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List of 5 Best Taxi Insurance Companies in India
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Best 5 Instant Taxi Insurance Quotes Online in India

Commercial vehicles such as taxis which are used for long distances, are critical to ensure. Taxi insurance can help you with a lot of things.

Taxi car insurance is a type of commercial insurance that provides protection for all kinds of taxis or cabs against third-party compensations, natural disasters, and accidents. In order to run your commercial business, it is very important to get taxi car insurance as it not only protects the drivers and passengers but also the third party that might get harmed due to the taxi. If you are looking to buy taxi insurance online, there are many sites to compare prices from. 

Why Go for Taxi Insurance?

A taxi insurance policy is essential for those individuals or organizations who are running taxis for services. Commercial vehicles are required to have insurance policies under the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act. A number of add-ons can be purchased, which cover CNG toolkits, depreciation, key replacements for the taxi.

Taxi Insurance Online

You should use a taxi insurance comparison site in order to find the best taxi insurance policies with low premium rates. To find price quotes and details about taxi insurance policy online, you should –

  • Login to the comparison site and fill in details such as taxi model, year of making, number, etc.
  • Compare different taxi insurance policies online and find yourself the best policy with a great number of benefits and decent premium rates
  • Look for add-ons that can be beneficial to add to the base taxi insurance policy plan
  • Upload all the required documents
  • Pay for the policy premium using your debit or credit card.


Optional Covers For Taxi insurance Policy

Add-Ons let you add some more scope of coverage and benefits to your base insurance plan. Some of the most common taxi insurance plan add-ons are –

  • Electronic & Accessories cover: This add-on cover protects electrical accessories of the taxi such as fog lights, radio system, seat covers, and TV screens. Other electrical components of the car are also covered.
  • Personal Accident Cover: You can increase the limit of personal cover. The coverage provided by this add-on is only limited to the policyholder, drive, and the passengers of the taxi. 
  • CNG Cover: You can choose this add-on and add cover for your CNG or LPG kits of the taxi. 


Things Covered Under Taxi Insurance Policy

Things which are covered under taxi car insurance policy are –

  • Loss or damage suffered by your car due to natural or man-made disasters is covered under taxi insurance policies.
  • If the taxi harms a third party or their property, the liabilities owed to them are also covered under the policy.
  • Cover for the injuries of the passengers and driver involved in the accident are also provided under this insurance plan.


Things Not Covered Under Taxi Insurance Policy 

Things that are excluded from the coverage list of the taxi insurance policies are –

  • Natural wear and tear of the vehicle or mechanical breakdowns of the vehicle are not covered under the taxi insurance policies.
  • The depreciation value of the parts of the taxi or the taxi itself is not covered.
  • If the vehicle is being driven by someone who does not have a driver’s license and gets involved in an accident, the compensations for the accident would not be paid by the insurance provider.
  • Driver under the influence of alcohol and driving a taxi then causing an accident would not be covered by the insurance policy.


List of 5 Best Taxi Insurance Companies in India

Some of the best taxi car insurance providers who charge low premiums are:

  • Bajaj Allianz: Bajaj Allianz offers some commercial vehicle insurances with a lot of benefits and coverage. Bajaj Allianz taxi car insurance covers any damage or loss faced by the insured taxi car due to incidents which can include road accidents, cyclones, storms, or fire. The policy also protects the driver of the vehicle and provides them with compensation in case they face any kind of injury or disability due to the accident. The cost of transporting the vehicle to the garage or towing would also be paid by the Bajaj Allianz. There is 24×7 assistance available, and their commercial vehicle insurance policies are comprehensive.
  • Bharti AXA: Bharti AXA had two international certifications during its first year of operations. The commercial insurances provided by the company give the benefit of cashless garage facilities, and the settlements are simple. You would not face any kind of hassle while making claims. Once your claim has been processed, you will be immediately notified on your phone, and the claim process does not take that much time. Cover options for electrical and other mechanical parts of the taxi are also provided.
  • Oriental: The claim settlement ratio of oriental insurance is high, and the claiming process is hassle-free. You can also avail discounts on premiums, and other various kinds of add-ons are also available alongside the base insurance plan.
  • Godigit: Godigit has a network for 1400+ cashless garages across the country. The provider also gives the option of changing the IDV value of the taxi, and 24×7 assistance is available even on national holidays. The renewal and claim process of the taxi car insurance policy is fairly simple and quick. 
  • Reliance General: Reliance General is one of the most trusted brands in the insurance market of India. Reliance insurance provides stressless claims, and you can buy taxi insurance online without any paperwork. The renewal process for the insurance policy is simple, and you are rewarded for safe drives and not making any claims during the insurance tenure period. 


In today’s time, with an increasing number of cars and other kinds of vehicles on the road, the chances of accidents on roads have also increased. The best way to protect your commercial vehicle and its passengers is to get an insurance policy for your taxi. If you are not able to find an insurance policy that suits your needs, you can take the help of an insurance agent, and they can suggest a policy that would suit your use.

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