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Does motor insurance cover car repair insurance? What does it include?

Motor insurance includes car repair insurance when you have been in an accident, provided you have comprehensive insurance and not just third-party insurance. 

Moreover, the car insurance policy – if it is a third-party car insurance policy – will be specific to accidents. 

Examples of situations in which in which the motor insurance policy does not include car repair insurance

If a branch falls off a tree and lands on your car, the repairs are not covered.

If someone sits or jumps on the bonnet or roof of your car and debts it, the repairs are not covered by third-party insurance. 

Vandalism. Not covered by third-party insurance

Damage amidst riots or even complete loss amidst a terror attack; not  covered by a third-party car insurance policy. 

Theft of your vehicle; not covered. 

If flood damage affects your vehicle; again this is not covered by third-party insurance. 

Moreover, if you have caused the accident, the third-party’s damages are covered but not your own. 

This is exactly why it is absolutely essential for you to get comprehensive motor insurance policy. Under this type of policy, car repair insurance is included. 

What is covered by a third-party car insurance policy: 

  • Damage to a third-party’s vehicle in an accident caused by your vehicle. 
  • Your financial obligation should you cause injury or death of a third-party in an accident. 

What is covered by a comprehensive car  insurance policy

Everything covered by third-party insurance 

  • Damage to your own vehicle amidst an accident
  • Theft or total loss of your vehicle
  • Damage or loss arising out of man made disasters including fires and terrorism
  • Damage or destruction arising out of natural calamities including floods and falling trees 
  • Damage, loss or destruction occuring during transportation

Understanding add ons and additional cover: 

That said, savvy insurance buyers know that when they buy a comprehensive motor insurance, it still does not cover a couple of things, like for instance 

  • Engine repairs or replacement not arising out of an accident. This is only covered if you have opted for an add-on called engine protection cover. 
  • Consumables like lubricant oil, nuts and bolts, etc, are usually billed to you during repairs even if you have comprehensive insurance. 
  • Roadside pick-up and assistance is not typically covered; you need to deliver the car to the garage for repairs. Alternatively, you need to opt for an add-on called roadside assistance. 
  • Let’s say you are a photographer or a high-end fashion stylist and you move about with expensive cameras and lenses or designer clothes and jewelry, all of which costs an arm and a leg. Any loss or theft (or destruction arising out of an accident) of such personal belongings is not covered by your motor insurance policy even if it is comprehensive. No, you need to opt for an add-on called loss of personal belongings. 
  • Unnamed persons injured in your car amidst an accident are also are not covered by comprehensive insurance. This is seen as additional cover. 

How to go about getting car repair insurance

If you want car repair insurance included for all manner of situations that prompt the said repairs, you need to get a comprehensive car insurance policy. 

Getting a cost-effective, value-for-money car insurance policy that covers everything is now an easy 5-minute,  completely online process. 

Step 1 – state your requirements

visit the IIFL insurance website www.iiflinsurance.com and fill up the online form with your vehicle registration information and personal details. Be sure you are ready with all the dates and numbers. The 3-step multiple-choice form should not take more than 1 minute of your time. 

Check the box allowing the insurance companies to send you offers and then hit the orange button that says Get Quotes. 

Step 2 – Modifyify your search 

After the third step, you can click on add filters to add engine protection, key replacement, consumables, roadside assistance and so on.

You can also attempt to alter your IDV(Insured Declared Value) here. 

At the bottom of this page you can click on additional covers and discounts. 

Step 3 – compare

Now you should receive a bunch of quotes from IIFL’s insurance partners. Compare the quotes and choose the best one or the cheapest one or the most relevant one as per your needs.

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