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What is Doordash Car Insurance? How Does it Function?

Lavkesh is a DoorDash driver. He has been a car insurance policyholder for the last few years. However, he didn’t know until very recently that DoorDash drivers need special insurance to be safe while on the job. Is that the case with you too?

If you are a DoorDash driver, then buying DoorDash car insurance is vital for you. This is mainly because in most cases, your traditional personal auto insurance policy will not protect you even if you are involved in an accident while on a professional delivery.

One should remember that personal accident and auto policy are designed to protect the owner-driver during the personal use of a vehicle. This is not valid for business use. Because of this reason, if you are using your vehicle for commercial reasons or to make money, then that would be considered a business. And a normal car insurance policy will not cover you.

That being said, there are several things one must consider before purchasing DoorDash car insurance. Today, we’ll help you learn about all of these things. Our main goal today will be to solve all the doubts that you and Lavkesh have.

Coverage Provided in DoorDash Car Insurance

The first thing that you and Lavkesh need to know about as DoorDash drivers are what kind of coverage you will get and need from DoorDash car insurance. Ideally, three types of coverage should be available to you from your insurance provider. These types of coverage are:

  • Business-Use Coverage

This coverage can be included in most auto insurance policies. There will be a small additional price for this coverage but it will provide more holistic protection to you and your vehicle.

  • Commercial Coverage

Commercial coverage policies are used for vehicles that are used for carrying out or supporting a business. This type of coverage is good for individuals who use vehicles solely for DoorDash deliveries and not for any personal use.

  • Personal Coverage

It should be noted that personal coverage alone does not provide protection for business cars. However, it can be beneficial to add this coverage even to vehicles that are used for business purposes. If you opt for this coverage, then you will have to pay an additional cost over the basic premium.

The Basic Liability from DoorDash

DoorDash provides a basic liability car insurance cover to their drivers. This is different from other food delivery services present in the market. One should remember that this liability coverage is limited to protecting the company from being sued if the driver has met with an accident and is at fault. The basic liability cover also provides repair cost coverage for the vehicles that are being driven by their drivers.

From the information that has been mentioned till now, it is quite clear that there are some gaps in this policy. Because of this, if you want to be completely protected, then you need some kind of extra protection.

You should also remember that the DoorDash policy will only cover you if you are on a food delivery run on the behalf of the company. There should also be food in the car.

The DoorDash Coverage Inclusions

The inclusions present in the coverage of DoorDash car insurance are:

  • Bodily injury coverage
  • Damage to third-party property
  • Damage to other parties in case of an accident
  • Liability for accidents when the individual is on an active delivery

This coverage kicks in after the exhaustion of the personal policy. This is because the DoorDash coverage is considered secondary coverage and will only apply for additional costs.

The Requirement to be a DoorDash Driver

To be eligible for DoorDash car insurance, one has to be a DoorDash driver. And if you want to be a DoorDash driver, then you should fulfill the criteria mentioned below.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • The vehicle owned by you should be in running condition
  • You must have at least have the state minimum coverage in your personal auto insurance policy

Lavkesh was already aware of all these requirements. However, he wasn’t aware of the coverage of his existing policies. He has also called up the insurance holder and he was shocked to learn that he does not have proper car insurance coverage.

He wants to quickly eliminate this problem. But he isn’t sure about the companies that offer policies and options for DoorDash drivers. He is genuinely worried that he can’t go on his deliveries if this problem persists any longer.

Best Insurance Companies for DoorDash Drivers

We can’t let Lavkesh miss out on his food deliveries. This is why we are quickly going to jump in and talk about the best insurance companies for DoorDash drivers.

  • GEICO(Government Employees Insurance Company)

GEICO is very popular for providing auto insurance policies for DoorDash drivers. GEICO has made a high reaching aim of providing their customers with insurance policies that provide constant protection to the vehicle and driver whenever they are on the road.

This means that if Lavkesh has car insurance from GEICO, then he will be completely covered if he gets into an accident while making deliveries. The GEICO DoorDash policy is also a hybrid policy. This means that the policy does not require any additional cover for business tasks.

Another great feature of the GEICO policy is that it provides cover for different jobs. This means that irrespective of your business operations, you can always rely on a GEICO car insurance policy to get complete protection.

  • Progressive

Progressive is a popular company that provides insurance to rideshare drivers. The company also provides good coverage for delivery drivers. The policies are very flexible and can also cover any on-demand delivery or driving service without having any extra business or commercial coverage.

However, if you think that you need some extra support, then you can also get extra coverage. This can be done by the driver if he or she opts for additional riders on top of the current policy. In some states, there is also some deductible reimbursement offers available.

  • State Farm

State Farm provides very broad coverage and is available in many states. State Farm also provides rideshare addition to the policies without relying on any additional riders. This company also considers the delivery of groceries and food as business use.

Apart from these organizations, there are many other companies that provide car insurance policies for DoorDash drivers. Lavkesh has a lot of thoughts going on in his head right now. But the one thing that he is sure of is that he needs an additional car insurance policy. And he is going to invest in it within a few days.

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