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Honda Activa Third-Party Insurance
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Best Policies With Prices For Honda Activa Third-Party Insurance

If we talk about two-wheelers, Honda Activa has taken the market by storm. It is one of the most sought-after scooters of the generation. It comes in a variety of models, which have the latest features. The sleek design and colour catch the attention of everyone that you pass by. It will be a shame if it is not given proper protection. 

Driving on the road can wind you up in a lot of unwanted situations. Accidents are prone to happen, so it is important to be careful. But you will never be fully prudent till you are insured. You can purchase an activa insurance online from the convenience of your home. It helps you avoid the inconvenience of paperwork and avail the policy quickly. 

What does Honda Activa insurance cover?

Based on coverage, there are two kinds of policies that you can opt for: Third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

A third-party insurance policy is mandatory by law. It protects the insured from claims arising out of any damage caused to another party. It is, however, the most basic insurance cover. It only has two aspects. First, it gives protection against claims by third-party for property damage. This includes damage to third-party vehicles or any other property. Second, it protects against expenses due to injuries suffered by the third party. This refers to body injuries or even death in a collision. 

However, it does not cover any damages to self. Add features that shield you and your scooter. For this, adopt a comprehensive insurance policy. 

The comprehensive policy comes with a wider cover. It ensures protection from almost any unforeseen misfortune. It includes third-party liability as well as any personal damages. In addition, it protects from the following:

  • It includes loss due to fires and explosions. This can be caused due to many forces at play. Be it thunder or ignition, all is covered.
  • Activa insurance secures the damage due to theft, which comes as a relief. In the worst case where your activa gets stolen, the total loss is covered. 
  • Be it floods, landslides, or hurricanes, loss due to natural calamities is covered under comprehensive activa insurance. 
  • The most important aspect is that it covers any personal loss. Any expense against damage to the occupants of the scooter can be claimed. 

How to determine the amount of premium?

For a third-party policy 

If you opt for a third-party insurance policy, this is going to be straightforward. The amount of premium is determined by IRDAI from time to time. It depends on the engine capacity of your Activa model. Approximately, for a 109 cc engine, it comes down to Rs. 908. The premium amount is lower as the policy offers relatively lesser coverage. 

For a comprehensive policy 

Here the premium paid on Activa insurance is determined based on several factors. These include:

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

The IDV of Honda Activa is the current market price of the model, adjusted by the depreciation charged on it. You can calculate the IDV with the help of a simple online IDV calculator. This is the maximum amount assured by the insurer in case of loss. Greater the IDV, the higher the premium.

Year of manufacture

The honda activa insurance takes into account the manufacturing year of the bike. The premium value differs for every year. For instance, an Activa 3G manufactured in 2016 will have a premium amount of Rs. 1095 approximately. On the other hand, it would be Rs. 1062 for a 2015 model.

Opted add-ons

Add-ons include accident protection for co-riders. This adds extra safety for all riders. Electric and non-electric parts of the scooter can also be insured on payment of extra premium. Emergency medical expenses, consumable expenses, and zero depreciation cover also come as add-ons. Roadside assistance is also provided by some insurers. All these factors add to the premium amount paid for Honda Activa insurance. 

General factors

Other factors include the age of the owner/driver, the state/city of registration, and the model of Activa used. The type of fuel used and the mileage given also affect this price. Moreover, any No Claim Bonus (NCB) that you may have from a previous insurance can be adjusted.

Looking at the models, the Activa 3G model comes with a 109 cc engine. This gives an approximate IDV of Rs. 34,693 (as per 2019). It has a capacity of 5.3 litres of fuel. You can opt for an activa 3g insurance by comparing premium amounts online. 

The Activa 4G model too has a 109 cc engine. However, it gives better mileage. It is also a newer model. This factor again changes the amount of premium. The same goes for the Activa 5G and 6G models. More customer favourites include Activa i and Activa 125. Each model is unique and with slight differences. Use this information as input and determine the best price available to you.

When you visit an online portal for purchasing your insurance, you can obtain multiple quotes for an online insurance policy for Activa. Having the option to avail insurance over the internet has its benefits. With paperless transactions and quick payment options, the time taken is significantly reduced. 

Purchasing or even renewing a Honda Activa insurance has never been this simple. So be a responsible citizen and ensure that you are insured!

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