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Things to Know Before Modifying your Two Wheeler Bike
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Things to Know Before Modifying your Two-Wheeler Bike and How it affects your Bike Insurance

Ajay is a young bike fanatic who wants to install his bike with all the latest gadgets. Although happy with his current ride, Ajay believes an upgraded design will help him get more out of the bike’s performance. But, if he is smart enough, he will discuss the modifications with his insurer first. 

There are numerous things to know before modifying your two-wheeler bike and how it affects your bike insurance. Even the slightest alterations can impact your insurance premium, claims, market value, and so forth. 

So, before you spend those rupee bills and hours of your tireless effort, here are a few things you should consider before modifying your two-wheeler.

Things to Know Before Modifying Your Two-Wheeler Bike

Are you a bike enthusiast wanting to modify your bike to add to its performance and appeal? Hold that thought! Such modifications have a multitude of impacts.

For instance, Ajay makes a performance modification in his bike to ride it at a much higher speed. Such a modification may lead to a hike in his bike insurance premium.

The reason for this hike is the fact that bike speed is directly proportional to its susceptibility to accidents. In other words, the faster Ajay rides his bike, the higher the chance of his involvement in an accident. The premium increase allows the insurer to cover the high risk of a claim.

Given below are the kinds of modifications you can make:

  •  Performance Modification: Love riding a speedy bike with ease of handling? Performance modification is the answer. Performance modification enhances the convenience of handling while also adding to your bike’s speed.
  •  Aesthetic Modification: Which bike devotee wouldn’t want their bike to have a high visual appeal? The aesthetic modification adds an edge to your bike, making heads turn as you ride it. You can alter the color, seat cover, headlights, and so much more with an aesthetic modification.
  •  Security Modification: Security modification is the best kind of modification you can provide your bike. It ensures the safety of your bike, making it less prone to theft or vandalization by any means.

Bike Modification and Its Impact on Insurance Premium

No matter how you modify your bike, it ought to have several impacts. The most noticeable impact modifications have been on the premium of your two-wheeler insurance. Based on the kind of modification you opt for; your insurer is bound to alter your premium.

In the case of aesthetic and performance alterations, you may experience an increase in the premium amount as these modifications proliferate the chance of theft or damage to your bike, increasing the risk of a claim.

On the contrary, if you go for a security modification, you may experience a reduction in your premium. Security modifications bring down the risk of damage or loss manifold, reducing the risk of an insurance claim, resulting in a reduced premium.

Steps to Getting Bike Insurance Online

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 of India has mandated motor vehicle insurance. One of the many essential insurances is bike insurance or two-wheeler insurance.

According to the Ministry Report, 37% of road accidents and deaths, which account for an average of 6 per hour, involve two-wheelers making them the most vulnerable category concerning global trends.

Procuring motorcycles insurance in the current scenario is a hassle-free task. Before actually purchasing the policy, however, you must do your research. Comparing the insurances of the different companies, you derive the value for money and are not duped into buying an expensive policy with not enough benefits.

You can conveniently browse through the various policies and decide to purchase bike insurance online with just a few quick and simple steps:

1.     Visit the relevant website from which you wish to purchase your insurance policy.

2.     When prompted, enter your Bike Registration Number and request a price (new policy). In case of renewal, request a renewal after entering your Bike Registration Number.

3.     Fill in your bike details along with the kind of insurance policy you wish to procure. In this step itself, you can pick the add-ons you want along with your insurance policy. 

4.     Submit the details. You will then receive a quotation. If the offer satisfies all your requirements, you may proceed to the payment of premium online. 

That is it. Your bike is insured without you having to step out of your house. Convenience at your fingertips! 


From premium amounts and market values to claims and the risks of loss or damage, there are several things to know before modifying your two-wheeler bike and how it affects your bike insurance online.

Being a bike enthusiast, no matter your age or gender, it is understandable that having your bike modified with all the new updates is all you desire. Nonetheless, informing your insurer about the modifications you make well in advance is the wisest thing to do.

This information is crucial to your insurer to make the necessary changes to your insurance policy and premium. It will also negate the risk of being claim denial owing to an uninformed modification in case of loss or damage to your vehicle.


How can I claim bike insurance?

You can claim your bike insurance following these steps:
Notify the insurance company as early as possible.
Lodge an FIR (not necessary in case of scratches or dents).
Click a few pictures as proof of the damage.
Submit all necessary documents to your insurance company.
Request a surveyor from your insurance company to inspect the damage thoroughly.
Either pay for the repairs and get a reimbursement from your insurance company after producing the bills or allow the company to get the repairs done in case of a cashless claim.

How can I check my bike insurance policy?

You can easily check your bike insurance policy by visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO), where your car is registered and, by entering your car registration number when prompted. The screen will now display your policy details.

How should I claim third-party insurance?

To claim third-party insurance, you will be required to submit a duly filled claim form along with all the necessary documents to your insurance company. The insurance company will scrutinize the produced documents and process your claim.

How can I spot bike insurance companies near me?

You can conveniently browse through your maps to search for the nearest bike insurance company near you.

How can I get first-party insurance for my bike?

You can purchase first-party insurance for your car from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit the bike insurance website, enter all the details when prompted, select a first-party insurance policy for your bike that suits your need, make the payment, and you’re all set.

How can I get third-party insurance for a bike?

You can avoid visiting an insurance company to purchase insurance for your bike. Just visit the bike insurance website, enter all the details when prompted, select a suitable third-party insurance policy for your vehicle, make the payment, and you are good to go.

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