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Decreasing Term Insurance Policy Explained Guide, How it works & Reasons
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What is Decreasing Term Insurance Plan?

Term insurance plans are becoming quite popular due to their several advantages. On the other hand, not all of them are the same, and a new policy buyer should evaluate them properly while investing money. Term insurance plans have a fixed tenure, and an insurance company allows a nominee to claim the sum assured amount easily. With term life insurance, there is no need to worry about the financial well-being of a family in the absence of an earning person.

The term insurance plans offer a death benefit and cover rider benefits for policyholders to overcome unwanted problems. However, it is wise to evaluate them with more attention that will help make the right decision. In addition, a policyholder should know the updates on plans from insurance providers, which give ways to lead a trouble-free life. 

What is decreasing term insurance plan?

A decreasing term insurance plan’s cover decreases over the policy tenure at a predetermined rate. Premiums remain fixed throughout the policy term, and the reductions typically happen monthly or yearly. Therefore, it is ideal for those with financial obligations that will help accomplish goals in the coverage process. An insurance company will determine the rates at the time of purchasing a policy. Moreover, the sum assured may reduce in this plan and becomes zero upon maturity. Thus, the policy is cheaper than level term insurance and helps in saving more money. 

Anyone who doesn’t have any long-term commitment can choose this plan. Before buying a decreasing term plan, a person should evaluate his/her personal needs in the later stages of life. The sum assured of the plan will decrease over time, allowing a person to pay lower premiums that help reduce expenses. 

What are the reasons to buy decreasing term insurance?

Here are the 4 main reasons to buy decreasing term insurance as mentioned below:-

  1. Allows policyholders to cover their financial obligations 
  2. Enables policyholders to select their beneficiary while allocating funds
  3. Ideal for small business owners
  4. Liabilities care


1. Allows policyholders to cover their financial obligations 

The primary advantage of decreasing term insurance is that it allows policyholders to cover their financial obligations. It reduces the size of the cover over a fixed period. Some examples of debts that can be covered with this insurance include personal loans, business loans, vehicle loans, and mortgage loans to ensure peace of mind. 

2. Enables policyholders to select their beneficiary while allocating funds

Decreasing term insurance is suitable for policyholders to choose their beneficiaries according to needs. Apart from that, a beneficiary can choose how he/she can pay the loans after allocating the funds that will help overcome unwanted problems. The funds will go directly towards the debts or payments when a policyholder passes away. 

3. Ideal for small business owners

Small business owners may face difficulties repaying their debts, and decreasing term insurance will help them meet the essential needs. In addition, an insurance company will suggest a contingency plan for debt repayments after the death of a shop owner. 

4. Liabilities care

The lifestyles are improving day by day, which results in high expenses. There are some liabilities a policyholder should pay off by the retirement period. However, some specific liabilities let a family suffer that require proper solutions. A decreasing term policy gives ways to get protection from accumulated liabilities when a policyholder is not around. It makes feasible ways to take care of the liabilities to minimize complex problems.

When is the right time to select decreasing term insurance?

A beneficiary will get additional flexibility to cover unplanned expenses when a policyholder passes away. The best time to buy a decreasing term insurance policy is when the need for life insurance will decrease over time. Those who are having financial obligations, debts, and loans can also choose the policy to reduce them efficiently. The insurance plan even covers tax benefits for policyholders after buying the same from a company. 

How to choose the best decreasing term insurance plans?

While buying a new decreasing term plan, a person should find a policy that offers coverage for unforeseen situations. For instance, purchasing a plan that extends the term of outstanding loans will help policyholders when they have delayed repayments. Therefore, it is imperative to read the terms and conditions while buying a plan that will help overcome debts risks and other problems.


New policy buyers should consider getting quotes from multiple insurance providers online for comparison purposes. This, in turn, gives ways to select a plan that suits a person’s needs and budget. Reading the reviews of insurance companies allows a policy buyer to pick the right one, while the online term insurance calculator helps compare various decreasing term plans. You can visit iiflinsurance.com to know more about decreasing term plans and make the right buying decision.

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