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A Quick Guide to Get Tata AIG Auto Insurance Quote Online
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A Quick Guide to Get Tata AIG Auto Insurance Quote Online

An auto insurance quote is the premium estimate for the insurance plan selected by you based on the information you submit. In simple words, it is the amount you will pay for a policy. Tata AIG insurance helps you in choosing a suitable plan by comparing quotes of various types of policies online.

Types of Auto Insurance Policies

  • Third-party Auto Insurance Policy
  • Own damage Auto Insurance Policy
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy

There are three major types of auto insurance policies available in the Indian market. Tata AIG offers all three types of insurance policies.

  • Third-party Auto Insurance Policy

This is the most basic and legally compulsory insurance policy that protects you against any damages caused to a third-party vehicle. It also covers injuries or even death caused by the insured vehicle.

  • Own damage Auto Insurance Policy

This policy covers only the damage caused to the insured vehicle due to an accident and does not cover any damage to a third-party vehicle. This policy can only be taken with an existing and valid third-party only insurance plan.

  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy

This policy not only covers third-party damages and liabilities but also own damages to the insured vehicle. It also covers damages caused by natural disasters and human causes such as terrorism and riots. These types of policies allow you to customize your plan by adding riders to increase the coverage of the plan. Tata AIG offers 13 comprehensive add-ons to strengthen your auto insurance policy.

Different plans offered by Tata AIG Auto Insurance

Tata AIG Insurance offers 4 different auto insurance plans according to your requirements and budget. These are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Sapphire Plus plans. You can choose the Sapphire Plus plan for fully equipped coverage otherwise you can choose from Silver, Gold, or Pearl plans and add riders according to your requirements. Tata AIG has plans available for every type of vehicle whether private or commercial and for all types of budgets. Even a Tata AIG auto rickshaw insurance has coverage ranging from third-party to full cover.

How to Compare Auto Insurance Policies?

  • Coverage: Coverage is the first and foremost reason why you are purchasing an auto insurance policy. It determines the extent of cover you will get in case of any damages.
  • Premium: It is the amount you will be paying to get the cover you need. Keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best. Always choose a plan that offers sufficient coverage at a reasonable price.
  • IDV: IDV is the current market price of your car. It determines the sum assured of your car as well as the premium of your policy. Always compare IDV also while comparing auto insurance plans because every insurance provider calculates IDV differently.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: Always choose an insurer with a high claim settlement ratio which means a higher number of claims are settled by the insurer. Tata AIG also offers a fast and effective claim settlement process with a claim settlement ratio of 98%.
  • Add-on Covers: You can always increase the coverage of your policy by including add-ons according to your requirements. Every insurer has a different set of add-ons. These add-ons add to your premium but also help you customize your policy. Tata AIG Insurance offers 13 comprehensive add-ons to provide you with maximum cover. These add-ons are suitable not only for private vehicles but also for commercial vehicles
  • Customer Service and Customer Reviews: 24/7 customer support is very important to handle emergencies that can happen anytime. Similarly, customer reviews are not to be missed if you want a real picture.
  • No Claim Bonus: It is the discount on the premium that you get for driving safely and making no claims. It can range from 20% to 50%. Tata AIG insurance helps you avail of NCB for every claim-free year.
  • Network Garages: Always check the network of garages, the bigger network the better. It will help you get cashless repairs. Tata AIG insurance has a vast network of 7500 garages with the facility of a garage locator which helps you find your nearest network garage.

Guide to get Tata AIG Auto Insurance Quote Online

  1. Enter the registration number of your car and click “Get Price”. This will lead you to the next page.
  2. Choose the brand/make of your car from the given options.
  3. Once you select a brand, it will show all the models of that brand. Choose your model
  4. Select the variant which describes your engine’s capacity
  5. Enter the registration month and year of your vehicle. This detail will tell the age of your vehicle. If it is an old car, you will be asked for the expiry date of the existing policy. If the policy has expired you will have to apply for a new policy else you will be asked to renew the existing policy. You can review your existing policy and can make changes at this point.
  6. Once you enter all the information required, you will get a list of quotes for all types of policies offered by Tata AIG insurance with add-ons that can be included. Compare and select what’s best for you.

When you compare insurance quotes online you get many benefits. Online comparison is convenient; you can do it from the comfort of your home at any time. It is time-efficient. There are insurance aggregators which let you compare plans from different companies in no time. The online facility is available 24/7. There are discounts for online insurance plans. You don’t have to pay any commissions. You get to read genuine customer experiences and reviews on social media and forums that help you in making an informed choice. You can easily cross-check all the information available online.

Tata AIG auto insurance offers the fastest and hassle-free online process to get auto insurance. At the time of Tata AIG auto insurance renewal, you get an opportunity to compare plans and revise your existing policy.

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