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IndusInd Bank Recurring Deposit Interest Rates


When Rajesh wanted to know about deposits to secure his future, he came across the IndusInd Bank and offered two separate Recurring Deposit (RD) plans. Aside from the standard repeating deposit, a Value Added Recurring Deposit is also available. The procedure of opening an RD account is also fairly straightforward, giving you the best rd interest rates. Now Rajesh does not have to worry about his future.

What is Recurring Deposit (RD)?

Recurring Deposit (RD): The regular RD account offered by IndusInd Bank for indusInd bank rd rates has a duration ranging from 12 to 120 months. The minimum deposit required to start a regular RD account is Rs.500. The premature closure and nomination capability is provided under the standard RD account.

The Value Added Recurring Deposit is a cooperation between IndusInd Bank Limited and Thomas Cook, India, with the primary goal of creating a savings plan for vacationers. This RD must arrange the holiday at least 12 months in advance. The monthly deposit required will vary depending on the programme; they are known for their best rd interest rates.

Recurring Deposit Interest Rates offered by IndusInd Bank.

Listed below are the tenure and interest rates offered by indusind bank rd rates on Recurring Deposits:

Deposit Tenure Interest rate for General Citizens (p.a.) Interest rate for Senior citizens (p.a.)

Deposit Tenure Interest rate for General Citizens (p.a.)
Interest rate for Senior citizens (p.a.)
12 months 7.25 7.75
15 months 7.25 7.75
18 months 7.25 7.75
21 months 7.25 7.75
24 months 7.25 7.75
27 months 7.25 7.75
30 months 7.75 7.75
33 months 7.25 7.75
3 years but less than 5 years 7.15 7.65
5 years and above 7.05 7.55

Interest Rates on Short-Term Recurring Deposits at IndusInd Bank

Short-term Recurring Deposits have a deposit period ranging from six months to two years. IndusInd Bank offers 7.60 per cent to 7.75 per cent p.a. interest on short-term RDs to general residents, while senior persons are provided up to 8.25 per cent p.a.

Medium-Term Recurring Deposit at IndusInd Bank Rates of Interest

Recurring deposits with an rd calculator with a duration of more than two years and up to five years are classified as medium-term regular deposits. Senior adults can get interest rates ranging from 7.85 per cent p.a. to 8.25 per cent p.a. when they create a medium-term RD with IndusInd bank, and you can find it out with the rd calculator.

IndusInd Bank Advantages Recurring Deposit Schedule

  • Adaptable deposit options
  • A low opening balance of INR 500 is required.
  • Deposit terms range from 12 to 120 months.
  • Premature withdrawals are permitted but subject to a penalty.
  • Nominations are accepted.
  • TDS is levied on the interest generated on the recurring deposit account.


Recurring Deposit with Value

The Holiday Saving Plan is a value-added service with recurring deposits offered by IndusInd Bank. The individual chooses a vacation place for the future year under this arrangement. 

The Advantages of IndusInd Bank’s Recurring Deposit

  • The indusind bank recurring deposit account earns the same interest rate as a fixed deposit. Compared to other versions, a fixed deposit account offers more excellent interest rates.
  • It enables you to make ongoing deposits rather than a one-time payment.
  • It guarantees that your investment’s risk exposure is kept to a minimum.
  • There are several tenure options to select from with the indusind bank rd calculator.
  • It is the most effective method of structured, systematic saving.


Calculator for IndusInd Bank Recurring Deposits

The indusind bank rd calculator allows you to determine your interest and the amount earned on your maturity account. The calculator at IndusInd Bank is basic and easy to use. Enter your information, such as the recurring deposit beginning date or the monthly investment date, the amount you want to deposit each month, and the tenure, to utilise the calculator. The calculator automatically calculates the maturity amount you will receive at maturity.

The Benefits of Having a Recurring Deposit Account

  • When compared to a regular savings account, you earn greater interest. Compared to a typical savings account, a recurring deposit account provides nearly double the interest gain of a savings account.
  • You will be eligible for loans and overdrafts.
  • You may choose from a variety of tenure options at reasonable pricing. A recurring deposit account is a good alternative for the average paid person.



Recurring deposits are accounts in which you can deposit a certain amount of money each month and get a reasonable rate of return on your investment. These accounts are perfect for people who have a regular monthly income and wish to set down a certain amount each month. The indusind bank recurring deposits, like fixed deposits, generate a decent rate of return from a safe investment. The distinction is that you deposit a single sum amount with a fixed deposit, but in a recurring account, you can deposit regularly.

IndusInd Bank provides you with a recurring deposit investment, which encourages you to save regularly. 


What is the procedure for creating an IndusInd Bank recurring deposit account?

It is straightforward to apply for a recurring deposit with IndusInd Bank. You can complete out the application form at any bank branch. If you have your KYC paperwork on hand, the account can be opened immediately. The application form may also be found on the bank's website. Interest rates vary depending on the length of the loan and the size of the deposit. Currently, the greatest rate you may earn is 8% per year.

What are the prerequisites for opening a recurring deposit account with IndusInd Bank?

To start a recurring deposit account with IndusInd Bank, the following papers are required:
The application form must be filled out completely.
Proof of your current address
A reference to an IndusInd Bank recurring deposit account (if requested by the bank)
Two passport-sized photos

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