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What all does caravan insurance and RV include?
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What all does Caravan Insurance and RV include?

Owning a caravan is a matter of pride and luxury. It is common to see film stars with their RVs but these days other people also have started buying their own RVs. RV, or a recreational vehicle, also known as a caravan, is a large vehicle that is also a portable home. It has rooms, washrooms and kitchens inside and can be used by families or groups who go for long road trips. A caravan is a luxury vehicle and is also very expensive and this is precisely why you need a caravan insurance policy. Read on to know more.

Availability of Caravans

While some individuals own RVs nowadays, it is widely popular to rent these vehicles when going on a road trip. There are several RV rental companies in India that offer RVs for short periods of time on a rental basis. If you own a commercial organisation that offers RVs on rent, then you need to insure all the vehicles in your fleet under the good recreational vehicle insurance plans. Thankfully, there are some RV  insurance companies that offer very good covers at competitive rates. You must do your research, compare and then buy a suitable policy.

What does caravan insurance cover?

When you look to get a recreational vehicle insurance plan, you will surely want to know what exactly the caravan insurance coverage includes. Here’s a lowdown:

  • Third-Party Cover

Like all motor vehicles that ply on the streets of India, the caravans also require the basic third party liability cover. This is a legal requirement that cannot be ignored. Good RV insurance plans have the required third party covers. When your RV gets involved in an accident that causes damage to a third party and/or his property, you will have to pay for all the damages. With the RV insurance third party cover in place, this liability shifts to the insurance provider and you get to keep your money secured.


  • Own Damage Cover 

As mentioned above, a caravan is one of the most expensive vehicles that you can own. Whether you are an individual who owns the RV or you run a company that offers the RVs on rent, you have to get the most comprehensive and extensive motor insurance plan to keep every part of your vehicle safe. Good RV insurance plans offer protection to the body of the vehicle and also to its different parts. This apart, you also get coverage for fire damages, damages due to floods, riots, etc. And finally, if your RV gets stolen or damaged beyond repair, you get full compensation for that.


  • Personal Accident Cover 

The personal accident cover in a recreational vehicle insurance plan is of great use. It protects the driver and all the passengers of the vehicle from injuries and even death and disability. If unfortunately your caravan gets involved in a bad accident and you, along with the passengers, get badly hurt, the plan will pay for the hospital bills. Then, if you or any other passenger dies or is left disabled, a pre-decided sum assured is paid out to the nominees. This is a very handy cover that you get when you opt for a good caravan insurance policy. 

These are the basic covers you get when you invest in a good recreational vehicle insurance plan.

Points to remember when buying the recreational vehicle insurance plan

Here are some important points that you should check out before you buy an RV plan from one of the best RV insurance companies:

1. Does caravan insurance cover towing?

As mentioned above, the caravan insurance policies are very comprehensive in nature. They offer various covers that help you to keep the expensive RV safe. However, the different plans from the different RV insurance companies have different features. For services such as towing, you may need to buy a rider. It is therefore a good idea for you to read the policy wordings carefully before you buy a policy so that you know exactly what you can get out of the RV insurance policy.

2. What does RV insurance cost? 

An RV is an expensive and large vehicle. This is why it costs more than a normal four-wheeler that you may own. Since insurance is based on the value of the object insured, the RV insurance cost is much higher than a regular car insurance plan’s cost. However, the coverage you get in return is much higher as well. This is why you should not look to cut corners when you buy a caravan insurance policy. Try to get a good and comprehensive plan that can offer high covers and benefits for you.

3. What is the claim process?

Before you buy the recreational vehicle insurance plan, you need to be very clear about the claim process. Understand the steps involved so that you can make a quick claim as and when required. The RV you have is very precious and so you cannot ignore any problems that may come up in it. To ensure you can get your RV fixed at the earliest, you need to be aware of the claim process. Speak to your insurer if you have any doubts and stay well-informed.

4. How can I find the best RV insurance plan?

There are many good motor insurance companies in India that offer RV plans. This is why you should compare and buy the best plan. Do not just look to get a cheap RV insurance policy. Rather, focus on finding a plan that is comprehensive and helpful.

Once you get the answers to these questions, you will be able to buy a good caravan insurance plan with ease and keep the vehicle protected in an all-round manner.

The final word

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are many factors to consider when you buy an RV insurance policy. Understand what does caravan insurance cover. Doing so will help you to get the best plan at the best rate and also to keep the RV safe at all times.

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