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Royal enfield insurance
Take informed decisions with IIFL Insurance:

Royal Enfield Insurance Price

Royal Enfield Insurance price comes around INR 2,000 – INR 3,000 depending upon a lot of factors. 

Calculate the price of your Royal Enfield Insurance here. Read on to know more about the need of buying insurance, what exactly to insure and the different factors affecting the cost of your Enfield Insurance.

There are different types of bike insurance plans available in India these days. Most of the covers and the quotes of the motor insurance plans are dependent upon the make and model number of the hike being insured. This is why an expensive bike like a Royal Enfield has different insurance requirements than a gearless scooter. As a result, the insurance companies have come up with specific plans to ensure these mighty bikes. If you have a Royal Enfield, you should check out the specific Royal Enfield insurance plans on offer. Take a look at this article to know all about these plans and how they are beneficial.

Royal Enfield Insurance

So what exactly is Royal Enfield insurance? It is nothing but a specific type of bike insurance that has been designed to offer insurance coverage to the fancy and expensive Royal Enfield bikes. You can buy such a plan from many Indian motor insurance companies. The plans offer comprehensive coverage for the bike and also prove to be very economical as the Royal Enfield insurance price is affordable.

Why do you need to buy Royal Enfield insurance?

There are many reasons why you need to buy a good Royal Enfield insurance plan. Here are the top reasons for you to check out:

  1. Comprehensive coverage

The Royal Enfield plans offer comprehensive bike insurance cover. It is, therefore, an important plan to have because a Royal Enfield and its parts are very expensive. When you pay the Royal Enfield insurance price and get the plan, you also get a whole list of covers for your vehicle. From third-party liability covers to own damage covers to a personal accident cover, the plan offers a host of attractive covers. With this policy in place, you can easily keep your precious Royal Enfield protected in the best possible manner.

  1. Easily available

The insurance plans for Royal Enfield are widely available. This is why you also get a good deal on the Royal Enfield Classic 350 insurance price. To find the best Royal Enfield insurance price, you need to compare the different insurance plans to see which option is best suited for you. Once you locate the best plan that offers the best Royal Enfield insurance price, you can buy the plan online in a quick and convenient manner. This makes it very convenient for you to find a good Royal Enfield Classic 350 insurance price and also to get the cover instantly.

  1. Competitively priced

As stated, the Royal Enfield insurance price is very affordable. This is because the different insurance companies offer comprehensive Royal Enfield insurance plans and there is a lot of competition in the sector. As a result, you get the best plans at the best rate.

  1. Riders available 

Another reason why you need to buy a good Royal Enfield insurance plan is to protect your expensive bike in the most wholesome way possible. This can be done with the help of bike insurance riders. The Royal Enfield insurance plans also have the option of adding some riders, which are very handy add on covers. You can choose from the common riders such as the zero depreciation rider, the engine protection rider, the roadside assistance rider, etc. The riders are available at an added cost and by adding them to the base plan, the overall Royal Enfield Classic 350 price may go up, but so will the scope of coverage. Since a Royal Enfield is an expensive bike, it makes sense for you to opt for some of the riders available.

  1. Simple claim process

The claim process on the Royal Enfield plans is very simple and straightforward. You can file a claim online and submit the documents online as well. It is, however, advisable for you to go over the list of inclusions and exclusions when you check the Royal Enfield Classic 350 insurance price and buy the plan. Being aware of the inclusions and exclusions will make it easier for you to file an effective claim and get the amount disbursed in a short period of time.

As you can see, these are some of the most logical reasons why you should consider getting a good Royal Enfield insurance cover. Go online, explore your options and make a purchase today! 

What to Insure?

Since a Royal Enfield is more expensive than a regular bike, you most definitely need to insure it in the most wholesome way possible. This is why you must opt for the comprehensive Royal Enfield plans. The Royal Enfield insurance price for a comprehensive plan is quite affordable when you compare it to the long list of benefits and covers it offers. So do not hesitate to get the highest possible cover, along with the best riders, to keep your Royal Enfield protected from every angle possible.

Cost of Royal Enfield Insurance

Like in all other types of motor insurance, in the Royal Enfield plans too, the premium rate depends on the model and age of the bike. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 insurance price is greatly dependent on the age of the bike. Also, the total premium for the bike will depend on factors such as:

  • KMs travelled-
    The age of the bike will also be determined by seeing how many kilometers the bike has travelled. An older and more used Royal Enfield will have a lower insurance premium as compared to a mint new model. This is an important decision for the price of the Royal Enfield insurance plan.
  • Riders –
    Then, the number of riders added to the base plan will also determine the final price of the policy. If you have more riders, the price will be more and vice-versa. Choose the riders with care because every single rider available may not be of use to you. Analyse your requirements and then choose wisely to get the best price on your overall bike insurance cover.
  • Discounts –
    There are many discounts that you can get when you buy a Royal Enfield plan. For example, the insurance provider will offer a discount on the premium if you have a safety gadget installed on your bike. Then, you can also expect to get a discount if you become a member of a registered automobile association. Explore the discounts available and make sure you get all the ones you are eligible for as that will make the Royal Enfield insurance plan more economical for you.
  • NCB –
    The no-claim bonus is a bonus you get if you do not make any claim in an entire policy year. This is a very handy discount to have and if you have some accumulated NCB, get it deducted from the premium of the Royal Enfield plan. Doing so will ensure you get the plan at a lower-than-normal rate.

You can arrive at the exact Royal Enfield Classic 350 insurance price after calculating all the above-mentioned points. It would be a great idea for you to use an online premium calculator to know the exact price of the policy before you make a purchase. 


A Royal Enfield is a prized possession that you should insure in the best possible manner. Thankfully, there are some excellent motor insurance plans available that offer excellent insurance coverage for your expensive and precious Royal Enfield bike. Check out the options, compare and get the best policy at the best price and keep your bike protected. 

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