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Myths Surrounding Life insurance for the Elderly

Life insurance for older folks is critical for providing them with a sense of security. With increased life expectancy, India’s old population is growing. Everyone deserves to be taken care of in their golden years. Senior folks often feel alone and worthless because they are unable to serve themselves, either monetarily or physically. Buying a senior citizen insurance policy is among the simplest methods to take better care of them now and help them feel emotionally and financially safe. 

Life insurance for senior citizens is designed to safeguard your loved ones; they also offer you total peace of mind by ensuring that your elderly parents will be cared for in the long term. By providing your elders with a suitable health policy for senior citizens, you take on the duty of keeping your parents out of money woes. Even if you are not present, these plans will meet the financial needs of your elderly. This blog will provide an insight into the top 5 myths and misconceptions regarding senior citizen health insurance schemes.

What is the Importance of Life Insurance for Senior Citizens?

The primary reason for buying life insurance for senior citizens is that these plans can act as a substitute for their salary, allowing them to sustain themselves and their families. Since the influx of cash abruptly ceases after retirement, when a senior family member dies, the wife and kids may struggle greatly owing to a lack of funds. To minimize such monetary stress, insurance policies are critical since they serve as a saving route as well as a source of income at the conclusion of the policy period. Furthermore, the proceeds from these plans can be utilized to settle current debts, such as existing loans, health expenditures, and so on.

 What are the Myths Surrounding Life Insurance for seniors?

Life insurance is the most effective strategy to protect your family from financial concerns after your death. Unfortunately, data show that less than 20% of Indians purchase life and health insurance coverage. Because of the hesitancy and indecision to invest money in the correct policy, Indians bear 70% of healthcare expenditures from their life savings. Even the intricacy of selecting the appropriate senior citizen life insurance disadvantages the elderly. Not to add that many people have misunderstandings regarding senior citizen health insurance schemes. 

The top five myths, as well as the truth behind them, are listed below.

  1. My retired parents are in excellent health and do not require life insurance coverage

Bodies become more delicate as people age, making them more prone to different illnesses. Numerous medical investigations have shown that an elderly person’s health is just as vulnerable as that of a kid. You must exercise utmost caution when it comes to your old parents’ well-being and takes all essential procedures to keep them in good health. Even though your parents appear to be in excellent health right today, their situation might change suddenly, and it is critical that you purchase a senior citizen insurance policy for them.

For particular medical problems, a health insurance policy for senior citizens requires a waiting time that must be completed before submitting a claim. The wait time differs based on the insurance company and the kind of coverage purchased. Buying health policy for senior citizens early reduces the danger of the waiting time and keeps your cash secure in the case of an emergency.

  1. My life insurance is enough for my whole family including my retired parents

When your parents are healthy and working, your life insurance may be sufficient for your entire family; but, when they retire, the scenario changes drastically. They will become ill more frequently as they age and will require finances for treatment. Regular add-ons, such as critical illness coverage, assist to meet this emergency fund. In addition, having a separate life insurance plan for themselves gives them peace of mind that they won’t have to rely on you in an emergency and that they will be able to leave a legacy for their children.

  1. Health insurance policy for senior citizens is super-expensive

People purchase life insurance to ensure the financial stability of their families after their demise. However, life insurance comes with many other facilities including riders with a critical illnesses. People tend to fall sick more often as they age.   You need to invest in insurance coverage today so that you can offer your parents the greatest medication and treatment tomorrow. Certainly, the premium amount of senior citizen insurance policy is slightly greater than for non-senior individuals, but it is not prohibitively costly. If you consider the benefits of the plan, you can comfortably withstand the price with careful financial preparation.

  1. My family’s elderly adults have a medical history that prevents them from being covered by life insurance

Many individuals ignore purchasing health insurance policies for senior citizens because they worry the plan will not include their pre-existing sickness. The fact is that insurance coverage is completely in the hands of the insurance firm that provides the product.  You can receive health insurance for senior citizens if the company you select is prepared to include the pre-existing diseases. Before applying for insurance, conduct extensive research on the insurance firms offering protection for pre-existing conditions.

  1. Purchasing life insurance for senior citizens online is not safe

Many consumers assume that obtaining health insurance policies online is risky, but the fact is that doing so is both safe and simple. Because there are no brokers engaged when you purchase insurance online, the price is substantially lower than when you purchase it offline. In addition, when you buy life insurance for seniors online, you will find it easy to evaluate the options and select the one that best meets your needs.


Life insurance is essential for every individual. The purpose of this article is to inform you of these misconceptions and to help you make an educated decision to purchase policy for senior citizens. If you have an elderly member of the family, it is vital to purchase life insurance to safeguard them from sickness and maintain your funds.

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