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5 Reasons why every woman should purchase life insurance policies
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Why is life insurance a must for Women?

A woman is the mainstay of her family, and thus, you need to secure her life at any cost. Life insurance could be the utmost choice for securing women’s lives irrespective of working women, single mothers, or homemakers. Unfortunately, a plethora of statistics have proved that most women don’t have life insurance policies. But life insurance plays a pivotal role in a woman’s life, and thus, its need can’t be overlooked. And term life insurance can be beneficial for all women, irrespective of their ages and profession. Term life insurance plans offer financial security to her family members in case of her sudden demise. Why is life insurance essential for all women? Let’s plunge into it.

For working mother

Life insurance replaces your income, and that’s why people are inclined to purchase it. The best term insurance plan in India 2021 offers a death benefit to the nominees as per the policy.

If both husband and wife are working, they need life insurance policies independently. In case of the demise of a partner, the surviving partner can take care of the expenses and fulfill the children’s demands. At the same time, you also need to understand the importance of a single income (if both mother and father pass away at the same time due to an unfortunate accident) that will support all the family’s expenses, including household, children, and others. Thus, both father and mother should purchase independent life insurance policies and name each other as prime nominees. Parents can nominate other family members or children as secondary beneficiaries considering the worst situation if both (mother and father) expire at the same time.

The single mother

Though every woman needs life insurance policies, single mothers require the most. For married couples, children can be raised by one parent if anything happens to another guardian. But single mothers can’t afford this luxury, as their children are completely dependent on them. Therefore, if anything happens to the single mother, other family members take care of the children. But this doesn’t assure their financial condition. Thus, every single mother should purchase the best term life insurance plans with good coverage so that her children can get protected financially.

The stay-at-home mothers

Life insurance is a prerequisite for every woman, even for stay-at-home mothers. These mothers do a chunk of work, including household jobs, taking care of children, and various other activities. If a stay-at-home mother passes away suddenly, then her husband will take care of the children. But at the same time, he needs to manage all the duties of the mother. Thus, it could be a daunting task for the husband to work full-time after managing other responsibilities. Therefore, every stay-at-home mother should go for the best term life insurance in India that will last till the children start going to college.

Term insurance could be the best solution

Irrespective of their age and working status, every woman should choose the best term plan in India in 2021 to secure her children’s future. Many companies are offering online insurance policies to customers; thus, getting a life insurance policy has become easier and facile these days. The best term life insurance policy will offer a death benefit to the children and provide them with a financially secured and contented life.

5 Reasons why every woman should purchase life insurance policies

  • Cost-effective policy: Several studies have claimed that women live longer than their male partners. That’s why life insurance policy premiums are much lower for women as compared to men. If a family wants to take a life insurance policy, then it must take the policy under the name of the woman of the house. This will lessen premium costs, and the family can enjoy more lucrative benefits from the policy.
  • Smart savings: Indian women are experts with small-scale savings. Most Indian women plan their expenses amazingly to optimize their savings. By adopting various life insurance plans, women can maximize the returns on their investments drastically. Women can also invest in plans like ULIP to get higher returns, apart from term life insurance plans. By purchasing life insurance plans, a woman can unplug multiple possibilities for them and their family’s expenses. 
  • Financial independence: In this fast-pacing world, everyone wants to become financially independent as it boosts up their confidence that they don’t need to rely on anyone else. This is the prime factor that every woman should understand the importance of life insurance. This secures your family’s financial condition, even when you are absent. By purchasing life insurance policies, women can live freely without worrying about future circumstances.
  • Tax benefits: Every earner nowadays looks for ways to lessen their expenditure and improve their savings. By purchasing life insurance policies, women can save on the premiums and offer financial security to their loved ones. The government of India also provides citizens to save on tax on the maturity benefit of some insurance policies.
  • Leaving behind a legacy: The life insurance policies offer your children the amount they need to make a secure future. The money received from the policies can be utilized in multiple ways, including education, purchasing a house, or investments.


A woman can build the lives of people around her. Therefore, every woman should invest in life insurance policies, including term life insurance plans, and create a secured future for her as well as her family members. If you are also looking for more information about term insurance for women, you visit iiflinsuarnce.com, compare various plans, and make the right buying decision.

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