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Life insurance Criteria That Affects Your Monthly Premium

The financial security of your dependents should be at the front of your priorities list. This is especially relevant if you have dependents who count on you for a stable financial source. It is critical that in the case of your untimely death, the monetary worries of your beneficiaries, whether family or corporate, are addressed.

As a result, it is strongly advised that every person obtain a life insurance plan to help preserve their future and receive peace of mind. Though buying a life insurance policy is essential for everybody, the specifics of each plan vary from person to person. The premium levels that a customer pays for his life insurance plan are determined by several important factors. This article will provide a complete breakdown of the criteria that go into it:

What is a Life Insurance Policy?

A life insurance policy is a legal agreement between you and your insurance provider. In return for your premium installments, the insurance firm will pay your dependents a cash payment designated as a death payout following your demise.

Your recipients are free to use the money any way they see fit. This frequently involves paying debts, mortgage, or supporting a youngster through higher education. Acquiring life insurance as a security net helps guarantee that your entire family can maintain their regular lifestyle and do not have to go through severe financial troubles.

What are the types of Life Insurance Plans?

There are two main types of Life Insurance Plans in India namely,

1. Term Life Insurance Policy: Term life insurance plans are a form of life insurance policy that assures payout of a certain cash amount if the insured individual dies during a predetermined term. When the term concludes, the policyholder has the option of renewing the plan, converting the policy to whole life coverage, or allowing the policy to lapse.

2. Endowment Life Insurance Policy: Endowment plans are forms of life insurance plans that combine the benefits of insurance plans with investments. Along with providing life cover, these policies enable you to invest money consistently over a period to receive a lump amount at maturity.

Factors Affecting Your Premium Amount

Following are the major factors affecting your premium amount:


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1. Age

The key element determining a customer’s life insurance rates is their age. According to the company, a young person has a better probability of keeping the life cover for many years. He is much less likely to die early from a medical condition. As a result, they are less of a burden to the company and, as a result, are more likely to qualify for reduced rates. As a result, as a general principle, it is better to obtain a life insurance plan as soon as possible in your career as feasible to obtain the lowest rates available.

2. Gender

Your gender is another aspect that influences the overall sum of your premium rate. This element is based on scientific and statistical data that females have a higher life expectancy rate than men. This correlates to women having their plans for a longer period of time than males, which, as previously said, implies they might get cheaper life insurance premium rates.

3. Medical History

Life insurance plans are often subject to an underwriting procedure that involves a complete medical examination of the insured. The results of this medical checkup provide light on your current health and raise red flags regarding potential ailments you may get in the future. As a result, such health records and their outcomes play an important role in calculating the precise premium rate you will have to pay for your ideal life insurance.

4. Family Background

Some diseases are commonly recognized to be hereditary, which indicates that they usually spread in families. Other diseases may not be genetic, but they have a greater probability of impacting family members owing to shared lifestyle factors. All of these hazards are represented in your family health background and play a role in setting your life insurance rates.

5. Tobacco consumption

An essential aspect that many individuals overlook when calculating life insurance rates is a person’s smoking habits. Individuals who smoke are much more prone to get numerous ailments and have a greater death rate. As a result, smokers’ term life insurance rates mirror these risk elements and appear to be significantly higher than non-smokers.

6. Policy Coverage

The life insurance companies from where you choose to obtain your plan play a big role in your life insurance premium prices. It is essential that you choose insurance that offers comprehensive coverage at the lowest possible rate.

7. Net Worth and Income Amount

The level of life insurance coverage you seek must be proportionate to your current financial status to ensure you can pay premiums on time.

8. Ongoing Insurance Policies

Underwriters will look to see if you are asking for too much extra cover if you have other ongoing insurance policies.

9. Foreign Travel

Countries are classified based on their level of safety, access to medical treatment, and political stability. The periodicity of travel and duration of stay are also taken into account while fixing your monthly premium.

10. Hobbies

Some hobbies or avocations will influence your categorization grade during underwriting and result in higher premium rates.

11. Driving History

A poor driving record might reduce your rating or cause your application to be rejected.

12. Military History (if any)

Most military personnel can obtain life insurance. However, individuals with more risky tasks may be uninsurable.

13. Criminal History (if any)

In general, insurance firms are wary of criminal backgrounds. People who have been convicted of a felony and are presently on supervised release are not eligible for life insurance.


Buying one of the best life insurance policy plans may appear complicated at first, but the procedure is simple and does not need any extra footwork from you. Life insurance agents can make the process go as smoothly as possible so that you can provide financial security for your family members. Buying a life insurance product as a security net ensures that your dependents can keep their usual lifestyle and avoid major financial difficulties in case of your unfortunate death.

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