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Best Car Insurance Policies in India for Six Months
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Best Car Insurance Policies for Six Months in India

Car insurance, just like the others, is a vehicle insurance policy that the vehicle owners own to protect and ensure their vehicles from risks and accidents that involve financial losses and damages.

These insurance policies offer aid when you get into accidents, thefts, third-party liabilities, natural disasters, fire, and other damages which happen to you and your vehicle resulting in a tremendous financial and health loss. A car insurance policy covers all the damage covered by self-destructions, accidents, natural disasters.  

Car Insurance Policies in India

Usually, the primary two types of insurance policies that cover damages are limited to the comprehensive and third-party liability policies. The typical tenure range for the car insurance policies in India is for 365 days, that is for one year. Buying or owning a third-party policy is considered essential and mandatory for a vehicle owner in India. Also, one can opt for the comprehensive approach, which could buy you more coverage and add-ons with many more benefits than the standard car insurance policy.

The tradition of temporary car insurance is quite popular in foreign countries. But in India, it is pretty rare. The temporary car insurance policy would be the best choice for people who rarely take their vehicles out and have fewer needs with their cars. Most temporary car insurances would be available for gap insurance, non-owners insurance, rental car insurance, etc. The current brief or short-term car insurance policy in India is of 1 month or six-month range.

Six-month Car Insurance Policy

Most of the best car insurance policies offer six-month policy coverage. The primary reason for this period cover is for the insurance companies to study and evaluate the vehicle owner’s level of risk or circumstances to danger or accidents during the renewal time. Then they suggest if a premium policy is needed or not. A six-month car insurance policy will ensure the coverages to you and your vehicle during six months. The premium and policy offers are determined by the information of your driving record, age, gender, location, insurance history, the type of vehicle you have, along with the car insurance policy coverage that you choose for. Once the six-month time period is going to end, you might have to renew the insurance of your vehicle. According to your evaluation by the insurance company, the renewal car insurance price could be a little bit higher or lower.

What will all be covered in a car insurance policy?

The standard car insurance policy of four-wheeler vehicles covers:

  • Damages and losses to the car with insurance. 
  • Any damage to the property of the injured or dead third party owner’s financial liability will be considered.
  • The damages caused by accidents, natural disasters, calamities, fire, theft, lightning, self-ignition, etc., will be covered.
  • Also, the insurance covers personal accidental medical needs.
  • If a person without a license were riding the vehicle, the insurance policy would not cover such losses or damages caused by the driving by the person.

Pros and Cons of 6-month auto best car insurance policy in India

A six-month car insurance policy and car insurance price are considered standard car insurance policies in India. Still, many Indian vehicle owners get an annual car insurance policy as it would be appropriate for their travel needs. But sometimes, if you are not much of a car traveler, you might opt for these six-month car insurance policies available in India for your vehicle.

Looking at the pros of an auto six-month car insurance policy, it offers:

  • Flexibility due to the renewal frequencies. 
  • Insurance needs are frequently being revisited and evolved.
  • In auto insurance companies, you can switch carriers soon. 


At the side of cons of 6-month insurance policies in India:

  • The premium might increase for every six-month renewal, unlike the annual bonus being locked for one year. 
  • The six-month car insurance policy owner could forget the renewal dates. 
  • Discounts will be missed if you are going to renew the six-month car insurance policy. While the 12-month car insurance policies could have more discounts available.


Best Car Insurance Policies

As per the motor vehicle act, 1988, car or any vehicle owners are asked to get motor insurance for the vehicles. A third-party car insurance policy is what is considered mandatory. At the same time, people could opt for the comprehensive car insurance plan as well. For becoming the most famous or trustworthy insurance company, many insurers would come up with add ons in their basic plans to attract more people to their insurance company and make all the coverage offered by them more effective.

Best Car Insurance Policies in India

New India Assurance

National Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

Bharti AXA Car Insurance

Chola MS Car Insurance

Digit Car Insurance

Maruti Car Insurance

Tata Car Insurance


Buy Car Insurance Online

Technology has made a lot of processes easy. Similarly, buying a car insurance policy online has become a standard, easy way for people today. These 4-wheeler best car insurance policies can be done as car insurance online. Best car insurance in India could be found more easily online and can be done much easier than the traditional way of finding insurers or agents for your vehicle. Paperwork can be limited by uploading the documents online on the sites. You can check car insurance online and compare car insurance online and buy car insurance online after finding the best one after easy online research. Try the convenient method and purchase car insurance online and save time. Also, you would get the advantage of payment reminders if you get your car insurance policy online. This more cost-effective way of online car insurance is easier to compare between various approaches.

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