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Suryoday Small Finance Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Suryoday Small Finance Bank is a new modern bank that provides optimum banking solutions to potential customers in the urban and rural parts of the country. The bank set a lot of focus on ensuring a great customer experience. It provides various banking solutions for their customer needs. Suryoday Small Finance Bank allows traditional or cumulative/re-investment options on fixed deposits for both regular and senior citizen deposits. It provides various other benefits with a good rate of return. Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Interest Rates is one of the best rates in the market at present.


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Features & Benefits Of Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Rates

Here are the features & benefits of Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Rates-

  • Available Flexible options 
  • Competitive rate of interest
  •  Reduced On-boarding 
  • Deposit a minimum amount of  Rs 1,000 for opening FD
  • Traditional or cumulative/reinvestment plans are available
  • Depending on the tenure the rate of interest paid for fixed deposit may vary. The calculation will be on a simple interest basis for a tenure of up to 6 months. 
  • Only for re-investment, FDs interest will be compounded
  • Also available are auto-renewal facilities
  • The minimum and the maximum period for open FD is seven days to 10 years
  • On premature withdrawal, the rate applicable would be less than 1% 


Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Rates 2021


Regular Citizens Interest Rate Senior Citizen Interest Rate
7 days to 14 days 3.25%


15 days to 45 days

3.25% 3.25%
46 days to 90 days 4.25%


91 days to 6 months

4.75% 4.75%
Above 6 months to 9 months 5.25%


Above 9 months to less than 1 Year

5.75% 5.75%
1 Year to 1 Year 6 Months 6.50%


Above 1 Year 6 Months to 2 Years

6.50% 6.75%
Above 2 Years to less than 3 Years 6.25%


3 Years

7.00% 7.30%

Above 3 Years to less than 5 Years



5 Years 6.75%


Above 5 years to 10 years



Types Of Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Rates

Here are the different types of Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD:

  1. Domestic Fixed Deposits
  • Regular Fixed Deposits
  • Senior Citizens Fixed Deposits
  1. Tax Saver Fixed Deposits
  • Regular Tax Saver FD
  • Senior Citizen Tax Saver FD


Eligibility Criteria for Suryoday Small Finance Bank Fixed Deposit?

Following are eligible to invest in Suryoday Small Finance Bank fixed deposits (FD):

  • Individual
  • Minor
  • HUF
  • Proprietary Firm
  • Partnership Firm
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Company
  • Association of Persons (AOP)
  • Body of Individuals (BOI)
  • Local Authority
  • Trust
  • Non-Resident Indian (NRI)
  • Registered Society

How To Calculate Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Rates?

Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Calculator is used to check the exact maturity value of FD schemes. Customers can have an idea with the use of this calculator how much they will earn by putting their money in FD schemes offered by Suryoday Small Finance Bank.

You need to enter the following details: the tenure (in months), amount, rate of interest, and the kind of fixed deposit scheme you need to apply for – and the calculator will calculate the number present to you with a breakup of the interest earned and the maturity amount. The calculator shall show you the interest earned as well as the maturity amount at the time of submission.

Factors Affecting Suryoday Small Finance Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

Here are the factors that affect Suryoday Small Finance Bank FD Rates-

  • For short-term FD Rates, Suryoday Small Finance Bank holds a tenure of one month starting with 4.00%. However, when you choose for the tenure of two and three-month terms of deposit, the returns are at 5.00%. If three to six months of your tenure are on hold, the returns are at 5.50%. Moreover, one can use the 6.25% of fixed deposit rates for the tenors between 180 days to 365 days.
  • Highest returns on mid-term and long-term FDs, one can avail 7.00% for their tenure of one to three years, and the returns are decreased to 6.00% for the tenures of three to ten years.
  • Suryoday Small Finance Bank provides 8.50% of interest for senior citizens for the tenure of 1 year and their returns come in the range between 7.60% to 9.25%.



What is the Suryoday Small Finance Bank FDs highest interest rate?

The highest interest rate of Suryoday Small Finance Bank FDs is 6.00 %.

What is the minimum and maximum amount in Suryoday Small Finance Bank FDs?

In Suryoday Small Finance Bank FDs, the minimum amount of FD is 1000 and the maximum amount has no investment limit for FDs.

What is the current rate in Suryoday Small Finance Bank FDs in 2021?

In Suryoday Small Finance Bank, the current FD rates range between 3.25 % to 6.00 %.

Are all deposit schemes the nomination facility available in Suryoday Small Finance?

Yes, Suryoday Small Finance Banks provides a nomination facility for all deposit schemes.

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