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IFFCO Tokio Vs LIC, which company gives out the best Vehicle Insurance?
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IFFCO Tokio Vs LIC, which company gives out the best Vehicle Insurance?

When it comes to choosing a good car insurance policy, you should be very careful. This is because your car is precious to you and it is also something that you use very regularly. Hence, keeping it safe and protected is a priority. Thankfully, there are some very good motor insurance companies that offer some very good car insurance plans in India. One such insurer is IFFCO car insurance. The IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Company is a leading name in the Indian vehicle insurance industry. Take a look at this article to know more about the insurer and why you may consider getting IFFCO Tokio car insurance online.

IFFCO Tokio vs LIC Vehicle Insurance

LIC or the Life Insurance Corporation of India is the biggest name in the Indian insurance industry. It is the oldest insurance provider in the country and is hugely reputed. It also has the highest claim settlement ratio and is extremely popular among Indians. However, as the name suggests, The Life Insurance Corporation of India only offers life insurance policies. The insurer does not offer any general insurance plans such as vehicle insurance plans. When looking to buy an insurance cover for your car, you cannot turn to LIC. For that, you need to go to a good general insurance company such as IFFCO Tokio. Read the IFFCO Tokio car insurance reviews and you will know why this is such a popular choice!

Factors that make IFFCO Car Insurance Reliable

A good insurance company is known for its popularity among the masses. Just like LIC enjoys undisputed popularity when it comes to life insurance, some general insurance companies like IFFCO Tokio also enjoy a lot of recognition among the policyholders. But what makes the company so popular and reliable? Here are some factors:

1. Healthy Claim Record

The claim settlement record of IFFCO car insurance is high and healthy. The company locked in a claim settlement ratio of 88% in 2020. This is very commendable and goes on to show the commitment they have for their customers. As the claim settlement ratio is a very crucial factor, you should definitely consider IFFCO car insurance as they score high in this area. if

2. Affordable

While everyone looks to have the best motor insurance plan, the cost factor is something no one can ignore. Ideally, you need to find a vehicle insurance plan that is comprehensive yet affordable. The car plans from IFFCO Tokio are very affordable. This helps you to stick to your budget and not exceed the premium allocation amount. Also, the plan doesn’t become a financial liability at any time. You can easily pay the premium on time and keep your policy active.

3. Excellent Customer Support

The IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Company has won many awards and accolades for its excellent customer service. The customer support team is highly qualified while being very friendly. As a policyholder, you can call in, chat or email the team at any time and they will promptly and efficiently resolve your problems. This is a highly beneficial factor as a good relationship with your insurer makes the car insurance coverage smooth in the long run.

4. Comprehensive Covers

The plans offered by IFFCO Tokio are very comprehensive in nature. Youtube options in relation to the type and duration of the policy. While the third-party liability plan from IFFCO Tokio is basic in nature, the comprehensive policy is very impressive. It offers many benefits and allows you to keep your vehicle covered in a wholesome manner. Then, it also offers some very good covers for the owner/driver, which further makes the policy attractive and popular.

5. Attractive Riders

When you buy car insurance from a leading insurer like IFFCO Tokio, you expect them to offer value-added services. IFFCO Tokio doesn’t let you down in this aspect. The company offers some of the best riders along with comprehensive car insurance covers. You can get the engine protection rider, the zero depreciation rider, etc. Riders are add-on covers that increase the coverage amount. Choose your riders properly and make the IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan even better suited to your needs.

6. Easy Claim Process

The IFFCO Tokio car insurance claim process is very simple and smooth. You can initiate a claim online, via the company’s official portal. All you have to do is fill the claim form, attach the necessary documents and then submit the claim request. If your claim is valid and you stick to the terms and conditions, your claim will be processed at the earliest. The company also has a tie-up with many garages where you can make use of the cashless claim facility. The ease with which the IFFCO Tokio car insurance claim process is handled makes it very convenient for the policyholders.

7. Impressive Digital Presence

And finally, the company is popular because of the modern digital services it offers. Not only can you buy the plans online, but you can also calculate the premium, renew the plan, initiate a claim, etc on the website. IFFCO Tokio car insurance online is very easy to use and it helps to save your time, effort and money. The online plans are good and cheaper than the offline plans as well.

Keeping these factors in mind, it can be said that the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Company is indeed one of the best motor insurance companies in India. 

The final word

There are many motor insurance companies in India. The IRDA regulates the insurance sector and this is why all the insurers are good. However, some companies stand out from the rest in regards to their products, pricing and service. IFFCO Tokio is one such company. So if you are looking to get a good vehicle insurance cover for your precious four-wheeler, visit the website of this insurer and explore IFFCO Tokio car insurance online. You will find many options and can then buy the best policy at the best rate then and there.

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