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Best available policies for car insurane renewal at policybazaar

Definition of Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance policies are financial protection to your vehicle and damages caused to you related to your car. Car insurance is also known as motor insurance or vehicle insurance. They protect you from various mishaps like accidents, theft, or other damages that might arise due to third-party conditions.

Main features of Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance provides you with various benefits against several damages that might be caused to your car. For your damages, your insurance will cover mishaps which are available under standalone and comprehensive insurance plans. For other third-party damages, the benefits cover both injuries and property damages. For accidents that are caused personally, your insurance can cover up to 15 lakhs worth of damage. There are also add-on covers for damages; your car insurance can have more than 10 add ons depending upon the plan you choose. There are also cashless repairs that are available in your car insurance plans. You can also opt for a car insurance policy premium which starts at ₹2072 per year. Buying or renewing your car insurance has also been made easy as you can opt to finish the process via online or offline methods. You can easily get claims because the claim process has been made easy through video. Car insurance is also affordable because of 80% off on premiums, enabling you to save more. The only paperwork you have to do is through the offline buying or renewal process. The car up to the insurance policy also gives you a “no claim bonus” up to 50%. The biggest perk for all of these being that you get claim assistance 24/7. This means your car insurance policy has you covered at all times. 

Benefits of Renewal of Car Insurance Policy

Policybazaar car insurance renewal process is very easy in policybazaar as it only takes a few minutes. You need to compare the plans available to you and buy the best car insurance that suits your needs. Buying a car insurance policy from top four-wheeler insurers is a mandatory factor for owning a car, stated in the motor vehicle act 1988. You get compensated for any mishaps, damages, or losses caused to you in your insured car by car insurance companies. Here are a few reasons why you need a new car insurance policy: 

  1. You get compensated for any damages caused by or because of your car in any mishaps like accidents, death, injuries, or natural calamities. This saves you from spending a huge amount of money. 
  2. Car insurance saves you from money being spent on your car and pays for injuries caused to you, which covers hospitalization expenses. 
  3. Car insurances save you from financial and legal damages that are often caused by third-party liability damages. 
  4. Your expenses are further reduced because car insurances provide various benefits like roadside assistance and zero depreciation. 

Another vital aspect of calculating is the premium amount of your car, which is based on IDV, which is the insured declared value of your car. The premium value increases or decreases based on the value of IDV. 

When buying or renewing your car insurance policy at the policy bazaar, any policyholder needs to compare all the plans before you opt for a four-wheeler renewal. Therefore, compare all car insurance plans through an easy online process and opt for the one that suits your needs. Policybazaar gives you the top car insurance policy from the best car insurers. You get instant and easy online vat insurance renewal as the process is user-friendly and instant. There is Comprehensive coverage for all four-wheeled vehicles. And there is a wide range of add-on covers for the better and improved protection of you and your vehicle. 

What are add-on covers? 

They are additional covers that add another layer of protection that is included in your car insurance policy. You can add them during the car insurance renewal process. Add-on covers also save you from any damages or losses related to your vehicle. These add-on covers are supposed to be purchased by the insured by paying an extra premium amount. If you are wondering what is covered by these add-on covers, they are as follows:

  1. No claim bonus protection 
  2. Zero depreciation 
  3. Engine protection 
  4. Key protection 
  5. And much more! 

How to Renew Car insurance? 

When you own a car insurance policy, you get various benefits. But, every car insurance policy has a certain period, after which you need to renew it to keep enjoying car policy benefits. It is necessary to renew motor insurance. To renew car insurance, you need to go to the car insurance renewal section and enter the details required on the page, like your policy number, mobile number, and other details. After that, you need to choose the plan you want and select if you need any add on; then, the amount you need to pay will appear on the screen. Once you complete the payment, your policy will be renewed. 


As important it is to buy and own car insurance, the renewal is also as important. Your car insurance has a period during which it is valid, after which you need to renew it. This article informs you of every detail you need to know for the same.


Does car insurance renewal mean the same plan is renewed?

You can opt for a new plan of car insurance at the time of renewal. If the current car insurance plan suits your needs, you can also opt for the same one.

How often does one need to renew their car insurance policy? Do add-ons help?

You need to renew your car insurance depending upon the time your current car insurance policy expires. Adding one to your car insurance plan provides you with added benefits, but they are not necessary. You should choose what is eventually best for you.

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