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IIFL car insurance online Vs future generali car insurance online

Shailesh thought a best-bought motor insurance plan is the cheapest one, and he bought one available at the lowest price. Shortly after, he met with an accident, and his car was damaged. Shailesh approached his insurance company but had to bear most of the repair costs.

Car owners look for a car insurance policy that is low priced and believe that they got the best deal. However, such a mindset while choosing a motor insurance policy could be expensive in the long run, for a lesser premium could mean a low insurance cover.

An insurance policy is invested in, not only because it is mandatory but also for its cover.

An eye on the price is a must but considering the benefits and after-sales services of the policy gives you a better deal.

Know how to pick the right insurance cover for your car by comparing policies offered by trusted insurers. The article is a comparison guide between IIFL Car Insurance Online and Future Generali Car Insurance Online.

IIFL Car Insurance Online

IIFL Insurance is an online Insurance broker powered by a group of three subsidiary companies, IIFL finance, IIFL Wealth, and IIFL Securities, who have been in business from 1995, and has to its credit 2000 pan India branches and 10,000+ satisfied employees. They have collected 25,951,900,550 in premiums and a brand to reckon with in retail broking and financial product distribution. They have sourced 14,55,974 NOPs(Number of Policies) in their 2.5 decades of business.

Are you Thinking of Comparing and Buying a Car Insurance Policy Online?

IIFL Insurance is one of the best online platforms for comparing and buying a car insurance plan, one that best suits your needs. It is a user-friendly platform that is innovative to its existing customers and an attraction to prospective ones.

What are the Features and Benefits of IIFL Car Insurance?

Listed below are the main features and benefits of IIFL Insurance.

  • Fast and Straightforward

The purchase journey for car insurance at IIFL Insurance is fast and straightforward. With a few clicks, you will find the motor insurance policy in your inbox within minutes of paying for it. 

  • A Trusted Brand

The trusted brand has long-term relationships with its extensive customers. The company offers claims assistance by a specially trained team of customer services personnel to policyholders 24x7x365.

  • Great use of Technology

The company has shot to fame because of the efficient utilization of digital media to promote the customer experience. They have advanced tremendously in digital transformation over the years.

Future Generali Car Insurance 

Future Generali Car Insurance has been one more trusted brand in insurance services in India since 2007. The Italian insurance giant and India’s Future Group of companies joined hands to provide financial protection services in India. Car insurance is one of the plans they offer under their general insurance business.

What Add-on Covers Future Generali Car Insurance Offers?

Future Generali Car Insurance offers two plan options for car insurance, viz.

  • Future Express 

Customers who want to be covered for the repair and customized service cost generally take this option.

  • Future Express+

The customer who avails of the Future Express + has additional car repair facilities at a garage of their choice, claim finalization and instant loss assessment.

What Should a Customer Compare before He Buys Motor Insurance?

When choosing a car insurance policy, a comparison is a must. You must know what factors make the product a wise choice and the aspects of insurance to compare the various products available in the market. 

Tips to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Listed below are the factors to direct you to the right car insurance policy:

  • Your Expectations Vs. Company offerings

To get suitable car insurance, the company offers, and your expectations should match. List your expectations and narrow down your search to companies with desired offers. 

Compare various policies checking premiums, inclusions, and exclusions. Use comparison tools to compare policies online, taking time to calculate premiums, availability of additional covers, and add-ons to get the best cover for your car. 

  • Measure the Success of the Motor Insurance Company 

There are many insurers to choose from; how then will you select the one right for you?

To compete in the market, insurance companies could offer car insurance the same as their rivals. That is why you cannot only look at the offer price and buy car insurance; you need to dig deeper. 

  • Claim Settlement Ratio and Time to Settle Claims

To determine the financial soundness of the company research – the Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR), the time taken to settle claims, and existing customer reviews on claim matters. You can only invest in a company with good CSR, for one with a low CSR could fail you at the time of claim. Check the IRDAI website for the CSR of the company.

  • Performance

Read about the company to know their success in the past, their present, and future prospects. Study the company policies concerning the car insurance plan you intend to buy.

  • Add-on

Motor Insurance companies provided add-ons or additional riders in their plans. Know and understand each one to pick the policy with desired riders or add to a basic plan to enhance it. Add-ons are many to choose from. You have engine cover, roadside assistance cover, personal accident cover, and zero depreciation cover, to name some.

Car insurers offer add-ons at specific premium rates. The rates will be higher, but the extra cost adds to the protective cover.

  • After Sales Services

Customer service at claim times is why you invest in car insurance. Choose a company that offers 24*7 *365 days with an online grievance facility and an operational toll-free number.

Read customer reviews in this regard for a better idea.

  • No Claim Bonus

Cautious driving is rewarding. The car insurers reward the insured with additional discounts on premiums for zero claims.  Even during a switch in companies, you can request your company for a No Claim Bonus Certificate to avail of the benefits.

  • Network Garages

The insurer lists out a network of garages where you can repair your car for cashless settlements. Look for a company that has the best garages and is closer to you.

Comparison Between IIFL Car Insurance Online Vs. Future Generali Car Insurance Online

You cannot make a comparison between a car insurance company and an online car insurance broker. While one offers car insurance plans the other offers an online platform from where you can compare and buy car insurance plans online instantly. 

Final Thoughts

The best car insurance depends on you and your research capacity. Analyse the insurer’s performance in each of the aspects discussed above, and you are sure to find the best car insurance policy.

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