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Quantum Mutual Fund nav and scheme details

Quantum Asset Management Company Private Limited is a private asset management company that deals in multi-asset funds. The company was registered and received SEBI approval on September 19th, 2005. However, Quantum Advisors Private Limited is the primary sponsor for Quantum Mutual Fund and has been around since 1990. 

Quantum Mutual Fund nav and scheme details

It has been dealing in equity, portfolio management services, investment advice, etc. These services were predominantly for high network individuals, Foreign institutional investors, and venture capital funds.

Quantum Asset Management Company

Quantum asset management company currently offers 10 mutual funds for its subscribers to choose from. The total AUM or Asset Under Management for the funds stands at 1,785.69 crores. Quantum Mutual Fund is registered with SEBI as a portfolio management company and its registration code are INP000000187.

Quantum Mutual Fund is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States as an Investment Adviser. It also serves as Restricted Portfolio Management for British Columbia Securities Commission, Ontario Securities Commission, and Autorite des marches financiers. 

Quantum Asset Management company uses both qualitative and quantitative analytical approaches for its investments. It also uses valuation metrics consistently on the investment opportunities. 

The Asset Management Company offers a lot of solutions to cater to different needs and requirements. For example, you can use quantum mf for wealth creation, for your child’s education, for your retirement, for your vacation needs, for your child’s marriage. Based on your financial goal and target you can use a quantum mf to reach there.

Quantum Mutual Fund Scheme Details

As already mentioned, the brand offers about 10 mutual funds for you to choose from. Five of which are Equity-based funds, two Debt-based funds, two Gold based funds and one Multi-Asset Fund.

Mutual Fund

Quantum Tax Saving Fund

As the name might suggest, Quantum tax saving fund aims majorly at helping you save taxes. It is an ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme. And as is the case with all other ELSS funds, the plan has a lock-in period of 3 years. 

The fund primarily invests in equities and the amount that you invest offers you tax benefits under Section 80C of the income tax act. The current asset size of Quantum tax saving fund is INR 98.19 crores, and it has an expense ratio of 1. 29%. The risk profile of the fund is extremely high.

The fund is ideal for someone looking for long term investment opportunities, with tax saving benefits, low portfolio turnover, and lower expense ratio. 

Quantum Liquid Fund

Quantum liquid fund invests in assets such as treasury bills, certificates of deposit, term deposits and commercial papers. A major chunk of these investments matures within 91 days, thereby giving you a lot of flexibility in terms of redeeming units when you wish to. 

A Quantum liquid fund is ideal for short term investments. The current asset size of the fund is INR 546.85 crores, and it has an expense ratio of 0.36%. The risk profile of the fund is low to moderate.

The fund is ideal for someone looking for a fund to park their funds temporarily, without any private corporate risks, invest in secured assets such as government securities and a stable AUM.

Quantum Gold Savings Fund

Quantum gold savings fund invests in physical gold and leaves you out of the worries of having to buy real gold or hold them through a Demat account. The fund ensures that you benefit from a consistent asset class such as Gold, without the risks of storing gold. 

Quantum gold savings fund is also a great way to add some diversity to your portfolio. The current asset size of the fund is INR 70.59 crores and it has an expense ratio of 0.06%. The risk profile of the fund is moderately high. 

The fund is ideal for adding diversity to your portfolio, making the most of appreciation of gold price, without ever having to worry about its storage and theft. 

Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds

Quantum Multi Asset Fund of funds is a balanced fund that invests in all three asset classes, equity, debt and gold. This nature of the quantum mf allows you exposure to all the different classes without getting too much exposure as well. Thus, offering you a lot of diversifications. 

The Quantum mutual fund has a current asset size of INR 45.15 crores and has an expense ratio of 0.10%. The risk profile of the fund is high. 

The fund is ideal for someone who wants to minimize their risks and diversify their portfolio and get access to different assets via a single fund. 


The 10 quantum mutual fund schemes offer a great deal of flexibility and options for investors to choose from. You can opt for a fund with the highest risk profile and expect good returns or opt for a liquid fund that allows moderate returns without too much risk.

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