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Role and Responsibilities of a Life Insurance Agent
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The Role and Responsibilities of a Life Insurance Agent


Raghu and Reema, a new couple, were having a conversation about their future. The topic of life insurance came up. On deciding to buy one, they started to look for life insurance agents. But even after a lot of research and going around in circles, they could not find the right insurance policy. That is when their neighbours Garima and Rahul told them to hire an insurance agent who would explain everything to them in a way that is easy to understand. After they hired the insurance agent, they found the policy that fits them best. Following are the qualities they observed in the insurance agent- 

Insurance is a technical concept that you need to understand to reap the benefits. Also, insurance is not sold in stores or stores; this is where insurance advisors come in. the complex details of insurance policies help people buy a suitable plan. Insurance advisors are the most important and popular way of distributing insurance policies. Let’s understand who they are and what role they play in the insurance industry.

Who are Insurance Advisors or Insurance Agent?

A life insurance broker specializes in the sale of policies; this payout the insured amount to the beneficiaries in the event of the insured’s death. Insurance advisors are intermediaries who close the gap between insurance companies and policyholders. Insurance advisors represent insurance companies and sell insurance products. Insurance advisers sell insurance policies and earn a commission for each policy sold. Insurance advisors must be the link between the insured and the insurer. They have a role in generating insurance business for the company they represent. Since they also express their customers, insurance advisors also play a role for them.

What are the Role and Responsibilities of an Insurance Agent or Advisor?

As mentioned above, Insurance agents have a role in generating insurance business for the company they represent. Additionally they have following responsibilities –


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  • Data Collection

An insurance agent needs lead to dedicate themselves to data collection. This is to better connect with customers and prospects. Data is information about customers that is an essential source for contacting them. Also, this is to serve them better as an agent. Some of the data is collected using internal records. It is best to go along with the internal claims officers and observe how they work. Taking notes for most of the process is essential. 

  • Follow up on Leads

As an agent, you want to establish a personal connection and stand before a prospect or customer. You need to use the proven method of calling. A phone call is where the conversation can unfold in real-time and much more. Of course, it’s a lifesaver for an insurance agent. An initial discussion with a prospect is an exciting opportunity. Agents should follow up if it doesn’t end with the customer initiating a request. It can be more complex than cold calling, but it’s usually the same phone call that triggers the sale. It is an essential part of becoming an insurance agent. A necessary follow-up strategy that is explicitly tailored to a specific customer.

  • Persistence

Only selling insurance is not enough. The insurance advisor must also ensure that he can retain the company’s customers. Consistency is an essential factor in the income of the insurance company. The record shows how many policyholders are continuing the same plan. With long-term life insurance policies, consistency is critical. The program’s continuation for the term is in the best interests of the insurance company. This is also for the policyholder. The advisors should enable customers to have their insurance covered.

  • Tend to Post-sale Queries

The work of a broker is not just about selling a policy. The post-sale journey is as remarkable as the sale. It involves multiple touchpoints. It can start from the onboarding process to payment reminders from the premium. It connects to different stages to cope with the changes needs. It also helps at the time of the settlement of the claim. All the products are similar across insurance companies. The ultimate differentiator is the customer experience. Additionally, a customer-focused insurance agent helps companies deliver on their promise.

  • Fulfilment of Insurance Agendas

This stage is when clients seek out the skills and knowledge of the insurance advisor. The individual’s financial goals have to be identified. The consultant’s role is to offer the right insurance products that meet the needs. Customers only get insurance when the right insurance policy meets their needs. Just as clients benefit from insurance, so does their trust in insurance advisors.

  • Promotion of the Insurance Company

Another role of the insurance advisor is to promote their insurance company. Only when customers trust an insurance company do they buy the company’s policies. The advisor needs to build a positive corporate insurance brand image in their eyes. This increase’s the company’s goodwill.

  • Assisting Claim Settlements

The final role of a consultant towards his customer is the claim. The consultant should know the technical aspects of insurance and the claims process. He must help his customers with the settlement. Insurance advisors can play a crucial role in regulating their clients’ claims. They should assist them with the correct process and documentation—more business. Insurance is not just about selling insurance policies. It is also about building long-term relationships. 

When the advisor assists the client in the event of a claim, the client understands the importance of the insurance and realizes how the policy has helped them. This makes the customer more receptive to insurance. Hence the customer purchases more insurance policies, thereby increasing the advisor’s business.


The roles listed above summarize the day-to-day life of an insurance agent. There are plenty of options to become an agent. Very challenging, it can be gratifying when you are ready to learn the skills needed to build your career. 



Is life insurance expensive?

Life insurance needn't be expensive. The market has several options. Everything is at the customer's discretion. It should be an insurance policy that provides maximum coverage at the lowest cost.

Does insurance account for inflation?

Inflation refers to the rise in the general price level in the economy. Hence, the premium amount charged can increase significantly. Thus, it is crucial to choose a policy accounting for inflation on learning the details.

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