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The Role of Life insurance in Coronary Heart Disease

Life insurance firms will occasionally refuse to insure persons who have certain medical issues. Your health status has a huge influence on your term life insurance estimates. So, can you receive term life insurance if you have a history of heart disease?

Seeking life insurance despite having coronary heart disease risk factors may result in higher premium rates or application rejection. Life insurance premium rates for those who have a cardiac problem are significantly more than in most cases. This blog will provide insights into the role of life insurance in coronary heart disease.

Understanding Life Insurance Advantages

A life insurance policy is a legal agreement between you and your insurance provider. In return for your premium installments, the insurance firm will pay your dependents a cash payment designated as a death payout following your demise. Life insurance benefits include:

1. Peace of mind

Buying life insurance gives you complete peace of mind. That is because consumers know that if they die, their children and loved ones would have a financial cushion. We all have certain financial obligations, but appropriate life insurance coverage guarantees that your bills will be cleared and your dependents will be monetarily taken good care of following your death.

2. Wealth Creation

Many life insurance policies also allow you to grow money via investing. Aside from life insurance coverage, these plans invest your monthly premiums in a variety of investment classes to provide better risk-adjusted yields that outperform inflation and expand your corpus.

3. Tax Benefits

Premiums paid for a life insurance plan are eligible for a tax deduction of up to 1,50,000 INR under section 80C. Section 10(10D) provides a tax exemption on maturity benefits of life insurance plans provided the annual premium amount is one-tenth or lower than the total insured amount.

4. Cash value advantages

Major life insurance plans accumulate cash value, which is used to offer loans. This might offer you cash for unforeseen events.

5. Riders

As you are diagnosed with coronary heart disease, chances are you’ll have to go through several treatments and therapies. Treatments for such conditions are not only time-consuming and distressing, but they may also be financially draining for you and your household. A life insurance plan that includes critical illness cover can help you stay psychologically and financially geared to face these serious medical conditions. Critical illness policy is a must-have for patients who have family health risk backgrounds.

The Relationship between Life Insurance Plans and Coronary Heart Diseases

A life insurance policy, as the name implies, protects your life. The insurance company takes a huge risk in doing this since they have to pay a large sum of cash to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. That’s why they generally avoid providing life insurance to those who face greater dangers in life.

The heart is among the most important organs and systems, any abnormality or disorder in the heart might have an impact on the person’s life expectancy. As a result, life insurance firms are not always ready to offer their policies to heart patients since they presume the customer would die during the policy’s term.

Modern healthcare, on the other hand, is extremely sophisticated, and most illnesses can now be readily and efficiently handled. Taking this into consideration, modern life insurance firms effortlessly provide their policies to all customers, even those with pre-existing coronary heart diseases. However, the risk element cannot be ignored in this case, and hence the customer receives somewhat modified terms and conditions.

Modified Terms and Conditions

Following are the common modifications in regular life insurance terms and conditions faced by patients of coronary heart diseases:

  • Higher Premium Rates

You will be required to pay higher premiums. If you possess a greater risk of illness, your premium rate rises automatically. As a result, it is understandable that as a cardiac patient, you will have to pay a higher premium for life insurance coverage.

  • More exclusions

If you seek life insurance coverage with a history of cardiac disease, you will almost certainly be given a wider list of exclusions. That’s because the insurance company will aim to reduce the risk load as much as possible.

  • Pre-Policy Medical Evaluation is Mandatory

Most life insurance companies need you to go through a pre-policy medical test to rule out any potential health issues. If you currently have a pre-existing condition, such as cardiac disease, the insurance company will need you to go through a lengthy and extensive health check. To comprehend the danger, they would evaluate the true scope of your condition. The premium you will have to pay will be determined by the screening outcomes.

How can you acquire the Most Affordable Life Insurance Prices?

As a patient of Coronary Heart disease, it is almost given for you to pay higher than average premium amounts. But you can still reduce the prices by following these rules:

  • Providing thorough documentation pertaining to your medical status, major health history, and treatments.
  • Adhering to the doctor-recommended lifestyle.
  • Taking medications and treatment on a regular basis.


Please keep in mind that the longer the time elapses between your last treatment and the date of issuing life insurance, the less risky you appear to be as a policyholder, requiring you to pay lower premium amounts.


It is possible to obtain life insurance coverage as a patient with coronary heart disease. Don’t put off treating cardiac issues because you don’t have insurance. With time, most heart disorders worsen and become more difficult to treat. Even if you have a family background of cardiac disease, you can apply for life insurance coverage while you are younger and lock in favorable premium rates. Instead of being trapped thinking about how to acquire life insurance with cardiac disease concerns, think about your future now and start comparing products with critical illness insurance.

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