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Steps To Check LIC Insurance Policy Status
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Steps To Check LIC Insurance Policy Status

Insurance serves as a protective shield against death, illnesses, and other problems with various features. It is very difficult to predict the unforeseen events in a person’s life. They can cause financial hazards and require proper solutions. The only way to overcome the financial burden is by buying an insurance policy because it comes with several features that help experience peace of mind. On the other hand, one should consider choosing the right type of policy that caters to his/her needs.

Steps To Check LIC Insurance Policy Status

The Life Insurance Corporation of India, shortly known as LIC, is one of the leading public insurance companies in India that offers a wide range of plans for customers to focus more on their financial goals. Anyone who wants to protect his /her family from financial risks can choose the plans offered by the company that will help lead a comfortable life. Not only that, it allows a policy buyer to ensure maximum protection from unfortunate events.

Why should one buy LIC’s insurance plans?

LIC is a trusted brand in India and that’s why many customers prefer the company when they want to purchase a plan. The company makes feasible ways to select a plan that exactly suits the requirements and budgets.

Here are some reasons why one should purchase LIC’s insurance policies.

1. Affordability 

The premium prices of LIC plans are low when compared to other companies. They are ideal for all economic classes enabling people to ensure financial stability in life.

2. A Wide Range of Plans

LIC offers a wide range of plans for customers when they want to buy a new plan. It even provides ways to choose investment plans such as a money-back guarantee.

3. Attractive Features 

LIC plans come with attractive features such as death benefit, accidental death benefit, disability coverage, and terminal illness coverage.

4. Large Sum Assured Amount

Most LIC plans offer a large sum assured amount to policyholders thereby showing methods to get high coverage.

5. Easy Claim Process 

The LIC plans allow policyholders to claim amounts in easy steps during emergencies that will help overcome unwanted problems.

6. High Settlement Ratios 

LIC has high settlement ratios when compared to other public insurance companies in India and customers can ensure peace of mind after buying a plan from the company.

Where to Buy LIC Insurance Plans?

A person can purchase LIC insurance plans online and offline at lower prices thereby showing ways to save more money. At the same time, it is important to read the terms & conditions properly while buying a plan, you should also know how to see LIC policy details and how to check LIC policy status. This, in turn, gives ways to focus more on future goals to a large extent.

Guidelines for How to Know LIC Policy Status?

A person can check his/her LIC policy status after buying it online. On the other hand, a policyholder should follow certain steps for a LIC policy status check.

Step 1

The first step is that one should visit the official website of the LIC and he/she should log in his/her credentials.

Step 2

Policyholders should visit the e-service portal of LIC where they can see two options, new users and registered users. It is wise for them to click the relevant option while checking the status.

Step 3

In the third step, a user should log into his/her service accounts of LIC that will take him to various options related to the account or policy. He/she should now click on the option “policy tab” to check his/her LIC policy details online.

Step 4

A policyholder will see complete information of his/her plan that helps to know the status with ease. Those who are having more than one plan should add them that will help check the details anytime.

Step 5

The final step is tracking the LIC policy information simply by entering the policy number. It will display all information of a policyholder such as a name, premium paid, next premium due date, and so on.

Guidelines for New Users to Create an Account Online

Are you a new policyholder who wants to know how can I check my LIC policy status? Then you should create an account first. This will help a lot to overcome unwanted problems significantly.

Guidelines for New Users to Create an Account Online

Not only that, it makes feasible ways to pay the premium amounts on time.

Here are some steps they should follow to check LIC policy status online.

Step 1

New customers should visit the LIC website where they can see an application form

Step 2

A person should enter his/her details such as the policy number, email ID, date of birth, mobile number, premium account, etc.

Step 3 

A policyholder will receive a verification email in his/her email account and he/she has to check the same.

Step 4

The final step is to click the verification link provided in the email account. It will get activated soon and new users can log in to their account.

How to Choose the Best LIC Insurance Policies?

Anyone who wants to select the best LIC insurance policies can compare them online which will help make the right decision. Moreover, they should know the premium rates that give ways to invest money according to needs.

How to Choose the Best LIC Insurance Policies

Apart from that, new policyholders should check the LIC policy information from agents or other sources. Although buying a LIC policy online is simple, customers should keep their documents ready to make the registration process a successful one. They can even download the application form and submit the same in a nearby branch office. At the same time, it is important to submit the necessary documents while processing a policy in a branch.


Buying a new LIC policy involves several things and customers should check their LIC policy status online properly that will help accomplish goals to a large extent. Also, it gives ways to get more details about a plan accurately. New policy buyers should create an account first before knowing the status. The LIC policy status online allows a person to renew a policy on time to continue the benefits for a long-time. It even helps invest money such as savings plans, retirement plans, and income plans. Your queries like how to check my LIC policy status have already been answered in the article. In case you wish to know your LIC policy surrender status online, the steps are almost similar.

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