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Bike Insurance Policy Online Benefits

The bike insurance plans available in India are very comprehensive. They offer a wide variety of covers. One of the biggest benefits you get here is that you can get these plans online. Online 2 wheeler insurance is very common and most people buy their bike insurance policy online. Why is it so popular and why should you consider getting a motorcycle insurance quote online too? Let’s find out.

Benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance online

As mentioned above, there are several benefits that you get when you get online 2 wheeler insurance. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Lots to choose from

There are different types of online 2 wheeler insurance plans to choose from. You can select the third party liability cover or the comprehensive over. When buying online, you get to choose from a wide variety of plans, which are available in both these categories. This makes it very simple for you to find the exact cover that you want without having to run from one place to the other.

  1. Option to compare

Another awesome benefit of getting two-wheeler insurance online is that you can compare the quotes. When you compare motorcycle insurance quote online, you get to find the best plan at the best rate. You should never buy any insurance plan without comparing as then you won’t be aware of the better options. So compare, locate the best plan and then make a smart purchase.

  1. Inexpensive 

Bike insurance online is quite inexpensive. You get to find some excellent motorcycle insurance covers at very low rates. This is helpful as you don’t end up paying extra money. The online plans are cheap since they are sold directly by the insurance provider, without the involvement of an agent, so you don’t pay the brokerage amount. By doing so, you also get to make an unbiased choice, which proves to be very helpful in the long run.

  1. Option to add riders

The next benefit of buying online 2 wheeler insurance is that you get to add riders to the base policy. Riders are add-on covers that help you to customise your plan. You can add popular bike insurance riders such as the personal accident rider, engine protection rider, the zero depreciation rider, etc to your bike plan. Choose the best and the most effective riders and make the bike plan better suited for your requirements.

  1. Simple documentation 

Since the plan is available online, you do not have to worry about visiting the insurance provider’s office with thick files of documents. The paperwork is very easy when you buy your motor insurance plan online. You just need to enter some details in the application form and not worry about submitting any physical documents. This indeed is a huge and very convenient benefit of buying two-wheeler insurance online.

  1. Digital access

When you buy your two-wheeler insurance online, you can access the plan at any time from your phone or laptop. Apart from the purchase, you can also renew the plan online. You can choose to add or drop riders online and you even initiate a claim online. You don’t have to worry about travelling to your insurer’s office, standing in long queues, etc when you have an online bike plan as everything can be done with the click of a few buttons.

  1. Easy to renew

Bike insurance online is not just easy to buy, it is very easy to renew as well. When renewing, all you have to do is compare the motorcycle insurance quote and see which insurer is offering the best deal. If you are happy with your existing insurance provider, you can continue with the plan you have. Else, during the renewal, you can switch the plan. All this can be done online in a fast and hassle-free manner.

  1. Discounts available 

There are many discounts available on motor insurance online. You get the no claim bonus. Along with that, you can also expect to get discounts on the premium if you become a member of an automobile association. Discounts are also available for bike owners who install safety gadgets in their vehicles. These discounts make the online two wheeler insurance policies very attractive and beneficial.

  1. Quick and convenient 

It hardly takes a couple of minutes for you to compare and buy two-wheeler insurance online. This is another massive benefit of buying your motorcycle insurance cover online. You can buy the plan while comfortably sitting at home, at any time of the day or night and this proves to be extremely convenient for you.

  1. Comprehensive list of covers

And last but not the least, you get a large list of covers under the comprehensive online bike plans. These include the third party liability covers, the personal accident cover, own damage cover, etc. You can also get riders and further increase the scope of coverage in the online two wheeler insurance policies.

Keeping these points in mind, it can easily be said that getting a bike insurance policy online proves to be a very good move.

How to buy a bike insurance policy online

If you are looking to buy 2 wheeler insurance online, you first need to compare the motorcycle insurance quote online and then decide which policy is better suited for your requirements. Here is a lowdown on the entire process:

  • Assess your needs

Before you buy a bike insurance policy online, make sure you assess your own requirements. If you have an old bike that you want to replace soon, you may want to buy a third-party liability plan. If you have a new and expensive bike, a comprehensive plan would be better suited. This is why you need to understand your own requirements before you shop for two-wheeler insurance online.

  • Make a budget

Similarly, you need to make a budget before you purchase the plan. Bike plans are available in different price ranges and you need to see which plan matches your financial capacities. Doing so will allow you to find the best plan insurance quick and easy way by narrowing down your search.

  • Go online

Once you know your requirements and your budget, you can start shopping online for your two-wheeler insurance policy. You can log on to the portal of any trusted insurance aggregator. If you are sure of a particular insurance provider from whom you want to buy the bike plan, then you can visit their website directly too.

  • Enter your requirements 

Next, you need to enter your details. These are simple details such as your name, age and place of residence. Also, you need to enter some basic details about your bike such as its make and model number. If you have an existing bike insurance plan, you need to mention that as well.

  • Scan the plans

After you enter all the details, the results will be shown to you. Scan through the plans and shortlist the ones that seem to be of greatest use to you.

  • Compare

The next, and one of the most important things to do is compare. You need to compare bike insurance online before you buy a plan. Never make the mistake of buying the very first plan that you see. Compare the prices of all the plans. Along with that, also compare the features. Then, compare the ratings and reviews of the insurance provider. You need to select a good insurance provider to buy the plan from as doing so will help you to get the very best plan from the best insurer.

  • Buy the plan

And finally, you will have to make the purchase. The online platforms are safe and you can make an online payment for the chosen bike insurance plan. The policy will be issued then and there and you can enjoy an excellent bike insurance cover from that point onwards.

It is extremely easy for you to find the best option and then buy the ideal bike insurance policy online. Keep the steps mentioned above in mind and your job will be done in a quick and effortless manner.


As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are several benefits that you get when you buy a bike insurance policy online. So go ahead and compare the motorcycle insurance quote online and find the plan that is best suited for your needs. Remember all the tips and guidelines mentioned above and you will not face any challenges when looking for and purchasing the best online 2 wheeler insurance policy.

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