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Problems Faced During Cashless Mediclaim Policy
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Problems Faced During Cashless Mediclaim Policy


Pooja was unsure if going for a cashless mediclaim policy would be the best for her. A few years ago, she had a health scare without health insurance, which caused her a lot of trouble. 

With the rising expense of medical care, it is now more important than ever to invest in decent health insurance policies. It aids in maintaining personal wellness and paving the road for a stress-free existence. The insured can receive high-quality medical care at the top hospitals with medical insurance. You may get hassle-free treatment with the benefit of cashless claims if you have health insurance.

What is a Cashless mediclaim policy?

A cashless mediclaim coverage is a service provided by several insurance companies. This service provides customers with a handy way to protect themselves against the ever-increasing medical bills in the case of hospitalization without incurring any out-of-pocket costs. 

No-Cash-Out Mediclaim

To activate the cashless facility, insurance companies work with some hospitals around the country. When you seek care at one of these network hospitals, your insurance company will immediately reimburse all of your medical expenditures.

Problems Faced During Cashless Mediclaim Policy

Types of Cashless Mediclaim Insurance in India: 

These are some examples:

  • Individual cashless medical insurance:

This form of cashless mediclaim policy challenges claim coverage provides financial aid to the person who purchases the policy. According to the insurance plan, a certain amount of medical coverage is supplied, which may be claimed for hospitalization expenditures as needed.


  • Family floater cashless medical insurance:

This form of cashless mediclaim policy for family provides coverage for all family members under a single policy with a single set sum covered. This financial help given by the family floater insurance can be utilized for hospitalization expenses incurred by insured members during the policy period.


  • Cashless mediclaim insurance for elderly persons:

The senior citizen cashless mediclaim coverage is designed to help them manage their hospitalization bills at the most critical times.


Common Challenges with the Cashless Mediclaim Plan:

While the cashless best mediclaim policy for family is a significant breakthrough in the insurance industry, a few hitches must be worked out. 

Some of the disadvantages of selecting this option are as follows:

  • Unavailability of network hospitals: 

To make use of the cashless best mediclaim policy, you must visit only those hospitals that have been designated as network hospitals. That is why you must be familiar with all of the hospitals on this list; otherwise, you may be in danger during a medical emergency.


  • Partially settled claims: 

In some circumstances, the insurance provider only delivers a portion of the money in the form of a cashless settlement. The remainder is set aside for reimbursement, which means you will have to pay for the rest of the expenditures during the emergency out of your own money for cashless mediclaim policy.


  • Time required to complete the claim:

 In some emergencies, you may need to obtain approval from a Third Party Administrator, which may cause your claim to be delayed. Only once they give you the go-ahead to facilitate cashless mediclaim insurance will you obtain financial aid. In some instances, the insurance company may ask you to shoulder the expense first and then be paid later.

Document-related concerns: To receive cashless treatment, the policyholder must complete the pre-authorization form with all necessary information. After filling out the essential information, it must be sent to the hospital’s insurance department. The policyholder often fails to comply with this criterion, which causes problems with the cashless claim.

Inadequate understanding: Another difficulty that clients confront is a lack of appropriate information. Corporations often do not sufficiently disclose the facts, or there is a discrepancy in proposal forms. Though the services vary from TPA to TPA, many claims are rejected due to a lack of basic information.

Steps to address issues with cashless mediclaim policies:

Check the network hospital list and seek admission to a network hospital to ensure cashless settlement.

When making a cashless claim, you must fill out a pre-authorization form. 

If the pre-authorization is not received on time, the claim may be denied. The paperwork should be filed within 24 hours of being admitted to the hospital in an emergency. In the case of scheduled hospitalization, the paperwork should be filed 4-5 days ahead of time.

Carry your health insurance card with you at all times for identification purposes.

The policyholder must review the list of treatments and costs that are not covered by a cashless claim. 


Your medical insurance does not cover a number of treatment charges. Registration fees, food and toiletry charges, paperwork costs, dental operations, and other expenditures may be included. 


When utilized wisely, cashless health insurance may be a blessing. To gain the benefits of a cashless settlement, you, as a policyholder, should take preventative precautions and strive to conform to the criteria. Many insurers are offering enticing incentives such as no paperwork, easy renewal, tax breaks, and so on. To receive the finest care at the hospital of one’s choosing, one can purchase a plan that includes these advantages and cashless features.


What exactly is a cashless facility?

As part of their network, insurance firms have tie-up agreements with many hospitals around the country. A cashless health insurance policy allows a policyholder to receive treatment in any of the network hospitals without paying the hospital bills since the payment is paid straight to the hospital by the Third Party Administrator on behalf of the insurance company.

What variables influence the cost of health insurance?

Age is a crucial element in determining premiums; the older you are, the higher your premium will be because you are more prone to diseases. Another important component in determining the premium is the previous medical history. If there is no past medical history, the premium will be immediately reduced.

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