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Steps to Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online in India
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How to download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online in India

LIC is one of India’s most reputed insurance companies that offer a wide range of plans for customers. It specializes in satisfying the requirements of policyholders with several features. However, policy buyers should know the details of plans properly that will help gain more advantages. For example, the premium rates of LIC plans are low when compared to other plans. Not only that, they allow a policyholder to get loans at low-interest rates that will help reduce expenses. At the same time, he/she should have completed 3 years to get funds as soon as possible. 

The company allows policy buyers to make premium payments online, thereby showing ways to save time. Moreover, it makes feasible methods to claim amounts in simple steps by addressing the essential requirements. Policyholders can even download LIC policy receipts online after paying premium amounts. At the same time, they should consider following some steps in the downloading process that will help overcome unwanted issues significantly. For example, before downloading a receipt, policyholders should know how to make the registration from different sources. This, in turn, gives ways to pay the premium amounts with ease. 

Steps for the LIC new user registration and login

  • Step 1: LIC policyholders should register in the online portal first for login purposes. It is the first step in online registration that gives ways to make premium payments with ease. Then, they should visit the official website of LIC and click the home page section. The website has an option” online services” on the left-hand side of the page, and one should click “customer portal.”
  • Step 2: The portal will redirect to the “LIC e-Services,” and policy buyers should click the “Registration for e-services” option under the “Functionalities Offered’ section.
  • Step 3: In the third step, a policyholder should select the “New User” option and click the same to proceed further. He/she should submit essential details such as date of birth, mobile number, passport number, email id, policy number, and premium installments. The next step is to click the option “Proceed further” after providing the information. 
  • Step 4: The fourth step is creating a user ID and password after accepting the terms and conditions on the website. A policyholder will receive a welcome mail on his/her registered mail id after completing the registration process.  


How to download LIC premium payment online?

LIC policyholders can download LIC online payment receipts after becoming registered users on the company’s official website. Here are some steps to follow while downloading the LIC premium payment receipt online as mentioned below:-

  1. Step 1: Registered users can log in to their account by entering their user ID, password, and date of birth adequately available on “online services.” They should select the “Registered User” option for login purposes.
  2. Step 2: The page will redirect to the welcome screen of LIC e-Services, where users can find two options: Individual policy paid statement and consolidated premium statement. A person can download the premium payment statements from the individual policy paid statement option for individual policies. The consolidated premium statement gives ways to download premium payment receipts for all LIC policies with ease.
  3. Step 3: A registered user should choose the financial year, and he/she should select the policy number to download a receipt.
  4. Step 4: In this step, registered users can download the PDF version of the LIC payment policy or print the same. It allows a person to use the same as the proof for payment.


Knowing the features of LIC’s e-Services

  • Allows users to check the policy schedule: A registered user can check his/her policy schedule to help pay the premium amounts online as soon as possible. Not only that, it provides ways to download the LIC premium receipt in a quick turnaround time.
  • Enables users to track the status: It becomes easy to track the status of a LIC insurance policy online with LIC’s e-Services after making the payments.
  • Bonus Status: The primary advantage of using LIC’s e-Service is that it allows policyholders to check the bonus status
  • Loan Status: Anyone who has a LIC policy can apply for a loan, and they can check the status online to help overcome financial risks effectively.


How to make LIC premium payments online?

LIC policyholders can make LIC premium payments online through net banking or using the LIC pay direct option. At the same time, they should follow the instructions correctly when making online payments. There is no registration required while using the Pay Direct option and it will help save more time. It is wise to know how to how to get a LIC premium receipt online after making payments. The LIC’s e-Services are suitable for those who want to create their account in simple steps.

What are the types of LIC insurance policies?

LIC provides a variety of products for all sections of society to focus more on their financial planning. At the same time, policy buyers should evaluate them from various sources before investing money. They should also know the factors that will affect the premium rates of LIC plans. This, in turn, gives ways to select a plan that suits a person’s needs and budget. 

How to calculate the premium rates of LIC plans?

Those who want to know the premium rates for LIC plans can use the online calculator by entering essential details such as date of birth, tenure, policy type, etc. It gives methods to determine the amount with high accuracy. Policy buyers can compare the details of plans online to help select the right one depending on their needs. LIC offers free quotes for customers when they want to purchase a new policy at the best prices. Besides that, it makes feasible methods to get the proper coverage. The premium rates are very low when compared to other plans. A person should read the terms and conditions while buying a plan that will help accomplish goals effectively. He/she can even claim the amounts during medical emergencies.

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