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Best One-Time Investment Plans In India For 2022
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Best One-Time Investment Plans In India For 2022

Looking for an investment plan to invest your annual bonus with an expectation to meet your long-term financial goals? There are several factors that you may need to consider when investing money and one of them is comfort. So, how about investing in a One-Time Investment Plan? The name sounds interesting, and so does the plan. Such a plan is best for those who have a huge amount of money and can take a high-risk tolerance.

Best One-Time Investment Plans In India For 2022


There are many advantages of investing in a one-time investment plan. There is a lot of capital appreciation, a one-time transaction fee, better returns in the long run, and the convenience of forgetting all about premium dates. Options are galore when it comes to buying one such plan, like SBI One-Time Investment Plan, LIC One-Time Investment Plan, and so on.

Let us enlighten you with what a One-Time Investment Plan is and how to pick the best one-time investment plan with high returns?

What is a One-Time Investment Plan?

A One-Time Investment Plan is a form of investment in which the investor invests a lump sum amount in one go for a fixed duration. A one-time investment plan like LIC one-time investment plan 2021 helps the investor to get returns on inactive money. Life is uncertain and if at any point in time, you need abundant money, such investments can be beneficial. Investing in a plan like LIC One-Time Investment Pension Plan will prove to be your financial aid once you retire in old age.

Advantages of One-Time Investment Plans

Many people consider SIP schemes better than one-time investment schemes. So, to help you make a call on whether or not to buy a LIC policy One-Time Investment or HDFC One-Time Investment Plan, we now aim to acquaint you with the various benefits of a one-time investment plan.

Advantages of One-Time Investment Plans


So, have a look at its benefits:

1. Best Investment for Idle Money: It is always better to invest in a one-time investment plan than to keep it idle or invest in a low return scheme.

2. Stress-free Investment: It saves the investor from the anxiety of paying the premium on different dates.

3. Long-Term Investments: One-time investment plans like LIC One-Time Investment Plan will keep your money safe for the long-term so that you can use it for a big purpose like a child’s marriage or purchasing a property.

4. Low Exchange Cost: There is a low exchange cost in one-time investment policies, so one can One-Time Investment in SIP or any other policy with a minimal loss.

5. More Benefits with Early Investments: Enjoy long-term benefits by investing in the best one-time investment plan at an early stage.

Disadvantages of One-Time Investment Plans:

Although not many still do, we do feel it is important to understand the disadvantages of investing in a one-time investment plan. Here are a few drawbacks of investing in such plans:

1. No Investment Discipline: Unlike other investment schemes, a one-time investment plan needs you to invest a lump sum amount in just one go. Due to this lack of investment discipline, the investor may put in all the resources in the plan and might feel the financial crunch at some point in time.

2. Higher Risk: The risk is higher in investing in a one-time investment plan as compared to other policies. It is because the market is unpredictable and the plans you may purchase at a higher cost may drop down at any moment leaving you with unfortunate losses.

Things to Consider when Purchasing the Best One-Time Investment Plan

We would never suggest hurrying up to buy any insurance or investment scheme. So, before you invest in any one-time investment policy, make sure to understand some important factors.

when Purchasing the Best One-Time Investment Plan


Listed below are some of the main factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a one-time investment plan like SBI one-time investment plan:

1. Market Valuations: The prime thing to consider when buying a one-time investment policy is its market value. You must consult an expert to understand the investment market so that all your doubts and assumptions are clarified. At the same time, do analyze the data and calculate the investments before investing in one such plan.

2. Return and Liquidity Estimate: Be clear on your decision whether you want a short-term investment or a long-term investment plan. Analyze the pros and cons of investing your idle money taking into consideration your immediate financial needs.

3. Have Patience: Buying a one-time investment plan should not be a decision taken in a hurry. Decide which plan you want to purchase with a calm mind after thorough research of the best one-time investment plans in India for 2022.

Best One-Time Investment Plan with High Returns:

Here is a list of the Best One-Time Investment Plan with High Returns:

  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96Axis Focused 25 Fund
  • HDFC Small Cap Fund
  • ICICI Prudential Bluechip Equity Fund
  • Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme
  • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
  • Reliance Large Cap Fund
  • SBI Banking and Financial Services Fund
  • Tata Equity Fund
  • UTI Nifty Index Fund


The Bottom Line

To conclude, we would recommend you to invest your vacant money in a reliable one-time investment plan like LIC one-time investment plan 2021. Such investments done in just one shot will yield gigantic returns at your hour of need in the future. However, make sure to buy a policy only after a guided study of the different plans available in the market.

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