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Eicher Truck Insurance and Tata AIG Truck Insurance: Which one is better?
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Amongst Eicher and Tata, which one is better to insure your truck?

Transporters and traders employ trucks or goods carriers to deliver consignments from the source to the destination. These commercial vehicles contribute to a country’s economic development by delivering raw materials to industries and completed items to the market on schedule. Trucks are now vulnerable to a variety of risks during long-distance journeys, including accidents, natural disasters, thefts, and unintentional breakdowns. In such a case, commercial vehicle insurance will assist you in covering the unexpected costs of repairing the goods carrier. This insurance policy ensures that the firm continues to run smoothly even if there are any unexpected setbacks.  In the case of truck insurance, you obtain coverage for theft of commodities transported in goods carriers, as well as injuries or death of personnel who were present in the vehicle at the time of the accident, burglary, or natural disaster.

Eicher Truck Insurance 

The Benefits of Purchasing an Eicher Insurance Policy

The following are some of the benefits of purchasing an Eicher Insurance policy:

  • Purchasing Eicher insurance online is simple and straightforward.
  • It protects the business vehicle from damage or loss caused by collisions, accidents, theft, explosions, floods, terrorism, storms, earthquakes, and other factors.
  • It is required by law to carry at least third-party commercial vehicle insurance coverage. This is because a third-party commercial vehicle insurance policy covers any third-party losses and damages that an insured truck or business vehicle may incur. A complete Eicher insurance coverage, on the other hand, covers both third-party and own-damage damages.
  • Personal accident coverage is available for the driver, owner, and passengers.
  • There’s also a no-claim bonus.
  • In-network hospitals have a cashless claim settlement option.
  • Passengers are also covered by personal accident insurance.
  • Eicher insurance renewal is a simple and quick process. 
  • Eicher insurance claims are processed quickly and without difficulty.
  • Eicher Insurance Policy Types


Eicher Comprehensive Insurance

This is an optional business vehicle insurance policy that is not required. However, insuring a commercial vehicle with comprehensive insurance coverage is usually a good idea. This is due to the fact that a comprehensive Eicher Insurance policy covers losses and damages to both your own car and third-party people or property. The comprehensive policy from Eicher insurance protects the insured business vehicle from natural and man-made disasters. It also covers third-party obligations arising from injury, death, or property damage caused by the insured commercial vehicle to any third party.

Eicher Third-Party Insurance: According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, a business vehicle must carry at least a third-party insurance policy. Any loss or damage to a third party is covered under this sort of commercial vehicle insurance.

Any loss or damage to a third-party person or property is covered under this sort of business vehicle insurance. This sort of Eicher Insurance insurance does not provide coverage for personal injury, but it does cover all third-party losses and damages.

The following are the features of the Eicher Insurance policy:

  • Any loss or harm as a result of:

(i) Theft 

(ii) Housebreaking 

(iii) burglary 

(iv) Frost, hailstorm, inundation 

(v) Strom, flood, hurricane, typhoon 

(vi) Earthquake 

(vii) Terrorist activity 

(viii) Fire explosion, lightning, or self-ignition 

(ix) Rockslide landslides

(x) accident due to any external means.

(xi) Housebreaking 

(xii) burglary

  • Third-party insurance offers compensation for losses incurred as a result of personal injury, property damage, or death to a third party caused by the insured commercial vehicle.

Eicher Insurance Policy’s Extra Covers

Over and above the standard insurance policy, additional covers provide additional advantages. However, adding riders or supplementary covers to an Eicher Insurance policy for a commercial vehicle requires an additional price.

The following are the details of the Eicher Insurance Policy for supplementary coverage:

  • Depreciation Waiver Coverage: The depreciation waiver cover protects you against the depreciation of your commercial vehicle’s metal and plastic parts.
  • Windshield Glass Cover: When the back or front windshield glass breaks, it must be replaced or fixed. Additional protection is available for this. 
  • Enhanced Personal Accident Coverage: This is a supplement to basic personal accident insurance. This cover is available under the additional covers area for a small fee. Eicher Insurance Policy Exclusions The following are the Eicher insurance policy’s exclusions: 
  • Any loss or damage caused by nuclear hazards or conflict; 
  • Any loss or damage caused by ionizing radiation. 
  • The deductibles are stipulated in the policy.


How to Renew Eicher Insurance Online

The following are the steps to renewing your Eicher Truck Insurance policy online:

One must fill out the Eicher Insurance renewal form with the following information, and a representative will contact him or her:

  • The insured’s name 
  • His/her mobile phone number 
  • His/her email address 
  • His/her landline number (if applicable)
  • Eicher vehicle model 
  • City of commercial vehicle registration 
  • Year of registration 
  • Whether or not the prior Eicher Insurance policy was


Tata AIG Truck Insurance

A policy document is prepared whenever an automobile insurance policy is issued. A policy paper serves as a formal contract between an insurance provider and the policyholder. The policy document provides all of the information about the automobile insurance coverage, including policy coverage, inclusions and exclusions, discounts available, insurance policy conditions, and policy duration, among other things. The policyholder can only use the auto insurance plan in accordance with the policy’s products, features, and terms and conditions.

The documentation for automobile insurance policies is accessible in both soft copy and hard copy formats. It is a document that explains the benefits that insurance firms provide to their customers. After a successful transaction, Tata AIG General Insurance tenders the vehicle insurance policy paperwork to all of its policyholders as a receipt of acquiring the insurance plan. Every insured individual must read the policy after obtaining it in order to get the most out of it. 

The following are some essential elements of an automobile/car/truck insurance policy document that every policyholder should review:

  • Number of the policy
  • Type of insurance
  • Policy duration
  • Insured amount and coverage
  • Car insurance exclusions
  • The policy’s terms and conditions
  • The insurer’s process for resolving complaints
  • Details on the insured’s personal and car.


Policyholders must follow the steps outlined below in order to download the Tata AIG Truck Insurance Policy:

Go to Tata AIG General Insurance’s official website and select the ‘Self Service’ button.

Policyholders can sign in to continue using the app by providing an email address or a mobile phone number, after which they will receive an OTP. To use the customer portal, enter the OTP. However, you may be required to enter your auto insurance policy number in some circumstances.

Submit your request for a copy of your Tata truck insurance policy. Following that, the insurance company will send the policy document to the registered email address, from where you can download it and print a copy to use as a hard copy.

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