with more attention that will help make the right decision. The sum insured and the tenure of a policy should provide the flexibility to pay the premium on time. Having the best features allows policyholders to secure their families from uncertainties in life.

5. Add-on Coverage 

When choosing term plans from a company, customers should know whether they provide add-on coverage benefits. For example, most insurers offer coverage for critical illnesses and accidents, enabling a policyholder’s family to receive bulk amounts in case of injuries, partial disability, total disability, etc.

6. Claim Settlement Ratio and Solvency Ratio

Individuals who want to buy term insurance should give more importance to the solvency ratio and claim settlement ratio. It is always wise to select an insurance company that has high claim settlement ratios. A solvency ratio refers to an insurer’s ability to take care of debts, and a policyholder should pick a company that has good solvency ratio records. This, in turn, gives ways to meet essential needs in short-term and long-term liabilities.

7. Premium Affordability 

Customers should decide whether they are comfortable with term insurance premium prices charged by a company. It is wise to determine how much amount they can spend after selecting a policy. A person should calculate the premium based on the salary, policy duration, and the number of dependents. Making more commitments will make a person face difficulty later when paying a premium.

8. Comparing Plans

A policy buyer should consider comparing plans online that will help determine the best one among them with ease. Plan comparison provides ways to match the features, benefits, and claim settlement ratios with other market insurance providers.

9. Payout Options 

Insurance companies offer a wide range of payout options to beneficiaries after claiming amounts. Some of them include lump sum, monthly payouts, and increasing payouts, resulting in more advantages. A monthly payout is available for certain years as policyholders dictate when they purchase a policy for the first time. It is ideal for a family to fund their daily expenses without any hassles. An increased payout allows a nominee to increase the paid amount every year that passes for a specific period. However, it is subject to policy terms and conditions, and a policyholder should be aware of them in detail.

10. Identifying the right insurer 

Not all insurers are the same, and customers should read reviews and testimonials before buying a policy. In addition, policy buyers should consider customer support, plans, premium, coverage, number of years in the business, and reputation while picking an insurer. A reputed company will guide customers to choose a plan which fits their budgets and other things. Customers can also seek assistance online when they want to purchase a policy that will benefit them in various ways.

Selecting a new term life insurance plan is not an easy-going job because it involves a lot of aspects. Those who want to purchase a plan should consider the policy duration, premium, payout options, renewability, and other factors. They will help get the best coverage not only for individuals but also for families. Also, customers should consider buying term insurance online because it will help them get high discounts. Therefore, it is imperative to read the terms and conditions carefully while purchasing a plan. A term life plan is the best choice for those who want to ensure a secure feature to families when they are not around. At the same time, they should know the plans and other aspects of the buying process that will help achieve goals in the coverage.

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