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All You Need To Know About Postal Life Insurance Policy Maturity Calculator
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All You Need To Know About Postal Life Insurance Policy Maturity Calculator

Postal life insurance (PLI) is an imperative scheme that was introduced by Indian post under the Ministry of communication and information technology. The post office is the oldest life insurer in India that has innumerable branches in every nook and corner of the country. PLI offers a spectrum of government-run life insurance policies for the benefit of Indian residents. PLI maturity calculator plays a rudimentary part in your postal life insurance plans.

All You Need To Know About Postal Life Insurance Policy Maturity Calculator

PLI maturity calculator 2022 helps you to calculate the premiums that you need to pay against your purchased policy. The postal life insurance maturity calculator also gives you a sufficient idea regarding the maturity amount at the end of the policy term.

How to use the PLI Maturity Amount Calculator?

By using the PLI policy maturity calculator, you can conveniently calculate your maturity sums online. This PLI premium and maturity calculator is readily available at the official website of the organization and anyone can access it easily. This calculator is useful either to calculate your policy premium amount or to calculate PLI maturity amount at the end of your policy. You need to pay attention to the below-mentioned steps to use the PLI calculator maturity amount.

  • Enter your sum assured amount
  • Enter the policy purchase year
  • Input the current age of the policy buyer
  • Input the maturity age of the policy buyer
  • After clicking the “calculate” button, the policy buyer can see the results on the displayed screen


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The Benefits of using the PLI Maturity Calculator

The prime objective of a PLI maturity calculator 2022 is to determine the policy premium amount that you need to pay through the tenure period and the maturity amount that you will receive once your policy matures.

Postal Life Insurance

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you can get while using the PLI maturity amount calculator.

  • Easily Accessible: This calculator is a free tool and it’s available on the website of the company. Anyone can use it at his/her convenience to know the premium and maturity amount against the policy.
  • Minimize Manual Tasks: This online calculator omits all laborious and repetitive jobs. Earlier, a person needed to go through all policies and used to find out the best policies as per customers’ requirements after comparing various policies. Now, everything can be done online and you don’t need to visit post office branches anymore.
  • Helps in Financial Planning: Since the PLI premium and maturity calculator is a digital tool, hence it offers the exact premium and maturity amount to customers. Now, keeping all things in mind, a customer can plan all imperative events like marriage, purchasing a house, etc. of his life.
  • Less Discrepancy: With the PLI maturity calculator, everything is done automatically. So, there is a minimal chance of discrepancy or errors as no manual tasks are performed.


Anyone can use this postal life insurance maturity calculator sitting anywhere in the world. A customer should enter all information correctly to get an estimated insurance premium and maturity amount for his/her policy.

Information required for PLI Maturity calculator

A customer needs to provide the below-mentioned information to use the PLI calculator.

  1. Personal Information: A customer needs to provide important information like name, gender, date of birth, occupation, type of policy, email ID, contact number, etc.
  2. Health Information: A customer needs to reveal whether he is suffering from any critical diseases or is a smoker.
  3. Desired Sum Assured Amount: The desired sum assured amount you want to receive at the maturity of your PLI.
  4. Approximate Future Goals: The planned future goals of the customer and his financial challenges so that he can find the most suitable policy according to his needs.

Why do you need to use the PLI Maturity Calculator?

The postal life insurance maturity calculator is an online digital tool that helps a customer to know his premium amount and also, the maturity amount at the time of maturity of the policy. These days, insurance companies are offering several insurance policies to customers. Hence, it has become a daunting task for the customer to choose the right policy that will go well with his needs/requirements. This calculator simplifies the job and inspires a customer to choose the right policy that will give him the maximum benefits after comparing several policy plans.

PLI Maturity Amount

Here are the two main uses of the PLI Maturity Calculator:

  1. This calculator helps customers to calculate the maturity of a policy without any cost.
  2. By using this calculator, customers understand the difference between various policies.

Essential Factors that can influence your Postal Life Insurance Premium Amount

Postal Life Insurance maturity calculator is advantageous for customers these days. Before using the calculator, you should have sufficient knowledge of certain factors that may affect your insurance premium amount. The factors are:

  1. Age: Always put the correct information about your age to use the PLI calculator to know your premium amount. Because your premium amount depends on your age directly. This means the premiums are higher for older customers as compared to younger ones.
  2. Monthly income: Your monthly income is another deciding factor for your premium. Your monthly income will give you an idea regarding how much amount per month you can afford for your policy. If you are unable to pay premiums on time, your policy may get lapsed or you may lose all benefits of the policy.  So, reveal your monthly income carefully and fill up all the information properly.
  3. The Sum Assured: The sum assured has a direct relation to your monthly income. For higher policy coverage, your premiums will also be on the higher side. The premium for a 10-lakh policy will be higher than a policy of 2 lakh.


The Bottom Line

The above article gave you an idea regarding the postal life insurance policy maturity calculator, its benefits, and how to use it. By using this type of calculator, a customer can quickly know his premium and maturity amount. Thus, he can plan his financial future in a better and hassle-free way. So, never hesitate to calculate PLI maturity amount using a PLI policy maturity calculator.


1. Can I withdraw my PLI before maturity?

You are eligible for partial withdrawal only after the completion of 5 policy years if all the premiums are paid on time and the policy is in force.

2. Can we close PLI before maturity?

If all nominees pass away before the maturity of the payment, the amount will be paid off to the policyholder or his heirs/legal representative(s) based on the succession certificate.

3. How is the PLI surrender value calculated?

“Surrender value" of PLI means the amount Life assured when on surrender of a policy for immediate cash payment.

Period for which the Policy has been held Surrender Value (in %) on which the loan will be admissible

Above 3 years and up to 5 years 60%
Above 5 years and up to 10 years 80%
Above 10 years 90%

4. What is a Postal Life Insurance Calculator?

The postal life insurance premium calculator is a prerequisite online tool that usually compares and checks the premiums for the different plans offered within postal life insurance

5. How is the PLI premium calculated?

1. Enter the sum insured amount
2. Enter the years for which you are purchasing the policy
3. Enter your current age and maturity age
4. Click on the “calculate premium” button and the results will be displayed

6. Can employees from the private sector apply for the RPLI post office scheme?

Private sector employees are eligible for applying schemes under rural postal life insurance

7. How can I raise an insurance claim under the Rural Postal Life Insurance scheme?

The nominees or legal heirs need to submit the Claim Application (Annex-I) along with the required documents at any Post Office including Branch Post Offices or CPC.

8. Is the PLI maturity amount is taxable?

The postal life insurance maturity amount is taxable. Introduced in 1884, postal life insurance covers the life of customers against death or disability. This has many similarities to term life insurance or any other life insurance product.

9. What is the PLI calculator app?

Postinfo is the app that is available on the Google play store to download.

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