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What Is The LIC Dhan Rekha Plan
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What Is The LIC Dhan Rekha Plan?

Insurance plans are necessary for everyone to protect their family from unfortunate events in life. What will happen to a family when the earning member passes away? It becomes difficult to manage the daily expenses and the only solution to overcome them is buying an insurance plan. Are all the insurance plans the same? This is the most important question that can strike in a person’s mind. When choosing a new insurance plan, one should consider picking the right insurance company such as LIC.

What Is The LIC Dhan Rekha Plan

This is because LIC is a public limited company that offers a wide range of plans not only for individuals but also for families. The LIC life insurance plans come in different types and customers should evaluate them with more attention. Moreover, they allow a person to focus more on his/her financial goals that will help lead a comfortable life. Another thing is that LIC life insurance plans provide methods to save money on new plans while buying them.

What is the LIC Dhan Rekha plan?

LIC introduces new plans every now and then that cater to the needs of policyholders. On the other hand, it is important to know more about them from different sources that will help a lot to make the right decision. LIC Dhan Rekha is a savings insurance plan which comes with several benefits. Introduced on December 13, 2021, this LIC saving plan is ideal for those who want to earn a regular income when a policyholder passes away. It is a combination of both savings and insurance protection enabling a person to lead a trouble-free life. Furthermore, the LIC Dhan Rekha Life Insurance Plan offers financial support to a family after the sudden demise of a policyholder.

What are the Advantages of the LIC Dhan Rekha Plan?

Here is a list of LIC Dhan Rekha Death benefits that make this plan one of its own kind:

1. Survival Benefit

This LIC saving plan allows policyholders to get a percentage of the basic sum assured which is called survival benefit. It offers this benefit at regular intervals based on the premium paying term. At the same time, the percentage may vary depending on the policy term. For example, if a policyholder has bought a plan for 20 years, then he/she will get 10% of the basic sum assured amount at the end of the 10th and 15th policy year.

2. Death Benefit

A policyholder will get a death benefit equivalent to 125% of the basic sum assured. It will never be less than 105% of the total premium including additional costs.

3. Different Payout Options 

Policyholders can get maturity and death benefit payout in installments for 5 years instead of a lump sum payout.

4. Maturity Benefit 

Let’s talk about the LIC Dhan Rekha maturity details. The maturity benefit offered by the plan allows policyholders to receive the whole sum assured amount along with accrued guaranteed additions and without the deduction of the money-back amount already received.

What are the Key Features of the LIC Dhan Rekha Plan?

  • The minimum assured amount offered by LIC Dhan Rekha life insurance plan is Rs.2 lakhs and there is no maximum sum assured amount
  • Anyone who is in the age group from 90 days and 8 years can join in this plan that will help accomplish goals in the coverage process
  • The maximum entry age for the plan ranges from 35 to 60 years old depending on the policy term
  • Women can get exclusive discounts while buying this plan and it allows third genders to join too
  • Policyholders can apply for a loan facility under this saving plan when they want to meet liquidity requirements
  • The plan also offers riders for enhancing the coverage


Why invest money in the LIC Dhan Rekha Plan?

The primary advantage of the LIC Dhan Rekha policy is that it enables policyholders to get guaranteed payouts every 5 years that will help overcome unwanted problems during unforeseen events. It is safe to invest allowing a policyholder to focus more on his/her financial goals. The policy is available in three terms (20 years, 30 years, and 40 years), and policy buyers can choose the right one based on their requirements.

Why invest money in the LIC Dhan Rekha Plan

This LIC saving plan is beneficial for those who want to ensure financial protection from potential threats. It makes feasible ways to safeguard a family from the financial burden caused by the sudden demise of a plan. Another thing about the plan is that it lets a policyholder get maturity benefits. Apart from that, the premium prices are affordable and will help enhance financial stability to a large extent. It even contributes more to avoiding mental worries during emergencies.

Where to buy the LIC Dhan Rekha plan?

A person can purchase the LIC Dhan Rekha policy online/offline after knowing the complete details. Those who want to buy the plan online should visit the official website of LIC that will help save more time. This is because the online buying process is very simple allowing people to get special discounts.

Where to buy the LIC Dhan Rekha plan

This, in turn, gives ways to save more money while buying a plan. Since the plan was just launched, it is wise for policy buyers to know the details completely before investing money.


Insurance is a one-time investment and buying a new plan involves several challenges. A person should know the eligibility, features, advantages, and other things with more attention. He/she should evaluate the LIC Dhan Rekha death benefits properly before buying the plan. Also, it will help a lot to understand the plan carefully that gives ways to purchase the same without any difficulties. It is also important to know more about LIC Dhan Rekha maturity details from a nearby branch office or online. This lets a person proceed further while investing money. Policy buyers should read the terms and conditions including the claim process that will help a lot to minimize complications. Also, it provides ways to save more money for future life to ensure peace of mind.

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