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The Top 5 Investment Ideas for Students


Rahul, who is in 10th standard inspired by his brother Arun was very interested in investing his pocket money. As schools were closed, he saved a lot of money and, unlike other kids, was ready to take a big step ahead. So, Rahul, with the help of his brother, studied the basics of investment and invested his money, and earned a lot of profit. On the other hand, his friend, being inspired by him, also invested his little savings into the stock market but he did not gain anything in return instead incurred a loss as he tried to copy whatever Rahul was doing.   

Then Rahul educated him about the whole working he then used his mind and invested carefully.

Why Should Students Invest Their Money?

One question that might arise is why students who don’t even earn should invest their money. The answer to this question is straightforward.

Every one of us has some money. It might be by getting it from our parents, grandparents, or students giving tuitions to earn their pocket money. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all spend so much on unnecessary things. Say toys, fast food, or stationery that we don’t need.

Investing doesn’t always mean investing lakhs and crores of rupees. Some wealthy people invest small amounts not to incur any loss. Investment helps us to earn profits and fulfil our goals. If one is passionate and determined to achieve their goals, then investing your money from an early age can be a real game-changer for them.

Top 5 Tips For Students While investing:

  1. Start small: It is never essential how big you start or how much money you start. What matters is how well you invest it and where you are supporting it. Many big investors started small and now are ruling the market. Due to peer pressure, students are ashamed of their financial status but remember, the earlier you start, the better it is for your growth, and you get to experience more.
  2. Try investing which are risk-free: Since students are freshers or mostly newcomers, it is highly recommended to invest in risk-free shares and guarantee you a return; therefore, in the beginning, you will not incur any loss, and you will become confident to invest in more incredible bonds. But remember to start risk-free so that you don’t get demotivated and stop supporting. Try to target bonds that will give returns in the long run.
  3. Start from scratch: Starting from the basics is what all freshers need to learn from the beginning. First, try and learn about the market, then slowly educate yourself more by reading and taking advice from others.
  4. Save every penny: When you are investing, you understand the importance of every penny. In investment, every rupee and penny counts. There are even bonds available at $1, and you can start your investment by investing in these small bonds, which are safe to invest in. Try to cut down on your expenses and start saving.
  5. Educate yourself: Like before you give an exam, you prepare for it, similarly before you start investing, educate yourself. Talk to elders who are in this field, explore more, and interact with various people. Learn the goods and bad and research the arena of your choice. Make your decisions wisely and never stop learning. Even after you have started investing and gained a profit, don’t stop learning. The best way to learn is by learning from your mistakes whenever you incur a loss and identifying your error.


Student life is an enjoyable life, but one can use their student life to become a millionaire in the future. It is by investing your savings. Teenage is a futile period, and people tend to move away from their goals easily. If one is passionate about earning money and fulfilling their dreams, one needs to work hard. Starting early can be of various benefits and a very smart move. So, even parents and schools are asked to educate children on investing their money properly and how to utilize it. 

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