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What does engine protection cover include?

Motor vehicle insurance is a tiered concept. A vehicle owner intending to spend the lowest amount possible can go for the very basic, mandated by law, third party insurance. Alternatively, the vehicle owner can go for OD, or own damage cover, which is a far more comprehensive version of insurance. The former only covers the vehicle owner against any damages to a third party’s vehicle and against the financial liability owed by him or her should have an accident cause injury to a third party, or even their death. The latter, that is a comprehensive motor insurance policy, or OD insurance, also covers the vehicle owner against damages suffered by their own vehicle. This includes damage to your engine.

Why you cannot do without engine protection cover

However, if there is damage suffered by your engine for any other reason, the unfortunate fact is that you will not be able to get the charges covered by the insurance company. For example, in a lot of Indian cities, heavy rains and water logging cause damage. Headlines will often cite figures in the 100s, of vehicles damaged in a single days flooding in a single location. Multiply this by several days of flooding across entire cities and a rather risky situation becomes apparent. 

Your car or bike’s engine is like your smartphone’s processor keeping your phone alive, active and moving, or like your heart. If your engine goes bust, your vehicle is no more than a pile of metal. In other words, the engine is the part of the vehicle that is most in need of protection, care and maintenance. 

That said, over time, engines suffer wear and tear and oil leaks. Parts might start malfunctioning or might simply need replacement over time. Unfortunately, even a comprehensive insurance policy does not cover engine repair and maintenance, unless the engine suffers some sort of damage in an accident. 

That is why you need engine protection cover. Also known as engine safety cover for cars or bike engine security cover, this is usually bought as an add on during your motor vehicle insurance purchase. 

Benefits of engine protection cover

Most expensive repairs/replacement covered 

Engine protection cover is beneficial and necessary because it covers the most important and most expensive part of your car. In places with heavy rainfall, that are prone to flooding, engine safety cover for cars or bike engine security cover are absolutely essential because your engine is at risk of getting a nice muddy soak several times a year. 

Cover against unexpected damage 

In most Indian cities, it is not surprising for our torrential rains to cause heavy tree branches to break off and land on the bonnets of cars, severely damaging their engines, or putting them out of commission altogether. 

Financial support 

While most vehicle owners might want to get their engines looked at and repaired, have malfunctioning parts or the engine itself replaced, these might be really costly affairs and the vehicle owner might already have far too many expenses in a given month, leaving them with no room for another debit. This protection cover can spare them financial stress. 

Vehicle longevity

Just like we must procrastinate on our own health, and like we wouldn’t procrastinate if our smartphones began malfunctioning, engine trouble should not be ignored. But lack of financial resources might cause vehicle owners to make just that grave mistake. This could really reduce the life of your vehicle, and this amounts to a much larger expense than engine replacement. The protection cover eliminates procrastination that emerges from lack of financial resources. 

Covers nearly everything: 

  • Damage to engine by anything other than an accident 
  • Water ingression, that is when water leaks into the engine
  • Damage to car’s underside/ undercarriage, which is not uncommon especially with premium cars and our potholed streets and highways
  • Damage to the vehicle’s gear box 
  • Labour which is a rising cost across the board in India
  • Damage to hydrostatic lock, that could have occurred in case you were unaware of the engine being wet and tried to start the car
  • Cost of consumables such as nuts and bolts, lubricant oil and coolants 

Low cost compared to paying for engine replacement yourself

The amount that the vehicle owner pays for engine protection cover is typically only about 2% of the vehicles total value (so be careful with that IDV) which is dramatically lower than what you would spend to actually pay and get your engine repaired or replaced, or to achieve any of the repairs cited above. 

How to go about getting engine protection cover? 

Getting engine protection cover is a very easy process when you buy vehicle insurance on the IIFL website. You can go about purchasing motor vehicle insurance and bundling in this cover at an affordable price and within just five minutes when you use the IIFL website. 

Step 1 – visit  www.iiflinsurance.com

Step 2 – choose the relevant vehicle insurance from the menu

Step 3 – fill up the quick and easy online form 

Step 4 – at the last stage, that is step 3 of the online form, click on add filters at the top of the form. Check the box next to the engine protection cover. 

Step 5 – select the best deal from the handful of offers extended to you by IIFL’s insurance partners


A wall has fallen on my vehicle during the monsoon and has damaged the engine, although the damage is not too extensive. However, the insurance company is refusing to cover the repairs even though I have a comprehensive insurance policy. Doesn’t comprehensive mean everything?

You are right about the nomenclature. Comprehensive does cover all damages - including to your engine - resulting from road accidents. However this does not sound like a road accident and coverage for such engine damage would be covered by an add on called the engine protection cover.

Does engine protection cover include payment to technicians?

Yes, labour costs are covered in this policy.

Can I have my car picked up from the highway because the engine has been damaged and I cannot transport it to the repair centre?

This service usually comes under an additional add on called roadside assistance.

Does engine protection cover include full engine replacement due to old age of the car?

Yes, this cover does include engine replacement due to wear and tear over years of heavy use.

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