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Take informed decisions with IIFL Insurance:

Top 10 reasons for choosing IIFL to renew your old car policy

  1. Affordable pricing for the main policy

Whether you are renewing your old car policy with your existing insurer via the IIFL platform or opting for a better deal from another insurer, the fact is that on the IIFL platform, car insurance policy buyers can very easily get an affordable deal. That’s because being an online insurance marketplace, IIFL has tied up with all the country’s top insurance companies. The insurance companies are aware that their competitors will also be extending offers to you and as such, in a spirit of healthy competition, each insurer extends the best offer possible to you. 

  1. Wide range of add ons 

Especially if you are looking for a vintage car insurance policy, you need to pay special heed to add ons such as engine protection, roadside assistance and consumables, maybe even key replacement depending on what kind of locking system the vintage car uses. The IIFL platform with its wide range of add ons, all separately listed so that you can add only what you want, is perfect for all types of cars and all types of four-wheeler r insurance policy buyers. 

  1. Competitive pricing for add ons

Pricing for add ons is very competitive and since the add ons are not bundled together but presented separately, it is up to the car insurance policy buyer to decide what he or she wants to pay for 

  1. Special discounts available 

If your vehicle is already registered for insurance with an insurer and you are using the IIFL platform to renew your old car policy, you will receive a quote including your NCB discount. Moreover, you might find that other insurers will try and compete with their rate. There are also special discounts for members of the automobile association of India and so on. 

  1. Option to cite/edit IDV 

When you click on the Add Filters button after completing the online form and hitting the get quotes button, you can edit your IDV and cite your own to see how insurers respond. This is a very unique feature that is very well received by all four wheeler insurance policy buyers and especially so by vintage car insurance policy buyers 

  1. Easily add additional covers 

Especially if your vintage car is a local tourist attraction and all your friends and neighbors want to ride in it or if you have linked your vintage car to a hotel or Airbnb business and use it to ferry your guests you might want to add a cover to your vintage car insurance policy like additional unnamed person cover or coverage for the driver and so on. If you enter your vintage car in rallies or lend it out to production houses for shoots, you definitely need to look at additional covers. This can be done with ease after completing the online form by clicking on Additional Covers and Discounts at the bottom of the Add Filters page. 

  1. Less time consuming

Most of the online form consists of multiple-choice n menus for four wheeler insurance policy buyers to choose from. All the car insurance policy buyer needs to do is key in needs within a minute or two, peruse offers within a few minutes, select and pay in a few minutes. The process can be completed in a matter of ten minutes or less. 

  1. Easy and convenient 

Being an online marketplace, the car insurance policy buyer does not have to meet an agent or make multiple visits or calls to an insurance office. With no human element, there are fewer errors and also no need to have to reject pushy salespeople trying to market extra add ons that are not necessary, just because they want a higher commission. 

For clarifications or further queries regarding their four-wheeler insurance policy, one can still call the 24×7 helpline or even better, use the Lets Chat facility.

Moreover, one does not need to adhere to absurd working hours like 9 AM to 3 PM or some such, which are completely impossible for any person working a corporate job that does not conclude before 7 PM or even later. 

  1. Pay online securely

Most people are more comfortable paying online today and ofcourse when you buy a four wheeler insurance insurance policy online, you pay online. IIFL is a trusted and reputed financial institution offering a wide range of insurance and investment products and as such one can be assured of secure transactions and due diligence with regards to payment gateway security etc. 

  1. Single window 

On the IIFL online marketplace, you get to compare rates between different insurers in one place. You can compare exclusions, inclusions, benefits, IDV, freebies and so on in a single window. 

Whether you want two wheeler insurance or a car insurance policy, a comprehensive car insurance policy or a third party insurance policy, all the add ons, a few add ons or no add ons at all, you can find it all right there in the IIFL website. 

You can even opt for other insurance products related to health and life insurance right then and there, if need be.


Why won’t they repair my 50-year old engine that has gone old under comprehensive insurance? They say there has been no accident and so I am not covered. What sort of punishment for not having an accident is this?

Engine protection is a separate cover that needs to be opted for and paid for as an add on. Any damage to the engine in an accident is covered under your comprehensive insurance but not otherwise.

Are tyres covered in a comprehensive insurance plan or do I need to opt for something extra?

If your tyres are expensive as they might be in a vintage car and in many premium brand cars, you could opt for consumables as an add on.

This year all of a sudden I am not getting NCB; how come?

One usually loses out on NCB in the year following the year when an insurance claim was made.

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